Chapter 307: Visiting Old Man Lu Again

“How would they do a paternity test?” Xu Xiaodong looked blank, “Is it enough to get it to the hospital?”

“Idiot, how can a hospital do a paternity test with the blood you take over? They’ll take your blood on the spot. X is posing as Wang Haitao. This is definitely impossible to circumvent. He can't very well replace his blood with Wang Haitao's blood.”

“Replace his blood with Wang Haitao's?” Chen Shi pondered.

“Hey, what did you think of this time?” Lin Dongxue asked.

“No, no.” Chen Shi smiled. “Yes, now that we know the motives of the murderer, I will go to find Old Man Lu tomorrow and see if he has tried to find his son recently.”

“Why don't you go today?”

Chen Shi looked at his watch. “It's too late today. I'm going back to the bureau and then I'm off... You just recovered, so go and rest up early.”

Lin Dongxue tugged at her hair and said, “I've been fine for a long time.”

Last time, Lin Dongxue was hit by a car and lay in the hospital for a few days. Lin Qiupu almost killed Chen Shi. Chen Shi still remembered Lin Qiupu shaking his collar back and forth and as he kept spitting on his face.

Fortunately, that page had been turned over. Wang Sunxu should now be introducing himself to his prison friends in the detention center. Chen Shi didn’t need to worry about Lin Dongxue's life for the time being.

The four returned to the station. Then, Chen Shi sent Lin Dongxue home and took Wang Haitao home.

Wang Haitao had no sense of restraint in Chen Shi's house anymore, and when he entered the house, he shouted, “A meal. A meal.”

Chen Shi made him a bowl of noodles and Wang Haitao slurped it up. Chen Shi sat down in front of him and said, “Shall I take you to see your father, the emperor, tomorrow?”

Wang Haitao froze for a moment, then shook his head desperately. “I won’t go. I'm afraid that General Wang would harm me.”

“Did you not mention that you have a token on your body? Give me the token and I will easily gain the trust of your father and expose the conspiracy of General Wang.”

Wang Haitao fumbled up and down his body and exclaimed, “Oh no!”

Well, it seems like I can only see if he’ll give me face tomorrow. To be honest, Chen Shi didn’t want to see him at all.

At the case discussion meeting the next morning, Lin Qiupu announced the progress of yesterday's investigation. According to the information, they found a den for selling stolen goods underground. After a negotiation that almost turned into a gunfight, they finally took the other side down.

All the gold jewelry stolen from the gold store was found. The man claimed that the thieving couple came to sell the stolen goods on April 26th. At the time, the news of the robbery was everywhere, so he desperately pressed the price down and won all the gold at a price of around 100,000 yuan.

April 26th was also the day when Wang Haitao escaped, so the case became clearer once again. It was on that day that Wang Haitao escaped quietly while the husband and wife were not present.

Anyway, the robbery case was now over. What was currently being investigated was the death of the husband and wife. X's information couldn’t be found from the case of the two deceased and they didn’t get a match for X’s DNA in the existing criminal database.

Chen Shi raised his hand and said, “Everyone, I also found something on my end.”

After talking about his own findings, everyone was surprised and talked. “Impersonation? What courage he must have!”, “How can he hide from a paternity test?”, “It must be because he ran away that he killed his companions. But even so, isn't Wang Haitao still alive?“

Chen Shi said, “I think when Wang Haitao was imprisoned, his spirit was already abnormal. I don't know how X's impostor plan has progressed, but after he becomes the son of Old Man Lu, he will definitely take measures to remove Wang Haitao, who is an unstable factor.”

Lin Qiupu responded, “Then we must hurry up and find Lu Qixing.”

Chen Shi recommended, “I suggest not hitting the grass and startling the snake just yet. This man is a murderer. In the event of another hostage incident, it will be very troublesome... I'd better go explore for some news first. After all, I'm not a policeman and I’m acquainted with Old Man Lu.“

“Okay, but I’m worried about you going there alone, Xu Xiao...”

“Thank you Captain Lin. Then Dongxue will come with me!”

Lin Qiupu glared at Chen Shi and was speechless about Chen Shi’s shameless behavior. He nodded to imply acceptance, but specifically told Lin Dongxue, “Be careful. Now that we know where the suspect is, we’re not in a rush.”

“And...” Lin Qiupu pointed to Chen Shi. “You. Don't mess around and send Old Man Lu to the bureau again.”

“As long as he doesn't break the law” Chen Shi rationalized.

After the meeting, Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue went straight to the hotel where Old Man Lu lived. However, the staff told them that Old Man Lu didn’t live there anymore. Chen Shi pressed, “Where does he live now?”

“The president's private residence. We have no right to disclose the location.” The manager of the hotel said politely.

After coming up empty-handed, Chen Shi checked on his mobile phone and said, “Since the last case, Old Man Lu has become very low-key all the time. He has not participated in any public philanthropic activities. I heard that the company has also been given to others. It seems like he’s planning on retiring.”

“Losing two sons is not a small blow. Maybe he suddenly remembered that there was an illegitimate child out there and called him over from thousands of miles. He probably didn’t expect this to happen again.”

“Maybe it's because a big tree garners lots of wind... Ah right, help me ask the bureau if we can find the current address of Old Man Lu.”

Lin Dongxue called and found that Lu Qixing had ten properties in Long'an. The two talked about how he was indeed a wealthy person. Chen Shi examined the mobile phone map for a while and drove to one of the addresses.

Lin Dongxue asked curiously, “How are you sure he's here?”

“Intuition... Too lazy to explain.”

When they got to the villa in the city and found the iron door locked, Lin Dongxue teased, “Isn’t your intuition wrong?”

“This is the place closest to his company. With his personality, he won't let go of the company that easily. It seems I’m wrong... He really intends to find a place where no one can find to enjoy his retirement.”

“For old people, the loss of two sons would always change them.”

The two drove away from the community and passed a truck before Chen Shi suddenly turned the steering wheel, did a U-turn, and followed the truck. Lin Dongxue questioned, “Why?”

Chen Shi pointed to the back of the truck. “It's his company's car. If there's no one living there, that truck wouldn’t be here. Follow it.”

The van stopped in front of the villa and a glamorous woman in silk pajamas came out to direct the workers to move things. The woman's curvy figure filled Chen Shi’s eyes. Chen Shi suddenly noticed that Lin Dongxue had cast a scornful look at him and quickly said, “She looks like a malevolent spirit. She can't even match one in ten thousandth of you. You can tell she’s not a proper lady at first glance.”

“Are you really speaking your heart right now?” Lin Dongxue laughed.

The workers mainly moved some cold and frozen ingredients in. Chen Shi thought to himself that the rich people were so generous in their spending. The woman yawned and said to the workers, “Hurry up! The kitchen is in a hurry to use them. In the evening, the old man is expecting a guest. When can I fucking eat?”

Upon hearing this, Chen Shi stepped forward and said, “Hello, we’re here to find Lu Qixing.”

“Who are you?” The lady looked him up and down.

“If you tell him my name is Chen Shi, he’ll definitely remember.”

“Humph, you’re just here to beg the old man to do something for you like all the others... I'll let him know.”


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