Chapter 30: Chen Shi's Progress

After a while, Chen Shi came in as if he had been busy with a lot of travelling. She looked at his face which looked like he hadn’t washed himself in days and had an unkempt and unshaven beard. Lin Dongxue teased, “Where have you been? Just returned from Africa?”

“It's almost the same. I’m exhausted. I didn't sleep the whole night. What about lunch?”

“It has been delivered.”

The two went into the office and everyone was busy. Chen Shi opened the boxed lunch and ate it with gusto and happiness. From time to time, he praised the food. Watching him eat, Lin Dongxue got a bit hungry, but she was hungrier for his opinion on the case. Yet, Chen Shi did not say a word.

Lin Dongxue slammed on the table, “Aiya, why do you only care about eating?!”

Chen Shi looked at Lin Dongxue. “You changed your hair clips? It looks good!”

Lin Dongxue was so angry that she laughed again. “Who wants you to say this sort of stuff? Did you go to investigate the case?”

“Mmh!” Chen Shi's mouth was full of food. “First, talk about the progress on your side!”

Lin Dongxue illustrated it in full detail, detailing it by fives and tens. After listening, Chen Shi said, “Your brother's direction is wrong.”

“Yeah, but he won’t listen to you.”

“No matter, let him eat a few more losses in order to learn to be open-minded.”

“So did you find any serious clues?” Lin Dongxue carefully observed his reaction and asked tentatively, “You found something, right?”

Chen Shi picked up some of his food with his chopsticks and smiled. “This clue is too shocking. I want to uncover it at the last minute. Let me keep a little mystery.”

“My gosh, you’re such an annoying guy!”

At this time, Xu Xiaodong came over from the corridor and held two concert tickets in his hand. He walked and muttered to himself, “Dongxue, go to the concert with me!”, “Are you free this weekend?” “Do you like Zhang Xueyou's song?”

After a few different tries, it all sounded unsuitable. Xu Xiaodong didn’t know that he had already come to the door of the office. When he looked up, he saw two people talking and laughing inside. He was so shocked that his whole person went stiff.

Chen Shi looked up and met his eyes with Xu Xiaodong’s. He smiled and asked, “Have you eaten?”

“You...When did you come?” Xu Xiaodong didn't know what to say.

“I just came. Oh, by the way, could I trouble you with a favor? I didn’t drive. Can we go to the hospital together later?”

“What? You’re asking me to drive you? Who do you think you are?!”

“What happened boy? Did you eat some gunpowder or something? You’re so feisty.”

Xu Xiaodong was irritated by him. He exploded and said, “Dongxue, why must you always be with this driver? You are too trusting towards him! I don't believe he can break the case!”

“Do you want to make a bet?” Chen Shi smiled.

“Who the hell would make a bet with you? I won’t take the bait!”

“No confidence? As a policeman, you can’t even keep up with a driver?”

Although the radical method of provoking someone through ridicule was old-fashioned, it’s been tried and tested. Xu Xiaodong’s self-esteem and pride were immediately provoked. He yelled out, “Sure! We’ll make a bet. What are we betting?”

“We’ll make a bet for those tickets in your hand.”

Xu Xiaodong had hidden the tickets behind his back, but the aforementioned tickets had already been seen by the keen-eyed Chen Shi. Xu Xiaodong stuttered, “You... What do you mean by this?”

“I like the Song God. I heard that he wants to have a concert in Long’An. Unfortunately, the ticket is too expensive and I can't bear to buy it.”

“You’re really good at taking advantage of people, aren’t you?!”

“Since it’s a bet, let’s make it more fair. If I win, these two tickets belong to me. If I lose, I will pay you the amount you paid for the tickets, okay?”

Xu Xiaodong thought. Although he didn't want to admit it, he felt that this guy might really have some skill. Was he being fooled?

But in the face of Lin Dongxue, he wasn’t willing to back down as a loser. He negotiated, “Let’s add a condition; you can't use the current clues, including photos, laboratory data, exhibits, etc.”

“Sure!” Chen Shi quickly agreed, “I won’t use any of the current clues on hand, but the ones I’ve found out for myself don’t count in this new condition.”

“My word is fixed!” Xu Xiaodong glanced at Lin Dongxue, thinking that as long as the case was broken by him, Lin Dongxue would surely look at him in a new light. “Then I will leave first!”

On the way out, Xu Xiaodong thought about it. Although the number one suspect does not exist now, there are still suspects No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4. If I visit them one by one, there will be advantages.

This needs to be fast. I can’t let my love rival take the lead.

After Xu Xiaodong left, Lin Dongxue lectured Chen Shi, “You really are wicked. You have a clear direction with the case, but you still bet with him. You’re so immoral.”

“Not necessarily. Perhaps my lead is wrong. It’s solving a case, a process of trial and error. If one more person puts in effort to solve the case, the probability of solving the crime increases.”

“It seems to make a lot of sense, but when you think carefully about it, it’s all excuses. This is something you started. I don't want to be involved!”

“No matter who wins or loses, you have a concert to listen to. Isn't this the fisherman's profit?”[1]

“Nonsense!” Lin Dongxue retorted, “I don't feel anything for him at all.”

“I think you two look quite good together though.”

“I’ll smash you!” Lin Dongxue raised her hand.

“I was wrong! Come with me to the hospital!”

“To visit the child?”

“No, it is another hospital.”

The two immediately went to a hospital. Chen Shi did not explain what they were there for. He only told Lin Dongxue to show her ID when necessary. The two found a doctor, to which Chen Shi said, “Hello, we want to procure a medical check report. “

“Who are you guys?”

Chen Shi made a look and Lin Dongxue showed her badge. “We are criminal police, we are looking for a case, I hope you can cooperate.”

“Oh, police comrades. Excuse the disrespect, what do you want to check?”

“Is the employee of the XX insurance company’s medical examination done by you?”

“I have an impression of him!”

“What are the general contents of the company’s medical checks?”

“Blood tests, urine tests, liver function, and blood sugar.”

“I want to find a medical report from a person named Kong Wende.”

Lin Dongxue looked at Chen Shi with a puzzled look and whispered, “What are you looking for?”

Chen Shi didn’t reply and just glanced at her. The doctor quickly found Kong Wende's medical report from the archive and printed it. Chen Shi glanced at the print-out and asked, “Is the data abnormal?”

“This person is obviously a bit high in blood lipids and there are some early signs of fatty liver and rheumatoid arthritis.”

“Okay, thank you!”

After leaving the hospital, Lin Dongxue couldn't help it anymore. She pressed, “What exactly are you looking for? Why do you start to care about the physical condition of the deceased?”

Chen Shi stood still. “You said that I am being too secretive. So I’ll give you a test now. We didn't find any fingerprints or DNA from outsiders, the murderer showed mercy on the child, the blood on the weapon was confirmed to be from the deceased. When these clues have been put together, can you guess the truth? If you can’t, I think you’d be pretty stupid!”

Lin Dongxue frowned and thought for a long time and shook her head. “Tell me!”

Chen Shi took the file and play-hit her. “It seems that you are really stupid! Let’s go back to the station and test something.”

1. Idiom. Originally there was a bird whose beak was held by a clam of some sort. Eventually the fisherman caught them both.

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