Chapter 317: Killing One Hundred Equates to Death As Well

What was unexpected was that the high school student and the man in the red vest were about to push the "man who fell down" up. At that moment, the train hadn’t yet entered the platform, and all three were about to be saved. Ji Changxin was stunned. If this man was rescued, considering what Ji Changxin had done to him, he would probably be charged with attempted murder.

It was not only the jail time that he was worrying about, but also the loss of face. Yes, he couldn't afford to lose any more face!

From an early age, he had always been an honest person, a nerd and a coward in the eyes of others. Even if he was bullied, he didn’t dare to resist. The impression that "Ji Changxin = coward" was engraved in the minds of almost everyone who knew him. If he failed to murder, those people would say, "Huh, Ji Changxin is really just trash. He can’t even kill people properly." "Three-year-old sets the tone for eighty[1]. I knew that this kid wouldn’t amount to anything in his lifetime.” "He’s only a coward who knows how to sexually harass little girls on trains."

He would rather that the people around him say about him at the end of his life: "Wow, I didn't think that Ji Changxin would kill people!" "He looks honest, but it turned out he had such a cruel character." "It’s terrifying thinking that I offended him in the past."

Ji Changxin finally made up his mind and strode toward the platform. He put his briefcase on the ground, lay down on it, leaned forward and stretched out one arm, pretending to be "a helping hand" like everyone else. In fact, he was quietly saying to the man, "There is a cliff in front of you, and a strong wind behind you is blowing you forward. Turn back immediately. Otherwise, you will fall and shatter your body!"

There was a lot of noise around him, so his voice was perfectly drowned out. But to the hypnotized, the hypnotist's voice sounded thunderously loud.


The man, who was about to be pushed onto the platform by the man in a red vest and the high school student, suddenly screamed; his body weight tilted backwards, and he pushed them away with both hands. The passengers on the platform were shocked. In that instant, the train arrived and all three were crushed to death in the midst of screams.

Warm blood splashed onto Ji Changxin's face which slowly unveiled an evil grin, and at this moment, he seemed to be awakened... Yes, I am extremely powerful. I can kill anyone who I don’t like the look of, and I don't have to endure anything.

The aftermath of the tragedy was still spreading on the platform, and the surrounding passengers weren’t at all clear about what had happened. Some people were so scared that they were crying, while others swore to others about what they saw with their own eyes. "There was something mentally wrong with that man. He actually pushed the two people away! " " He must have been trying to commit suicide. Suicide aside, he shouldn’t have dragged people down with him. That’s too immoral!"

Ji Changxin wiped the blood on his face with his sleeve. It was time to go back. He planned to have a nice drink that night and have a good night's sleep. Tomorrow...

Ji Changxin's gaze suddenly fell on someone beside a pillar. A junior high school girl was staring at him in dread as if she was watching a murderer. The two looked at each other for only one second. The junior high school girl suddenly turned her head around and ran away.

Oh no, what could she have seen?!

Ji Changxin was frightened, thinking that she was going to call the police.

He couldn't let the ticking time-bomb leave, so he quickly caught up with the girl on the stairs. The girl was scrambling to get out of the crowd and kept looking back while making her way out. Ji Changxin pushed through the crowd and the two left the station one after the other.

The girl crossed the road and walked quickly along the sidewalk. Ji Changxin followed closely behind her. He observed the girl's every move, paying particular attention to whether she was texting or using her mobile phone.

The girl entered an alley, and Ji Changxin's heart became conflicted. If he didn’t take care of her here, there might not be another chance. However, she might not have seen anything. It’s not like he pushed the man down himself. Even if this girl saw him giving instructions to him, this junior high school girl may not have necessarily understood what she saw.

No, he couldn’t take any risks. It was better to kill in error than to let her go. He had already killed three people anyway. Adding one more wouldn’t hurt.

The famous ethicist, Wu Song, once said that killing one equates to death, and killing a hundred equates to death as well.

An arrow that has left the bow will never turn back. Don’t think about it. Don’t think about it! Just fucking do it!

Ji Changxin rushed forward quickly. Noticing that someone was behind her, she screamed and tried to run away desperately. Ji Changxin speeded up, and the girl was having trouble running in her school uniform skirt and leather shoes. Even though Ji Changxin was old and clumsy, in the eyes of a underage girl, he was as fierce and terrible as a beast.

When Ji Changxin caught up, the girl screamed and shouted, "Save..." Before she had finished speaking, she had been strangled from the back with his coat. Ji Changxin began to hypnotize her, but the girl struggled so hard that he couldn't guide her well.

The struggle lasted for about ten seconds, and eventually she passed out because of suffocation. Ji Changxin placed the girl on the ground. His heart was pounding, and he looked around him. Very good. Nobody is around to see this.

He confirmed the girl's unconscious state and began to guide her with a gentle but strict voice in her ear, "You feel relaxed all over. You are lying in warm water. It’s very comfortable. Very warm. You can only hear my voice. My voice is like light that surrounds you…”

The girl's eyeballs kept rolling underneath her closed eyelids. The process only lasted for a moment. As her breathing gradually calmed down, the girl's expression became more peaceful as if she had fallen asleep.

Ji Changxin kept holding the girl's right hand. He continued, "When I count to three, you will enter a state of deep hypnosis. One, two, three!" He released her hand and the girl's right hand hung in the air, which symbolized that she had entered a hypnotic state.

Ji Changxin breathed a sigh of relief. He finally had the leisure to look up and down the girl’s body. She was a girl in the prime of youth. The slender and petite body had smooth and elastic skin. Even though there were pimples and freckles on the face, they were also a symbol of youth. She exuded a girl's bodily fragrance.

The words "beautiful girl" had great appeal to a lonely old man.

Originally, he had intended to give her an instruction to make her walk onto the road and be killed by a car, but he changed his mind. It would be a pity if a beautiful girl was to be hit by a car and turned into a lump of rotten meat. She could obviously bring about a wonderful night.

"What is your name?"

The hypnotized girl replied in a daze, "Fan Lixue."

"Fan Lixue, stand up and come with me."

Under his instructions, the girl stood up like a string puppet and walked alongside Ji Changxin.

An hour later, she was taken to Ji Changxin's studio apartment and he closed the door. Ji Changxin couldn't wait to look at her. His hands were placed on the sides of her arms, as if looking at a delicate gift. She was like a fresh, ripe, and seductive red apple.

Even hypnosis cannot make people do things that violate their moral bottom line, such as undressing, killing, and suicide.

Fan Lixue sensed that she was in a strange environment, and her mind urgently tried to wake up...

1.  The Chinese saying means roughly that from the character and personality traits revealed by a three-year-old, one can infer that he will have similar traits as an eighty year old. E.g. If a three-year-old does something crafty or sneaky, the parent might use this idiom to mean (usually half-jokingly) that he will be just as crafty or sneaky when he is older. 


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