Chapter 315: Desolate Old Man

Seeing Peng Sijue's expression of surprise, Gu You explained, “I'm not flirting with you and I don't want to develop a romantic relationship with you. I just made a mutually beneficial request that you can accept. It’s because I can see that you hate the pointless entanglements between men and women just like me. We dislike the senseless feelings that result from such behaviors. We like efficiency and tidiness. You are a man who wouldn’t think too much even if I suggested that we have sex.”

Peng Sijue understood and said, “We do have things in common, but this...”

“Let the lady preserve a little face and tell me the answer via WeChat after you go back.” Gu You pulled out her mobile phone, retrieved the QR code and handed it over.

Peng Sijue thought for a while, scanned the code and then silently left.

Ji Changxin angrily left the consultation room and kept swearing “Ho! Slut!” He remembered that he had not eaten yet, and it was already noon. He went to a noodle shop, and the waiters were gathered together, chatting and laughing. Ji Changxin raised his voice and called out three times before one person said lazily, “No food.”

Ji Changxin left the shop with a stomach full of anger, and then left to buy instant noodles and mineral water at a convenience store to allay his hunger. He wanted to buy cigarettes, but he restrained himself as he had already quit smoking many years ago.

After eating the noodles, Ji Changxin took out his mobile phone, stared at a certain number in a daze, dialing it several times and then pressing cancel. Then he finally decided to dial it properly.

While the phone was ringing on the other end, he was so nervous that his mouth was dry. The call finally connected. A stiff female voice answered, “Who is it?”

“It's me, Yuanyuan, your father!” Ji Changxin squeezed out a smile on his wrinkled face, as if the other party could see it.

“Why are you looking for me?”

“I’ve missed you. Have you been doing well recently? Are you short of money?”

“I’m not short of money.”

“How are things with your mother?”

“Pretty good.”

The other side just answered curtly and didn't even want to say an extra word to him.

Ji Changxin was still asking, “Yuanyuan, no one bullies you at school, right? If someone bullies you, remember to tell your father...”

“If there isn’t anything wrong, I’m hanging up!”

“Dad will come to see you this week...”

He didn’t get a response, but the phone didn’t hang up either. Ji Changxin heard that his daughter was talking to another man, “Baby, who is it?” “The old man who divorced my mother back then, is now trying to come back and care for me. How annoying!” “Haha, this kind of person is so fucking annoying! Why did he divorce your mother?” “Hmm, all due to some disgraceful incidents. I don't want to mention them.”

Ji Changxin couldn't bear to listen anymore. He pressed the mobile phone’s button really hard to end the call and swept his leftover instant noodle bowl and mineral water bottle from the table to the ground. The convenience store worker shouted, “Hey, what are you doing!”

Ji Changxin went out with his briefcase, and the worker chased after him, “Damn old man, stop! Clean the table for me! Damn...”

Everyone looks down on me. Even my daughter looks down on me!

Ji Changxin had demonic fury welling up inside of him. The whole afternoon, he walked aimlessly on the streets like a wandering soul. He actually passed by several bus stops on foot. It was getting dark and he planned to take the subway home.

It looked like he couldn’t be a counselor in the future, or he would have to move to another city and start again like in the past... But he was already so old. Who would want him now? It's all that woman's fault.

Women are all sluts! All of them are tramps that want men after them! In his heart, he cursed the gorgeously dressed women in the subway station fiercely.

Sitting in the subway, Ji Changxin was deeply worried and sick at heart. He suddenly found that there was a young girl sitting next to him wearing revealing clothing. Ji Changxin thought to himself that this girl was dressed so revealingly; she was obviously showing off her body so that a man would do her.

The girl's smooth thighs were only a few centimeters away from the legs of his suit pants. He stared at her fair skin, swallowed some saliva, and his heart was trembling...

It won’t be discovered if I do it, right?

He looked around and everyone was looking down at their phones. Even this girl was playing with her phone. Judging from her appearance, the girl had a typical eager-to-please personality. She was the kind of girl who would have been a good girl from an early age. Even if she was taken advantage of, she probably wouldn’t dare to be vocal about it.

Besides, he is also an old hand at this. He had already met with bad luck today. He didn’t believe he could be that unlucky.

After making his decision, Ji Changxin pretended to sleep. His left hand seemed to casually rest on his knees. Using his briefcase as a cover, he slowly extended his hand to the girl's legs. When his fingertips touched the girl's cool and smooth skin, an indescribably strong pleasure welled up in his heart.

The girl thought that the sleeping uncle had touched her accidentally and moved her leg away. Ji Changxin smiled secretly in his heart. He needed to be more careful next time. Wearing such revealing clothes, she deserved to get groped.

His hand explored upwards, touching the girl's waist, and through the thin fabric, his fingertips felt the girl's soft waist that was lightly padded with baby fat. The pleasure in his heart continued to soar.

It’s wonderful. The girl’s body is indeed a work of God, it was as if the day’s misfortune was swept away.

The pleasure caused his body to react unconsciously; his hard-on poking up from below. Ji Changxin imagined the scene of going 300 rounds with this girl in bed and constantly gulped down his saliva.

A violent interruption interrupted his dream, “What are you doing! You old bastard!”

Ji Changxin was frightened and broke out into a cold sweat. He immediately pulled back his hand. A boy in a motorcycle jacket and dyed-blonde hair pointed at him and said, “Are you touching the girl next to you? Huh, old bastard?”

“What are you saying... What are you saying?” Ji Changxin pretended to be angry, “In terms of age, I can be your...”

The boy didn’t fall for his act and said to the people around them, “I just saw him touch the girl's leg. I thought he accidentally touched it, but when I looked again, his hand actually groped upwards... Little Sister, he touched you, right?”

The girl suddenly became the focus of attention. She blushed, stood up and escaped to the next compartment.

“Don't go, don't go!” The boy called after her, before turning his head to continue criticizing Ji Changxin. “Old pervert, you’re really despicable. You have such a terrible character... Did you see it... Did you see?”

The boy began to look around for witnesses. One or two nodded at first, then five or six... Then a dozen. Ji Changxin thought with resentment that they were just people who were watching the show. They didn’t worry about how the situation would escalate; they just joined in even though they didn’t see anything. Providing false testimony was against the law!

Ji Changxin's face changed color, and he explained, “I just fell asleep and don't know what you're talking about.”

A slap landed on Ji Changxin's face. The boy gritted his teeth and said, “Motherfucker, you’re still not admitting it? If you’ve got the guts, then go to the police with me!”

“You... You...” Ji Changxin stood up. “You hit me? I want to sue you for personal injury.”

“So what if I hit you!” The boy held onto the upper rails with both his hands, lifted his body, and kicked Ji Changxin in the stomach. Ji Changxin fell back into his seat, and his stomach felt as if it had been filled by a big bottle of vinegar, causing waves of acid reflux.

People around them applauded, “Good!”, “Kill the old pervert!”, “At the police station, we will testify for you.”

Ji Changxin bit his lip and there was shame in his heart as if he had been stripped of his clothes and had people watching him. Previous experience told him that in this society, it was acceptable for others to kill and commit arson, but not to be perverts on the train.

From a psychological point of view, the more people want to do things themselves, the more they can't stand to watch others doing it...

Stop fucking analyzing it with psychology! Ji Changxin growled in his heart. The more he tried to reason here, the more shame it would bring on him. It was better to run away at this point.

At that moment, the subway stopped at a station and Ji Changxin rushed out of the car with his briefcase...


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