Chapter 322: I Have the Death Note

Lin Dongxue and Xu Xiaodong went over to Chenghai Sixth High School, where the classes that should have been in session were quiet at the moment. When they passed through the classrooms, Lin Dongxue said, "Everyone is doing self-study?"

"No, there are things written on the blackboards." Xu Xiaodong noted.

A boy leaning by the window said in surprise. "Wow, beautiful Elder Sister, are you a police officer?"

The students by the window were distracted and swarmed over to see what Lin Dongxue looked like. Lin Dongxue asked, "Where are your teachers?"

Boy A responded, "Our class was originally in session, but when they heard that the police were coming, they went away.”

Boy B explained, "The principal doesn’t allow them to be interviewed, so whenever a police officer or reporter comes, they have to go and hide in the office."

Boy C asked, "Are you here to find Fan Lixue?"

"Yes, where is she?"

The boys, who were originally very helpful, suddenly shoved each other, "You call her!" "You call!"

A boy came over, knocked them on the back of their heads one by one and told them to get back to their seats for self-study. Then he said to Lin Dongxue, "Officers, please don't stand there. It’s too distracting for people doing self-study. You should go to the empty classroom on the second floor to wait. I’ll bring Fan Lixue over.”

"Okay, thank you!"

Lin Dongxue and Xu Xiaodong went to the empty classroom as instructed, and then the boy and Fan Lixue arrived together. Lin Dongxue thought that this boy should be the class representative. He said maturely, "My name is Song Hui. If you need to understand the situation regarding our class, you can look for me. The teachers are afraid to be interviewed at the moment. I’m basically the spokesperson as the class rep."

The little class rep seemed very experienced in handling the matter, so it seemed that the reporters must have come quite a few times. Lin Dongxue said, "Please give me your contact details."

After exchanging contact information, Song Hui went back to the classroom first. Fan Lixue was a thin and weak young girl. Her lips were bruised black and her eyes were calm when she looked at the two police officers, as if she didn't care about anything.

"What's wrong with your mouth?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"I got beaten."

"Who hit you?"

"Wang Chang's mother. She said that I'm a walking calamity!" Fan Lixue grinned. Wang Chang was one of the five who died. "I know why you came to me. It’s because I have a motive for killing them. Do the police think that I killed them?"

"We don’t think so. We just wanted to find out more about some things from you."

"Elder Sister, ask me if I killed them."

"I know-"

"Ask me!" Fan Lixue's attitude was a little aggressive.

Lin Dongxue was a little confused and glanced at Xu Xiaodong. Xu Xiaodong mouthed , "Let me ask!" Lin Dongxue nodded slightly.

As soon as Xu Xiaodong spoke, Fan Lixue urged again with the same sentence, "Uncle, you ask then. Ask me if I killed them. I promise to tell you the truth!"

"I'm not an uncle..."

"Ask. If you ask me, I’ll definitely answer!"

"Okay, did you kill them then?"

"I killed them!" Fan Lixue smiled happily.

"How did you kill them?"

"I have a ‘Death Note’. If I write their names down, they’ll die. The six of them were always bullying me, and even the god of death couldn’t stand it anymore, so I was given this Death Note."

"What is this note of death?" Lin Dongxue whispered.

"It's from an anime. It’s a diary that will cause the people whose names are written in it to die.” Xu Xiaodong explained, and then said to Fan Lixue, "Show me the diary."

"You really want to see it? Don't regret it!"

"Why would I regret it? If I were to touch it, I would be able to see the god of death? I really want to know what the god of death looks like!"

Fan Lixue giggled and waved at the blank space next to her. "The god of death is right there. It will be strange if you’re not scared to death if you saw him!"

Lin Dongxue felt that Fan Lixue was talking nonsense, but how could she find a breakthrough? She thought about it. Yes, the connection between the two cases. So Lin Dongxue asked, "Where does your family live?"

"Jian Sha Ping."

"It's quite far from here. You have to take the subway every day after school then."

"Yeah... I take the subway every day."

"On the evening of May 7th, you took the subway as well? Something happened at Chenghai Road subway station that day. Do you know about it?"

Fan Lixue was a little nervous about this well-known incident. She muttered, "Oh... Three people were killed by a train, right?"

What Lin Dongxue had was a vague conjecture that Fan Lixue couldn’t have completed this kind of "task" by herself. It must be that an expert was behind her, supporting her. Maybe on that day, she saw this expert.

Was that why she was so nervous when that day was mentioned?

Although it was impossible to detect lies with the naked eye, Lin Dongxue still leaned forward slightly, staring at Fan Lixue and exerting invisible pressure. She continued questioning, "Fan Lixue, I want you to tell me everything that happened after you got off school that day."

"Elder Sister, I have already told you that I have the Death Note. Why don’t you believe this?"

"I didn't say that I didn't believe it. What I asked was what you did after school on May 7th... You don’t have to answer. If you don’t answer, we’ll just investigate it ourselves. If you lie and we find out, we will still come and look for you again. "


"You have already admitted that you have murdered them, why can't you talk about this? Is this worse than murder?"

Fan Lixue made a face, then deliberately pretended to be calm with a poker face. "I betrayed my soul to the god of death that day."

"Oh, really?" Lin Dongxue took out a small book, "Where did you see the god of death? What does the god of death look like and what did he say to you?"

"The god of death was... outside the subway station, he had a pair of big wings. He flew down from the sky and asked me if I wanted the Death Note."

Fan Lixue started making things up, but Lin Dongxue actually recorded it all seriously. From time to time, she interrupted her to confirm certain details, "The god of death is named Ryuk?", "Didn't you say that you can only see the god of death when you touch the notebook? This is contradictory to what you said earlier."

Fan Lixue broke out in a cold sweat and could only continue telling more lies to explain herself. Xu Xiaodong was a little confused. Why did Lin Dongxue record everything down so carefully when she knew it was all made up? Was this a method in which they were retreating first in order to gain an advantage?

Not too long ago, Lin Dongxue was still a rookie like himself. Since she had handled cases with Chen Shi, she had become much more mature and calm, and could deal with all kinds of people with ease without revealing what she was thinking.

This made Xu Xiaodong feel lonely at being left behind and envious at the same time.

After spending nearly an hour questioning the girl, Lin Dongxue put away the notebook full of her notes and said, "We'll investigate if what you said is true or false, and then come and see you again."

Fan Lixue had an embarrassed expression. While she was questioned, she had been waiting for the other party to give up, saying that it was all false, but Lin Dongxue actually took it seriously. Was this policewoman really stupid or too clever?

Fan Lixue said, "Oh, you can check it since what I said is true."

"Let’s exchange contact information!" Lin Dongxue took out her mobile phone.


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