Chapter 300: Time-traveler

After several interrogations, Wang Sunxu did not reveal any clues. Lin Qiupu was very helpless. After the case was officially closed, he was transferred to the detention center to wait for the legal process.

Chen Shi put forward a bold idea to let Wang Sunxu out and then follow him. Wang Sunxu would most likely contact Zhou Xiao.

Lin Qiupu considered it for a few seconds, but he still said no. “This is not something the police should do!”

On May 1st,[1] the police still didn’t take a break. Recently, a robbery in a gold store had occurred. There were no casualties, but because the amount involved was too large and the gangsters held guns, the case was turned over to them.

Everyone worked overtime and made mild complaints. If Chen Shi could help with this case, then they would probably be able to rest on May 1st, but Chen Shi had no interest in the robbery.

Speaking of the devil, Chen Shi came rushing in and greeted the oncoming policeman. The policeman asked him, “Brother Chen, do you have to work overtime as well today?”

“Why would I work overtime without getting paid? I'll take a rest day today and go find Old Peng to play.”

“Captain Peng is in the conference room!”

When he arrived at the meeting room, Peng Sijue was just walking out. Chen Shi said, “You need to go somewhere with me. It’s very important.”

“Today I…”

“You don't have work today. I read the holiday work schedule. You came to work overtime yourself.”

“I mean, I have stuff to do today.”

“Workaholic! Let's go!”

Peng Sijue was dragged away by Chen Shi. As he got into the car, he complained, “If you don't say where we’re going, don't expect me to cooperate.”

“You can jump out of the car if you dare.”

Looking out the window, Peng Sijue said, “That sentence was just a rational protest.”

“Relax, it’s definitely a good place. I can guarantee that you will be very comfortable today... From body to mind, all aspects will be comfortable!”

Peng Sijue sighed and guessed that it wouldn’t be a serious place. Last time Chen Shi pulled him to play, it made him feel cheated. In truth, he felt that he might have some psychological problems as well, but he believed that this was all under his realm of control. Others needn’t be overly concerned by this.

Work was a sacred thing for Peng Sijue. Many people make sacrifices for work, either physically or mentally, and it wasn’t a big deal.

When the car stopped in front of a psychological consultation clinic called “Tianchuan”, Peng Sijue narrowed his eyes at Chen Shi. He immediately pushed the door open and got out of the car to leave. Chen Shi came around from the other side and pushed his shoulder. “Don’t resist so much, okay? I’ve already made an appointment. Give me some face, okay?”

“I'm not sick! There’s no need to come here!”

“Don't be like this. You’re making it seem like I’m sending you to a mental asylum.”

Peng Sijue could only stare at him helplessly. Since he didn’t exercise much and wasn’t as strong as Chen Shi, he could only let Chen Shi push him into the building.

When he got on the elevator, Peng Sijue knew that struggling was futile, so he adjusted his collar and said, “Please be more respectful. I can go by myself.”

Chen Shi smiled and looked at him. “You’re an adult now. If you have a psychological problem, you should know to come and check it out.”

Peng Sijue said rebelliously, “I can accept psychological counseling, but not because I have a psychological problem. I want to prove that I am psychologically okay, and then you have to apologize for wasting my time.”

“I can do anything!”

This clinic was run by Gu You. After entering, Chen Shi and Gu You greeted each other. Gu You asked Peng Sijue to enter a counseling room and arranged a senior counselor for him.

During the consultation, Chen Shi was walking around. He thought Peng Sijue would show resistance, but he didn't expect it to be so quiet inside.

He curiously stuck his ear to the door and wanted to hear what was being said, but Gu You came over. “Mr. Chen, the content of the consultation must be kept confidential. Leave some space for your friend!”

Chen Shi smiled awkwardly.

“Let's go to the lounge for some coffee?” Gu You suggested.

“Can I smoke?”

“You can.”

In the lounge, Gu You brought coffee and sat down in front of Chen Shi. “It seems you care about your friend a lot.”

“Looking at his immense work pressure causing him depression, it's a little... Worrying.”

“That's an expression of concern... Is he a very important person?”

Chen Shi didn't know how to answer. He simply switched the subject, “Do you know about hypnosis?”


“If, and I mean if… If a person whose committed a crime is reluctant to say anything, would he talk through hypnosis?”

“First of all, the success of hypnosis is mainly based on the subject of hypnosis. If the subject is very resistant, it will be difficult to succeed. Second, the direction of hypnosis is led by someone and the testimony obtained through hypnosis has no legal effect.”

“It's not to get a testimony. It's just to get some intelligence... it seems impossible!”

“Do you think I can hypnotize you?” Gu You asked with a smile.

Chen Shi thought for a few seconds. If he was lying on a hypnosis chair, he shouldn’t be able to open his heart. He said, “I'm afraid you can't. I'm not the type who is easily influenced.”

“What you were talking about was ‘if’. If you think it would be hard for you, then it would only be harder to hypnotize another person. It definitely won't be easier than you... Why are you asking about this suddenly?”

After thinking about it, Chen Shi pulled out his credentials and said, “We’ve been neighbors for so long, but I haven't told you yet. I help the police solve cases.”

“Oh, Tao Yueyue actually told me already.”

“Really? This kid spills everything! You two have been on good terms recently!”

“Maybe because our temperaments are similar. The child is very smart and has experienced some painful things. From this point, we have something in common.”

Chen Shi did not follow up, mainly because he and Gu You were not too familiar with each other. Instead, he praised the coffee as good.

At this moment a man rushed out of a consulting room and shouted, “None of you believe me! No one wants to believe me! Liars! All liars!”

Looking at the man's outfit, Chen Shi was startled for a moment. The man was actually wearing a cyan robe with large sleeves, like a man from ancient times. Of course, the hairstyle was still like that of modern people – A short, flat cut.

Later, a female psychologist came out and said, “Mr. Li, Mr. Li, calm down. I did not deny your opinion!”

The man actually covered his face and wept. “I know you think I’m crazy, but I'm not crazy at all. It's the world who doesn't want to accept me. I, your majesty, crossed over to this time period from thousands of years ago. Everyone doesn't like me. I miss you, my father, the king!”

Chen Shi opened his mouth wide and pointed at the man in ancient dress. “Your clinic also accepts such patients? Your market is wide enough!”

“This man?” Gu You lowered her voice. “We all suspect that he has schizophrenia and delusional disorder. He has always said that he is a traveler and has come to consultations three times. If he can pay, he’s a customer. We also don’t have a reason to cast him out. I personally disagree with sending him to a psychiatric hospital, which I think is a violation of human rights.”

Chen Shi heard that there are three levels of psychological problems. Psychological problems, mental illness, and psychosis. He said, “Counseling alone can cure his delusions?”

Gu You shook her head with a smile. “The consultant is just helping him rebuild his cognition, but he has not succeeded yet.”

“I think he can smash his delusions cognitively. For example, if he took out WeChat to pay. This is not the knowledge possessed by the ancients, so in that way, we can pry away his delusions.”

“No, he doesn't have a cell phone, ID card, or money.”

“Then how does he pay for the consultation?”

“A gold ingot!”

1. Chinese Labor Day; A public holiday. People usually get a week off of work from May 1st onwards. China doesn’t have that many public holidays. 

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