Chapter 305: X Has Surfaced

The corpse excavation work was still in progress. Peng Sijue initially judged that the time of death was two days ago. The deaths were caused by a knife piercing important organs and causing internal bleeding.

The police searched the broken house. A half-burned banknote was found in a fairly complete room. Lin Qiupu took it in his hand and said, “This is a banknote that was issued only last month. The bank should have a record of it. We can check the source of the money.”

In addition to the banknote, there were some leftover food packages in the room. There were mainly cans and a dirty bed. The cans on the bed were used as ashtrays. In another can, the police found a large amount of used condoms.

Chen Shi said, “This couple was very loving.”

“Don't guess randomly here! Aren’t homicides your forte? Go and check the bodies already.”

“Old Peng is like two of me. I'll go and look in this room.”

Then, Chen Shi pushed open a broken door next to him. When he opened it, he noticed that there were two rings as handles installed on the broken door in addition to some rust on the ground. Chen Shi squatted down to check and said, “This door’s rings have been locked by a chain. Was it used to chain someone up?”

“The time-traveler?” Lin Dongxue said.

“You can keep up with my thinking now!” Chen Shi praised with a smile.

The two pushed the door open into a room. The room only had one tall window that was blocked by a collapsed wall. It was completely dark and there were no lights in there either.

It was still day time, but they still had to use their mobile phones to light up the area.

The room exuded a smell of sour sweat and mold as well as the smell of amine which caused their eyes to tear up. Chen Shi saw a wooden barrel in the corner which was full of feces. The wooden barrel itself was not too strong and the liquid inside flowed out.

On the other side was a mattress on the floor with a layer of sweat stains on it. There was a faucet mounted on the wall facing the mattress. Chen Shi tried to turn on the faucet. As the pipe trembled, some red rusty water flowed out.

“This is a prison. It may have been used to detain the time-traveler!” Chen Shi said.

“Looks like he's been here a long time... How did he get the gold ingot?”

Chen Shi closed the door and touched the gap below with his finger. He said, “The bottom seam is very large. It may have been rolled in and hidden by him... He may have escaped when there was an opportunity, but his whole mental state had already become abnormal.”

Of course, these were just conjectures. The forensics team came in to take complete evidence samples.

Two hours later, everyone had returned to the bureau and held a simple case discussion. After DNA identification, the DNA in the feces was consistent with Wang Haitao, who must have been detained.

The identities of the two deceased were also found. The man was an experienced criminal named Daniu, 27 years old. He had been a criminal since he was a teenager. The woman's name was Cuihua. She was a hostess at bars. She was arrested several times for drug abuse.

It is worth noting that the female had a finger chopped off after death. Peng Sijue found some gold particles near the broken finger. He suspected that the stolen goods might have been on them and taken away by their accomplice.

Chen Shi said, “I’m guessing that the accomplice X took the money and the gold jewelry they stole may have already been sold. The purpose of their murders was to tie up loose ends. I think you can't find him even if you find the stolen goods.”

Lin Qiupu asked, “The killer left no clue behind at all?”

Peng Sijue said, “There are several hairs, shoe prints, and several fingerprints, but the characteristic points are not obvious. They can't be found in the library database. You can only compare them if you manage to find the person.”

Lin Qiupu said, “The behavior of this couple is also in line with the normal thinking of your average robbers. Generally after a robbery, they’ll sell the stolen goods and escape with the money. However, the biggest oddity at present is why Wang Haitao was kidnapped. What is the value in kidnapping him?”

Chen Shi said, “I don't think these three people would do such a thing if it wasn’t profitable. It has to be something very profitable!”


“I don't think it was a kidnapping. Kidnapping after the robbery? They’re committing a crime after the spotlight is already cast on them? If it was a kidnapping, the case would have already been reported. Are there any reports of kidnappings from the other branches so far?

“If it wasn’t a kidnapping, then what was the point of imprisoning that guy?”

“Wang Haitao must have some relationship with X who disappeared... Yes, it’s better to ask him about it directly.”

When thinking of Wang Haitao's mouth full of crazy words, Lin Qiupu instantly had a headache. “Would he say anything?”

“Bring him here to jog his memories!”

Lin Qiupu decided to check the whereabouts of the gold jewelry himself while Chen Shi, Lin Dongxue, and Xu Xiaodong brought Wang Haitao to the scene. He told them to be careful not to let anything happen to Wang Haitao.

Several people had just left the conference room. A forensics technician found Peng Sijue and showed him a report. Peng Sijue called Lin Qiupu, “Captain Lin, there’s a new finding.”

“What happened?”

Lin Qiupu and Chen Shi turned around at the same time.

“Some cloth ash was found in the burial pit, but it was not completely burnt. A new DNA was found on the debris. It belongs to neither Wang Haitao nor the couple. A small amount of this DNA was also found on the weapon, but the amount was relatively small. In addition, several nylon threads were found with the person's DNA on them.”

Lin Qiupu immediately responded, “Nylon thread? Blood-stained cloth? This person must be injured and sutured themselves. You should immediately go to all major drugstores to check and see if any suspicious people bought painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs from them recently.”

Chen Shi was confused. “It seems this is person X. He was not involved in the robbery, so why was he injured?”

“Isn’t that quite simple? During the internal conflict, the husband and wife also got physical.”

“Did you find X's blood on the scene other than these?”

Peng Sijue replied, “No, the suspected crime scene only has traces of blood from the couple.”

Although he was puzzled, Chen Shi left with Lin Dongxue, Xu Xiaodong, and Wang Haitao. It took a long time to get there since it was quite far. It took more than two hours. Wang Haitao lay on the car’s glass to enjoy the beauty of the modern city. When they got close to the broken house, he got really agitated and yelled, “Let me go! Let me go!”

Sitting in the back row, Xu Xiaodong took a lot of effort to restrain him and hugged him with his arms from behind. Lin Dongxue said, “He’s so agitated. He must have been here before.”

“Let me go! Let me go!”

The fragile Wang Haitao suddenly exploded with amazing strength. He kept stomping the car door with his feet, making Chen Shi’s heart ache.

The car was damaged by Wang Sunxu last time and was finally repaired. He didn't want it to be damaged again.

“Okay, okay. Let’s get off!” Chen Shi coaxed.

Thus, he pulled over. When Wang Haitao's feet touched the ground, he started running away. Xu Xiaodong stretched out his hand, and Wang Haitao's dirty, ancient clothes which were roughly manufactured were instantly torn, exposing most of his butt. Wang Haitao’s body slammed onto the dusty ground.

“Blegh!” Lin Dongxue quickly turned away when she saw the butt of a stranger.


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