Chapter 309: Fierce Maid

Lin Dongxue said, “Should we go find Old Man Lu right now?”

“Yeah, it’ll be too late if we go about this in a roundabout manner. Let’s advise him now!”

The two went to the second floor. On the stairs, a middle-aged man in a suit with his hair slicked back walked down. Seeing that the situation was not good, Chen Shi immediately pressed Lin Dongxue against the wall for a kiss.

The slick-back paused and said, “Aiya, why are you here?”

Chen Shi smiled and said, “Here are all famous doctors in China. The chance of the old man choosing us is small, so we’re just enjoying the party and will go back when it's done.”

“Who is going to perform an operation on the old man is to listen to me and Dr. Xu's advice. Just get lost back to the living room and don’t wander around here blindly again.”

“Okay, we’ll go back now!”

Slick-back murmured, “Young doctors really aren’t reliable!” He muttered as he passed by the two of them.

Lin Dongxue whispered, “This guy seems to be in charge. Can it be X?”

“It hasn’t been long since X was recognized. He wouldn’t have so much power yet, would he?”

Seeing that no one was around, the two continued to go upstairs. There were some maids on the second floor, so the two were extra careful not to be found. There was the sound of high heels in the corridor. Chen Shi immediately pulled Lin Dongxue into a room with no lights.

The woman passing by the door talked on the phone and said, “Send me more of the cosmetics you bought last time... I know, I know. I won’t skimp out on the money!” The voice drifted away.

The two were ready to go out of the room when the light in the room suddenly turned on. Chen Shi looked back. Old Man Lu was lying on a hospital bed, holding the remote control for the light in his hand. Many medical instruments were placed beside him and he was wearing a breathing mask with screens on both sides.

Old Man Lu's face was a lot more depressive and his hair had thinned out quite a bit. However, his eyes were still sharp. He raised his fingers tremblingly, pointed at Chen Shi, and said with a low voice, “Bastard, who told you to come in?”

Lin Dongxue glanced at Chen Shi in shock. Since they were exposed, Chen Shi didn't try to hide. He went over to Old Man Lu and said, “Old Man Lu, it hasn’t been that long since we last met. How did this happen?”

“When people are old, they will become useless at any time... Who told you to come in? Nothing good ever comes out of you being near me. Get lost!”

Chen Shi saw the kidney dialysis machine installed on his body. It seemed that his kidneys would not last long. He secretly wondered if the disease was coming too soon. Was there anything strange about it? He quietly plucked a few of Old Man Lu's hair and hid them in his pocket.

“Who is that woman?” Chen Shi asked.

“Zhenjie's stepmother.”

“Oh? You're really old but fit, huh? You don’t even know how long you can live, but you’re still out there playing in the field?”

Old Man Lu glared at him, “Don’t talk about nonsense in front of me bastard. I know better than you. With me being a geezer so close to kicking the bucket, why would a young and beautiful woman choose me? Wouldn’t it just be for money? But just going after money isn’t so bad. Unlike some people who act all proud on the surface so that people can’t understand them. Deep down, their hearts are very dirty!” This sentence was obviously directed at him, but Chen Shi smiled as if he didn't hear it.

Old Man Lu continued, “Wanjun and I have not officially married, but she has taken care of me for the past six months to the best of her abilities. I made a will for her long ago. When I die, she will get an inheritance. The rest... “

“The rest is for the son?” Chen Shi finished his sentence.

“How did you know?”

“What do the police not know? Actually, I'm here about your son this time.”

“Don't fart here. Song, you killed my two sons and now you want to take him away as well?”

It seemed that Old Man Lu was extremely confused. Chen Shi was just solving the case, but he was taken to be the culprit who took his sons’ life. Chen Shi simply confessed, “Your son is fake and the kidney transplant surgery will not save you!”

“Fuck you...” Once agitated, Old Man Lu coughed uncontrollably.

It might be that someone outside heard his cough because they immediately heard footsteps approaching. Lin Dongxue was busy pulling Chen Shi to hide behind the screen.

Two people came in and Chen Shi peeped through the gap. One was the slick-back from just then and the other was a doctor in a white coat. The doctors who came here were all guests, but this one was in a white coat. It was obvious that he was the current attending physician.

The doctor checked Old Man Lu's condition and said to slick-back, “Everything is normal!”

“Where did those maids go? How can they leave the old man in the room all by himself? Dr. Xu, can you go and call them over?” The slick-back asked.

Dr. Xu agreed before taking his leave. Slick-back wiped the sweat off of Old Man Lu’s forehead with a wet towel. Grandpa Lu suddenly grabbed his wrist. “Zilu, the result of the paternity test...”

“Father, why are you still worrying about this? All three hospitals have conducted it, so it must be true!” The words of the slick-back calmed down.

Hearing this title, Lin Dongxue immediately widened his eyes. Was the slick-back really X?

“The surname Song lied to me again!” Old Man Lu said to himself.

“Who? Did someone just come in?”

“You should go. I'm going to rest!”

“Father...” Slick-back knelt down in front of the hospital bed and lowered his voice. “I hope that you sign the contract for the equity transfer as soon as possible before the operation. If you have any accidents...”

“Fuck your mother's egg! Hoping for me to die?!” Old Man Lu angrily said. “Get lost!”

Old Man Lu closed his eyes wearily. Slick-back’s expression was like that of someone who just got slapped. He looked very ugly and held the oxygen tube down with his hand. The veins on the back of his hand slowly bulged.

This scene was seen by Chen Shi, who was ready to rush out at any time. However in that case, exposing his identity would become unavoidable.

The malice on slick-back’s face seemed to only last for an instant. He quickly loosened the oxygen tube, bowed to the old man, and backed out.

Chen Shi also wanted to ask something. Lin Dongxue desperately dragged his hand away. Someone else might come in, so the two hurried out of the door. They turned back to where they came from, but at the corner of the corridor, the slick-back was talking to Dr. Xu.

The two had to leave from the other side but ran into a waiter. The man was about forty years old, very thin and pale. He questioned the two of them, “Who allowed you two to come up?”

“I’m trying to find a bathroom.” Lin Dongxue smiled embarrassedly.

“Hurry away. If Miss Shi sees you coming up, she’ll get angry.”

Chen Shi thought this person was a bit strange. The waiters here were all very young. He had never seen such an old man, and he seemed to be wearing an outfit that wasn’t of the same standard. His right hand’s sleeve was tightly buckled, but his left sleeve wasn’t buckled at all.

Chen Shi said, “Listening to your voice, it seems like you have a cold.”

“What does that have to do with you?”

“Don't get me wrong. I'm a doctor, so I'm more sensitive to this sort of stuff. Besides, there is a patient upstairs. It's not good for him to catch a cold... It's nothing for young people. For the patient, I'm afraid it would take their life.”

The waiter's tone eased. “Rest assured, I won't enter that room.”

“Well, let me take your pulse!” Chen Shi said, grabbing his left arm.

The waiter suddenly yelped, withdrew his hand, and stared at Chen Shi fiercely. Chen Shi smiled and explained, “Occupational habit. No way around it.”

“Get lost and don't wander around here!”


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