Chapter 312: Father and Son Reunited

As such, Li Zhiqiang pumped Wang Haitao's blood and sealed it into a plastic hose. The hose didn't look thick, but when he stuffed it under his skin, he almost fainted from the pain. He didn't know how much blood he shed.

After almost a whole night, the hose finally looked like a blood vessel, so Li Zhiqiang started his own fisheye mixed in with pearls project.

It turned out that his sacrifice was not wasted. He went to Lu Qixing's company. A slick-back vice president immediately took him to the hospital for a paternity test. He passed this obstacle and then was taken to see his biological father.

It was different from what he imagined. The biological father was sick. He lay down in bed and said, “I'm sorry to your mother back then. I'll do everything in order to compensate you later, but before that, you have to do one thing for me!”

It turned out that Lu Qixing called him to come so that he could get a suitable kidney for a transplant. At that time, Li Zhiqiang felt like there were ten thousand horses rushing around in his heart. However, he had already fallen into the pit, so it was too late to try and get out of the situation.

Lu Qixing let him live in the villa temporarily, wearing servants’ clothes while eating and drinking luxuriously. However, besides enjoying champagne and cigars, he was not even given a dime and was not allowed to go out casually.

Li Zhiqiang had no intention of enjoying everything here. He had to think of a way to overcome this. He cheered for himself in his heart. He even got through the paternity tests so surely this time wouldn’t be that much more difficult.

After all, it wasn’t going to be easy to become a rich person.

In order to delay time, he poured water on his body and made himself catch a cold. On the other hand, he often asked the doctor to see if there was any other way.

He had a plan to get Wang Haitao and replace the old man with his kidney, but hiding it from Dr. Xu was a difficult problem. As Lu Qixing's accompanying doctor, Dr. Xu’s salary was so high that it was scary. He wasn’t someone that could be bribed with the money from stolen goods.

Or make the old man's surgery impossible by having him die on the bed? Of course, that was too risky!

After much deliberation, there was in fact another trick he could use. However, it would be a bit cruel to himself. You have to draw blood anyway when you perform surgery. As long as the doctor draws the blood of Wang Haitao and it can be transplanted, it would be ok.

If one of his kidneys was transplanted to Lu Qixing, they’d just have to wait until the old fox died after his body rejected the foreign kidney that didn’t have matching blood types.

However, Dr. Xu told him that in fact it was not only a kidney transplant. The old man had a tumor in one kidney while the other one didn’t function very well and couldn’t support his body. They hoped to exchange this one for the son's good kidney so that both parties’ bodies wouldn’t have many negative side effects.

Li Zhiqiang thought, son of a fucking slut. I didn't enter a house of wealth, but a gate for ghosts!

That night, he thought, I don’t want to play anymore. I won't play anymore. Sure enough, the rich are mental. It’s better to hurry back to kill Wang Haitao and run away with the stolen money.

The day of the return was April 30th. The husband and wife told him that when they went out to sell the stolen goods, Wang Haitao ran away. Li Zhiqiang looked like a lightning bolt amidst a sunny day[1], and Daniu said, “But it doesn't matter. The guy has gone mad from us locking him in and talks about general Wang and father emperor or whatever all day.”

Seeing the condoms left on the ground by them and the leftover lunch boxes, Li Zhiqiang was so angry that his guts became bigger. When they let their guard down, he took care of them and calmed down.

In fact, hope had not completely disappeared. Thinking about it, he just needed to think of a way to kill Lu Qixing and retreat from this dilemma. After he inherited the business, he just needed to find some people to tie up loose ends with the crazy Wang Haitao.

You can only attain wealth through risk. Since he was like this now, he didn’t have much to lose anyway, so he may as well fucking do it!

He buried the body of the husband and wife thief and took the money away. He had intended to burn the house, but it would’ve caught people’s attention.

He returned to the villa and continued to play the role of a good son. He had been thinking hard about how to kill Lu Qixing. He was helpless as it wasn’t easy to take action with so many people going in and out. On this night, Lu Qixing invited a large number of famous doctors and the police appeared at the scene earlier as well. Li Zhiqiang wouldn’t have another opportunity if he didn’t take action now.

So, he messed with the electric box. Who knew that the police would not only save Lu Qixing, but expose him as well?

“I almost fucking succeeded. I was just missing some luck!” At this point, Li Zhiqiang shook his head in annoyance. “How many times can you take risks in life? I risked it all at once and have no regrets!”

“You don’t really know your place,” Lin Qiupu sneered. “But people will definitely want to hear about this ‘history of struggle’ in prison.”

“Officer, neither of the two I killed were good people. I can count myself as a vigilante. Can you discuss with the judge and get an easier sentence or something... Hey, police officer, don't go-”

Amidst the calls of Li Zhiqiang, Lin Qiupu and Lin Dongxue left the interrogation room. The other members of the task force were standing outside. Chen Shi smiled. “What an unlucky guy. Does he really think that a pie would fall out of the sky for him?”

At this moment, the slick-back came back. “Everyone, the old man just woke up and asked if you have found his true son. He wants to see him!”

Chen Shi responded, “I have to go back. It's getting late.”

“Aiya!” Lin Qiupu stopped him. “Isn't he in your house? If you’re sending the Buddha, you should send the Buddha all the way to the West[2]. You should send him over.”

“Such a public thing, Captain Lin. You should go!”

“No, no, you have to go. We still have a lot of post-investigation work on our side.”

Chen Shi sighed deeply. Was there a twisted fate between himself and Old Man Lu?

As such, Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue went to pick up Wang Haitao. At this time, he had already fallen asleep and asked where they were going. Chen Shi responded, “To see your father!”

“You found my father, the emperor?” Wang Haitao was suddenly excited.

In the villa, the doctors who were invited as guests had already left. The servants were packing up the place. Wang Haitao was taken to the bed of Old Man Lu. Old Man Lu pointed at unsightly dressed Wang Haitao with his finger and asked Chen Shi, “Officer Song, is it real this time?”

“It’s real.”

Old Man Lu sat up and was very agitated. “My son, as soon as you walked in, I knew it was you. Looking at your eyebrows and eyes, you look just like your mother... Father missed you so much!”

Wang Haitao froze for a while. Gradually, his cloudy eyes became clear and his voice became normal. “You are Lu Qixing, my biological father.”

“It's me, it's me! Blood is thicker than water. I can’t believe that we are able to reunite after so many years. It’s God's arrangement. God's arrangement... cough, cough, please hand me the water!”

Old Man Lu's exaggerated acting skills actually touched Wang Haitao. He knelt down next to the bed, crying. “Daddy! It’s really you. I’ve struggled to find you...”

Old Man Lu was so emotional that he just waved his hands constantly.

Lin Dongxue said, “After a big detour, it's finally a happy ending... Old Man Lu seems very emotional.”

“Yeah, truly emotional...” Chen Shi suddenly noticed what Wang Haitao was pressing on something with his leg and rushed to say, “Fool, you’re pressing down on your dad's oxygen tube! He's almost out of oxygen!”

1. Resembled someone who was extremely distraught after a sudden negative change in circumstances. 

2. If you’re helping someone, you should help them completely until the task is done. Like the story Journey to the West, they had to send the buddha all the way. 


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