Chapter 323: Throwing Rocks At Someone Who Fell Into A Well

Chapter 323: Throwing Rocks At Someone Who Fell Into A Well[1]

Lin Dongxue and Xu Xiaodong left the school. Xu Xiaodong had a question brewing inside him for a long time and he could finally ask, "Dongxue, why did you play along with her?"

"Do you think the suicides were related to her?"

"Well... They’re probably related."

"I think so too. This young girl must know something, but she can't possibly say anything. It's better to retreat first and find actual evidence before confronting her again."

"Oh, I also found that she was a little nervous when May 7th was mentioned. Let’s go and look at the nearby surveillance footage... Wait, today is May 14th. A week has already passed. Won’t there be lots of places where the videos would have been overwritten or erased by now?"

After Xu Xiaodong reminded her, Lin Dongxue suggested, "Then we have to hurry up."

The two decided to take a look at the school's surveillance footage first. Their police colleagues had already gone to the security room. When security was asked for the footage, they found that the video recordings for May 8th, 9th, and 12th were all lost.

The school only had one security guard. He was a relative of the school head. He usually ate and slept in the security room. Lin Dongxue asked him how the three days of monitoring were lost.

The security guard answered, "I don't know!"

"What did you do on those days?"

"Nothing, as per usual... The computer is pretty old, so it probably erased them on its own!"

After asking a few times, the security guard still continued to say innocently that he didn't know. Lin Dongxue thought it was strange and then suddenly noticed that there was an indentation on the back of the security guard’s neck. She said, "What happened to you?"

"Ah?" The security guard went to take a look in the mirror and replied, "I don't know."

"Why don't you know anything?"

"I'm just a security guard, not a policeman. If you're worried, just take the computer back for inspection!"

Lin Dongxue thought about it and decided to send someone to bring the computer back, but this would mean that there would be no surveillance monitoring at the school. It was best to return the computer by nightfall.

Then Lin Dongxue and Xu Xiaodong went to the subway station. The two of them inquired around but didn’t find any clues. They were basically empty-handed after spending the whole afternoon.

At the same time, Gu You and the two policemen found Ji Changxin working at a convenience store. It took half a day to locate him. Ji Changxin, who was dressed in a suit a week ago, was now wearing a chain convenience store uniform and a hat. He was panting as he moved drinks out of the storeroom.

"Master Ji, someone is looking for you!" The cashier shouted.

Ji Changxin looked up and saw a pair of slender legs. His gaze continued upwards until he saw Gu You dressed in simple and elegant clothes with her arms crossed, looking at him indifferently.

"What’s going on, Boss Gu? Are you here to visit and see how I’m doing?"

"I'm not interested in looking for you. The police are the ones looking for you."

Ji Changxin froze at first, then pretended to be angry, "You showed the video to the police?"

Old Zhang didn't know what the video meant. He glanced suspiciously at the two of them. He said, "Professor Ji, we are here to ask some questions. Can we sit outside for a while?"

The four went to a restaurant. After a day of manual labor, Ji Changxin was starving and wasn’t going to be formal with them. He frantically gulped down a bowl of rice with potatoes and beef. Old Zhang couldn’t believe that this man used to be a professor. A psychiatrist?

He whispered, "Miss Gu, you should ask him. We don't understand those technical terms."

"Okay!" Gu You said, "The police want to know what is the so-called violent hypnosis method?"

Ji Changxin wiped the grease on his mouth away. "What violent hypnosis?"

"The one where you can forcibly hypnotize those who show resistance."

"Haha, are you joking with me? There is no such hypnosis method in the world!" Ji Changxin looked at the police and emphasized again, "If the two parties cannot cooperate with each other, it’s impossible to carry out hypnotism. I’m an expert in the field of hypnosis and know more than she does."

Old Zhang seemed to understand and nodded, looking at Gu You. Was she mistaken?

Gu You pulled out a laptop and said, "Excuse me!" Then she removed the teacups and rice bowls on the table and started searching for something on the laptop. Ji Changxin felt a bit frightened as he listened to the clicking of the keyboard, so his chewing also slowed down.

Gu You turned the laptop around so that everyone could see the content on the screen. "In your academic paper published in 1998, you mentioned a method of physiological hypnosis from the Japanese hypnotist, Masao Fujimoto. The method was carried out like this. The hypnotist supports the back of the subject’s head with his left hand while the subject is facing upwards, and then presses down on the carotid artery with his right hand. When the pressure reaches a certain level, the subject will feel as though he is being suffocated. The hypnotist will then need to suddenly release his right hand when there is an asphyxiated reaction, causing a large amount of blood to flow instantly into the suffocated brain. The subject will then be in a mentally comatose state. At this point, a little guidance can make them enter a hypnotized state... Of course, you also repeatedly mentioned in the paper that this hypnosis method is dangerous and that you don’t recommend that people try it. You also mentioned this method in a speech in 2009. Furthermore, you used this method during your live performance in 2010, when you participated in a TV show.”

Gu You pressed Enter and a video started to play. The Ji Changxin in the video was obviously younger. He used the method mentioned by Gu You to hypnotize an audience member on the stage, saying, "Relax... Relax... From now on, you can only hear my voice. You are getting more and more sleepy. More and more sleepy. When I count to three, you will fall asleep completely! One… Two… Three!”

Ji Changxin was still chewing his food, but there was cold sweat on his forehead. It was impossible for Gu You to have accessed this information after a little typing on her keyboard. It was clear that she had prepared everything in advance.

This short-haired bitch was simply using the pretext of asking for advice in order to make the police suspect him! How horrible!

Ji Changxin chewed on a stone, heard a crack and then immediately spat it out. He slammed his fist on the table, and took advantage of the opportunity to make a fuss. "Waiter! Waiter! Come and see what's in my meal. I almost choked to death!"

Gu You reached out to stop the waiter and said to Ji Changxin, "Old man, I'll invite you to eat steak later, okay?"

"No need!" Ji Changxin wiped his mouth. "I should go back to work. I have to work until nine in the evening before I can get off work. It's not easy to earn money for retirement!"

"Mr. Ji, Mr. Ji!" Old Zhang got up and pressed down Ji Changxin's shoulder to stop him from leaving. "Excuse me, please explain why you just said that there was no such method, when you clearly know it!"

Ji Changxin glanced angrily at Gu You, who was sneering as if she had completed her trap.

"Because..." He explained slowly, "Because... Because..."

"Were you afraid that we’d suspect that you’ve done bad things with this method? Or have you already done it?” Gu You interjected, "You don't have to conceal it anymore. The police officers already know about your glorious past."

Ji Changxin stood up irritably and slammed the table violently. Vinegar and chili oil splashed everywhere, and stained Ji Changxin's sleeves.

He slowly raised his finger and pointed at Gu You, "Smelly ho, why are you throwing rocks at someone who has fallen into the well? Have you not harmed me enough? When have I offended you? Are you jealous of me being more knowledgeable than you? Or that I snatched the limelight from you at your clinic?! From now on, if I ever talk to you again, then I would have been fucking raised by a dog!”

After speaking his mind, Ji Changxing walked away in anger and didn’t stop no matter how much the police shouted for him to stop.

Although he had left the scene in a very cool manner, he knew clearly that his anger was just an act to cover his guilty conscience. Gu You had successfully planted the seeds of doubt in the police's hearts. The police would probably come again. They will come again!

1. An idiom that means kicking someone when they’re down and out. 


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