Chapter 329: Tao Yueyue’s First Task

Volume 22: Weak Female’s Revenge

There were three different types of padlocks laid out on the table and Gu You was holding a stopwatch. She said, "Start" and pressed a button on the stopwatch.

Tao Yueyue began to unlock the padlocks calmly and without haste. The lockpicks in her hands were like an extension of the nerves in her fingertips. She could perceive the appearance of the keyhole through the subtle feeling passed into the palm of her hand. After one minute and thirty-four seconds, all three locks were opened. Tao Yueyue looked at Gu You with anticipation.

"One minute and thirty-four seconds. Very good. You broke your own personal record." Gu You smiled. "Most doors can't stop you now. Do you want to have a go at the real deal?"

Tao Yueyue nodded. Her little heart pounded with excitement.

Gu You took out a black envelope from the drawer and put it on the table. "This is your task tonight. Report to me when you’re finished."

Tao Yueyue opened it and said, "That's easy. I thought it would be more challenging!"

"Everything has to be done step by step. You have to think about risk and how to minimize it after an accident."

Tao Yueyue nodded, thinking seriously about the task on the paper.

At night, Tao Yueyue wore clothes to bed and pretended to sleep. Chen Shi went to bed after reading a book. At midnight, she quietly got out of bed, stuffed a pillow under the quilt, and quietly pushed open the door to leave.

As soon as she got outside, the cold night wind that blew over her made her feel both excited and energetic. When she thought that she was about to sneak into a stranger's house like a thief, the criminal genes in Tao Yueyue's bones were aroused, just like how normal children were delighted when going to a playground.

The target's address wasn’t far away. Tao Yueyue walked through the streets and alleys, avoiding the young people who drank late at night, as well as any surveillance cameras she could spot.

Gu You told her that with the advancement of the times and technology, the difficulty of committing a crime had risen in a straight line. The surveillance cameras at every corner was a huge obstacle.

The monitoring system has its own line. It was impossible to hack through hackers alone. It wasn’t practical to destroy them either. Gu You installed a software on Tao Yueyue's phone. When opened, it seemed as though it was just a normal map, but it had an additional feature. That is, the position of the camera head and the detection radius. This was so that they were easily avoidable.

Where it couldn't be avoided, Tao Yueyue pulled up her hood, put her hands in her pockets, and walked quickly past them while hunching her back.

Gu You showed her the videos taken by the surveillance cameras. They were far worse than professional cameras. The resolution was very low. They could only roughly recognize the body shape, height, and clothes. Gu You taught her to avoid getting her actual height being caught on camera and to pay attention to the small movements she made when she walked. To this end, Gu You recorded Tao Yueyue walking at home for her to see. Tao Yueyue was surprised to find that she had so many unconscious movements.

Gu You said that a master criminal is like a top actor. They can freely adjust their posture and habitual movements. Even if they are identified by witnesses, it’s difficult to determine them to be the same person.

Another thing she noted was to destroy or hide the clothes that you wear after you commit a crime. It mustn’t be seen by outsiders.

When she got to the target area, the security guard lay in the security room asleep. The door was half open. Tao Yueyue thought that even if a bad guy went in and stabbed the security guard to death, nobody would know until sunrise.

She entered the security room lightly, picked up his mobile phone on the desk, took a picture of the security guard, and edited his picture in the mobile phone, adding a line, "Uncle, remember to close the door when you sleep!"

She lowered the phone and left quietly, closing the door for the security guard this time.

Tao Yueyue walked into the dark neighborhood and found the building. She walked so lightly that she didn't even turn on the noise-activated lights. When she came to the front of the apartment, she pulled out the lockpicks and started unlocking. A click came from the keyhole. It sounded crisp and sweet to her ears that the corners of Tao Yueyue’s lips lifted.

The excitement of sneaking into a stranger's house for the first time was indescribable. Especially when the owner was still sleeping in the bedroom snoring. Tao Yueyue acted like she was stepping on the tips of knives, walking very lightly as her heart pounded.

She was usually very afraid of strangers. Now, when she entered a stranger's house, the sensation was like eating spicy chili peppers.

The task at hand was to send the contents of a file from the homeowner's computer to her own Weibo. The homeowner's bedroom was on the left-hand side and the study was on the right-hand side. It wouldn’t alarm the sleeping homeowner.

But to be on the safe side, Tao Yueyue still put all the cups and fruit trays on the table by the door of the bedroom. If the owner suddenly woke up, these would trip him. The door was also left slightly ajar so that she could rush out if she was found out.

These were not taught by Gu You. It was her own idea. Of course, Tao Yueyue did these with gloves on.

The computer booting up was a little loud and Tao Yueyue was so nervous that she felt like she couldn’t breathe. She kept looking at the door and under her gloves, her palms were already sweating.

The computer was finally turned on. Tao Yueyue found a folder, which was full of documents. Tao Yueyue opened one. It said that a relative had leukemia and how difficult it was at home. It also talked about how much money was needed, along with a photo attached.

In addition, there were screenshots of chat records, which were photos of patients purchased from healthcare workers or patient families.

Tao Yueyue suddenly understood that this man was fabricating false information and using online donation platforms to scam people of their donations. He was a scumbag!

She had also had cancer and had once been helpless. When she thought of someone who made use of the sympathy of others to make a fortune, Tao Yueyue was furious. People would no longer be so generous in the future once they found out they were deceived, and those who really needed the help wouldn’t be able to receive it. Tao Yueyue was so angry that she didn't want to just send out the evidence. She wanted to go to the kitchen to get a knife and slaughter him!

After calming down for a while, Tao Yueyue still posted the evidence onto Weibo and tagged a few online media companies. Then, she shut the computer down and poured the half-finished bottle of Sprite she found on the side onto the computer.

Tao Yueyue went to the living room, placed the ambush items that she placed in front of the bedroom back to their original positions, and closed the door quietly before leaving.

There should have been no flaws in her first "crime." She felt extraordinary bliss, as if she had just accomplished a great job and was particularly fulfilled.

When she got to the gate of the residential area, Tao Yueyue was stunned. The security guard who was just asleep now looked around the door with a flashlight. He must have woken up and saw the message on his mobile phone.

The flashlight in the hand of the security guard cast over towards her and Tao Yueyue hid in the bushes in fear. She had been calm before, but now she really felt the fear as her body curled and trembled.

Something brushed over her hand and Tao Yueyue was startled. Then, she saw Gu You laying beside her, smiling and making a gesture for her to not make a noise…


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