Chapter 311: A Fisheye in the Midst of Pearls

The servant yelled from the ground, “Let me go! Believe it or not, I’ll slaughter you!”

The slick-back also panicked. “What are you doing? This is our company’s future…”

“Future what?”

The slick-back knew he had uttered the wrong words. He looked around and said, “He is the illegitimate son of the old man from Yunnan, but also the source of the kidney. Don't mess around.”

“I'm sorry to tell you that he isn’t!” Chen Shi said to the doctors behind him. “Everyone here is an expert. Come and look at this blood vessel in his left arm. I ensure you that it will be a sight to behold.”

The doctors came to check and said, “So thick? Are they varicose veins?”, “No, this blood vessel is too straight.” “Is it that… That’s impossible... Impossible...”

Chen Shi tore the servant's sleeve open and there was an obvious suture on his armpit. The technique was relatively mediocre and it was sutured with nylon thread. The surrounding area was already red and swollen.

X knew that the situation was over and closed his eyes, as if relinquishing his life for anyone to slaughter.

Chen Shi explained, “This is not a blood vessel at all. It is a hose filled with blood and sealed at both ends. It is inserted under the skin so that he can use it for the paternity test. That’s why he passed all three paternity tests!”

“Why...” The slick-back stuttered in surprise. “Then who exactly are you?”

X asked Chen Shi miserably, “How did you know it was me?”

“I noticed that you didn’t look too well. You and the old man have similar symptoms of poisoning, so I figured you were the 'biological flesh'. I also noticed that the sleeve of your left hand wasn’t buckled. The servants here have strict uniform code, so it seemed like you were special compared to them. With a hose under your skin, you’d see it bulging out, so you didn't buckle your sleeves... Then again, I admire you for coming up with this trick!”

When the word “poisoning” was brought up, the malevolent-spirited woman seemed a little nervous. She was quietly preparing to leave. Lin Dongxue yelled at her, “What are you doing?”

“Changing my clothes.”

“No one is allowed to move until the police come!”

Ten minutes later, the police arrived. Lin Qiupu was surprised that they already had the scene under control. The police brought back the fake Wang Haitao, the malevolent-spirited woman and the slick-back for questioning.

Back at the bureau, Peng Sijue tested the blood of fake Wang Haitao. Indeed, he was X. In addition, his blood and the blood of Old Man Lu contained trace amounts of arsenic. The poison targeted the kidney, as Chen Shi expected. It was no accident that Old Man Lu had kidney cancer.

The malevolent-spirited woman quickly confessed that the arsenic was brought by her. Actually, she had been serving as a mistress to Old Man Lu for three years, but he never gave her a title. She was full of resentment, so she added the poison into his food in small amounts over the course of time. Sure enough, Old Man Lu really developed physical discomfort and soon fell ill. He was found to have kidney cancer.

Unexpectedly, he actually had an illegitimate child in Yunnan. After lots of effort, they finally got him to come here.

The woman's wishful plan was lost, so she lost her mind. She started to poison this illegitimate child too. She did not expect to provide a clue for Chen Shi to identify the fake Wang Haitao on the spot.

The interrogation of X was the focus of tonight. This interrogation this time was conducted by Lin Qiupu and Lin Dongxue together. Lin Qiupu asked, “Name?”

The other side was silent for a few seconds before he said, “Li Zhiqiang.”

Lin Qiupu asked about the relationship he had with the robbing couple. Li Zhiqiang replied, “Friends!”

“For the sake of your plan, you didn’t even hesitate to kill your friends? I won't ask you about this bit by bit. Tell me the whole story!”

“Give... Give a cigarette!”

Lin Qiupu gave him a cigarette and Li Zhiqiang drew on it deeply. His eyes seemed to be as dead as his heart. After the cigarette was half smoked, he said, “In fact, being caught by you guys is a type of relief for me… I thought things would go well, but I can’t believe that old bastard... So fucking smart!”

Li Zhiqiang claimed to have known the robbing couple for a few years. He was also an unemployed vagrant. He had been thinking about getting rich overnight. After meeting the two, the three of them robbed a business.

Li Zhiqiang was smart and old. He was the leader of this small gang. At the same time, he despised the two of them. They had no plans for the future. Whenever they had money on them, they would eat, drink, and play it all away. These types of people, in his eyes, were people who couldn’t even be successful as thieves.

In the last few years, they’ve robbed, blackmailed, and extorted. Thanks to Li Zhiqiang's careful planning, they have never been arrested by the police.

On April 23rd, the three planned a robbery in a gold store. When they were finished, they threw away the stolen motorcycles, got in a getaway car, and went to the hiding place they had prepared in advance. They were going to lay low for a few days before selling the stolen goods away. From then on, they would no longer stay in Long’an walking down this path.

Unexpectedly, there was a bland guy who actually hitchhiked with them. This person was Wang Haitao. At that time, they were in the suburbs. Li Zhiqiang was afraid that this guy would be a witness, so he allowed him to get into the car so that he could figure out his background before fixing him up at the destination.

Wang Haitao was carrying a large canvas bag that day. When he got in the car, he excitedly told them that he had come to Long’an to find a relative. He had never seen his father since he was born, but his father was an entrepreneur in Long’an and was doing very well.

Li Zhiqiang kept asking him and found out this guy’s biological father was actually Lu Qixing. Looking closely at Wang Haitao’s looks, he really looked a bit like Lu Qixing, so he deliberately asked for some more details. For example, Lu Qixing didn’t know about Wang Haitao ’s appearance or even his voice.

Li Zhiqiang thought that this was a godsent opportunity. He had a bold plan at that time. If he could succeed, wouldn’t that mean he wouldn’t have to rely on robbing people for survival?

At a crossing, Wang Haitao said that he should get out of the car. Li Zhiqiang held a wrench and said, “Look outside!” Then, he smashed him with a wrench. His colleague Daniu exclaimed, “What are you doing, Brother Li? You’re not planning to kidnap him, right? We’re not professionals at that!”

“Kidnapping? What is the point of kidnapping? I have a good idea. I'll tell you when we get there.”

When they got to the hiding place, Li Zhiqiang announced his plan. While the husband and wife were shocked, they also felt that it would not be possible to succeed. How could they pass the paternity test?

In fact, Li Zhiqiang already knew what needed to be done. He planned to shut Wang Haitao away for a few days and then sell the stolen goods. He would take the money to bribe the hospitals so that he would breeze through this obstacle. The husband and wife praised that he was really a modern Zhuge Liang[1].

In the days while Wang Haitao was detained, Li Zhiqiang kept gaining intelligence. The husband and wife were also actively looking for ways to sell the stolen goods. The news of these stolen goods didn’t die down and the dealers desperately pushed the price down. Perhaps they could only get 100,000 yuan in the end.

It was a dream to bribe the hospitals with this low sum of money. Li Zhiqiang also realized that his thoughts weren’t correct. Money could not block people's lips from moving. The more people who know the secret, the more dangerous it would be in the future.

He remembered a documentary that he had watched before. A Canadian doctor was charged for rape. He actually buried a tube filled with medical blood under his skin and tricked the police.

Li Zhiqiang loved watching these crime documentaries when he had free time because he learned a lot about crimes from them.

This move was cruel, but in order to attain something, he would need an equal sacrifice. Thus, he decided to go ahead with it…

1. He is recognized as the most accomplished strategist of his era, and has been compared to Sun Tzu, the author of The Art of War. He was a Chinese politician, military strategist, writer, engineer and inventor. 


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