Chapter 308: Chen Shi and the Dog Cannot Enter

The two stood outside the door for a long time but never saw anyone come out. Lin Dongxue said, “That woman probably didn’t tell him you came.”

At this time, a maid finally came out with a sign to nail on the door. Chen Shi was prepared to ask her about it when he saw the sign saying, “Chen Shi and dogs are not allowed inside!” Chen Shi's mouth opened slowly.

Lin Dongxue covered her mouth and laughed. “When did you offend him again?”

“Presumably he felt that my arrival meant nothing good was coming.”

“Should we show our badges?”

“No, don't. You can't see him now as a police officer. X may be by his side. He’s most probably in the room right now.” Chen Shi asked the maid, “Hello, are you waiting for a guest tonight?”

The maid pointed to the sign. “You and the person next to you are not welcome here. Old Man Lu said so personally.”

“It seems you...” Lin Dongxue suddenly realized, “Who are you scolding?”

The servant snorted and gave them the cold shoulder.

“It seems like if we don’t push through, it won't work!” Lin Dongxue prepared to take out her police officer's badge.

“Don't be impulsive, don't be impulsive. Let’s move according to the situation as it calls for it.”

Chen Shi took Lin Dongxue to go shopping in the neighborhood. Relaxing during working hours, Lin Dongxue felt ashamed. Chen Shi told her that they were resting to work at night so that Lin Dongxue would feel better about it.

They took Tao Yueyue home in the evening, and then the two returned back to the villa again. The villa was very different from the daytime. The living room door was wide open and there were several tables of cold dishes in the house. People were drinking and chatting happily. However, the sign was still nailed to the door.

“Wow, expecting a guest? I thought he was just inviting a guest over, but it turned out to be a party!” Lin Dongxue exclaimed.

“How can a truckload of ingredients be for a simple home event? I guessed it would be a party. These are all employees of the company!” Chen Shi said.

“It’s not a special day, so why are they holding a party?”

The two walked to the front of the villa. Two burly bodyguards stood outside the iron gate. They reached out to block them. Lin Dongxue was ready to take out her badge when Chen Shi dragged her aside and said, “Don't reveal your identity!”

“How do we get in without showing our credentials? Do we need to beat the guards down?”

“You can't get in even if you show your credentials. These are personal bodyguards. We are definitely not allowed in without invitations.”

Lin Dongxue looked helplessly around the yard. The iron bars were very high and there were bodyguards guarding the doors at set distances. It was impossible to break through.

Lin Dongxue saw that they all had a badge with a company logo on it. Lin Dongxue said, “Oh, the boss of this bodyguard company was convicted previously. He was caught by my brother before. Let’s try that.”

She called Lin Qiupu. Within five minutes, the bodyguard at the door who received the phone call kept watching them.

The two came to the door again and Lin Dongxue asked proudly, “Are we allowed to enter now?”

The bodyguard gave way and made a “please” gesture, Chen Shi said, “Your brother's network is quite useful.”

“The police is originally a legal occupation that can invade other people's lives.” Lin Dongxue smiled.

The two were wearing casual clothes, which looked incompatible with a group of guests in suits in the house, but no one noticed them. It seemed that most of them were not familiar with each other.

Chen Shi passed by these guests and heard their chats...

“I think that entering an arterial embolization first can effectively shorten the operation time, simplify the operation, and is relatively safer...”

“Laparoscopic nephrectomy is the current consensus in the industry, regardless of the risk of the operation. It is also better than traditional open surgery...”

“Considering the patient's physical condition, I don't think that even the top medical team would be comparable to a team with 3,000 surgical experience and tacit teamwork where their minds are in sync.”

Lin Dongxue froze, “Are these all doctors?”

Chen Shi said, “I recognize some of them as the best doctors in the city. It seems that Old Man Lu is sick. It is a luxurious lineup to invite these to come for consultation.”

“Rich people can waste medical resources so much? These good doctors have been invited here as a guest to see a single person, meaning many poor patients have their surgeries postponed.”

“Let’s see if we can get some information.”

“Who are you looking for?”

“Let's operate separately. Nobody will come to us to talk if we stand together.”

As soon as the two separated, a young doctor rushed to Lin Dongxue and said politely, “Are you also in the same industry?”

“Uh... Yes...”

“We are discussing the superiority and inferiority of operating through the front abdomen or the posterior abdomen. I would like to hear your opinions.”

“I...” Lin Dongxue was completely confused. “Actually, I just got off the plane and I don't know the situation.”

“You haven't seen the patient?”

“No, I haven't even changed my clothes yet!”

“Then I would be happy to share the results of the consultation with you and listen to your opinions. Is it convenient for us to exchange our WeChat details?”


After exchanging WeChat, the other party sent a large file to her and blinked at Lin Dongxue, “After reading, let’s discuss. I would like to hear your opinions. Right, you’re called...”

“My last name is Lin.”

“Oh, you are Dr. Lin from the First People's Hospital of Long'an City? It turned out that you’re so young... And beautiful! It’s better to have seen you once than to have heard about you a hundred times.” Lin Dongxue didn’t know how the other party had such a misunderstanding. The man continued to introduce himself. “My name is Li Yuan from Shanghai Union Medical College Hospital. You should have read my dissertation.”

“I've read it. It's wonderful, very... Uh, very professional.”

“Do you have any advice for my ‘Hem-o-lok in retroperitoneal laparoscopic nephrectomy’?”

“Uh...” Lin Dongxue couldn't take it any longer. “I want to look at these consultation materials first.”

“Okay, I won’t bother you. I’ll be here.”

“I'll come to find you in a moment.”

The other side was full of happiness and said “I'm glad to have met you” before leaving. Sure enough, the men's IQs were lower in front of beautiful women. Lin Dongxue secretly wiped away her cold sweat, surprised that she wasn’t seen through.

Chen Shi circled around and came back miserably, saying, “They’ve all snubbed me. Nobody would talk to me since I’m dressed like this. Someone even asked me if I was studying Chinese medicine.”

Lin Dongxue shook her phone in delight. “I got the consultation document.”

“Wow, you must have not used your beauty. You must have convinced them with your expertise.”

“Get lost!” Lin Dongxue punched him with a smile.

The two gathered together to look at this information. Of course, most of the technical terms were things they didn’t understand. Generally, it could be seen that Old Man Lu had kidney cancer and he also had another kidney function that wasn’t normal. It seems that these doctors are invited to do kidney resection and kidney transplantation.

“Kidney transplant surgery? It turned out that he had retrieved his illegitimate child for this.” Chen Shi said while chewing food.

“What are you eating?”

“Cherry. It’s big and sweet.” Chen Shi took one and threw it to Lin Dongxue, who caught it with her mouth.

“But the illegitimate child is fake and it shouldn’t be possible.”

“I'm afraid he can't even pass the kidney matching. But he has passed the paternity test and is an official son, so from his standpoint, he certainly doesn't want the operation to start smoothly. Old Man Lu is in danger!”


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