Chapter 298: Sword of Damocles

In the interrogation room, Lin Qiupu looked at the pale-faced youth. When he thought that he had almost killed Lin Dongxue, Lin Qiupu felt angry, but he tried to suppress it in order to maintain the calmness of an interrogator.

Before the interrogation began, they had done a lot of homework and searched Wang Sunxu's temporary residence. Various bits of evidence showed that several of the murders under the name of “Zhou Xiao” were done by Wang Sunxu earlier that year.

Wang Sunxu had destroyed his hard disk, but from the parts recovered, they could see that he had been communicating with someone using his own chat software that he had written. The content was not clear, but the police suspected that the other party had secretly directed Wang Sunxu and drove him away in his car that day. They deduced that the person who rescued him was the wanted criminal Zhou Xiao.

Wang Sunxu and Zhou Xiao were in a relationship like that of a student and his mentor. Or, according to Chen Shi's speculation, “Zhou Xiao” was just a criminal identity created by a small team. However, judging by Wang Sunxu’s age, experience, and skill, he was clearly not one of the group’s core members.

Even so, the arrest of Wang Sunxu was a major development.


“...” Wang Sunxu sneered and didn't speak.



“Wang Sunxu, you can’t stay silent now that you’re here.”


No matter what Lin Qiupu said, Wang Sunxu refused to speak. Many people were crowded outside the interrogation room. Only Lin Dongxue was absent. She had just recovered that day. Although she had really wanted to come, Chen Shi advised her to rest at home.

The main reason was not to let her see him in handcuffs!

A day ago, Peng Sijue dissected Sun Shu's body. He had been poisoned that day and died on the way to the hospital. An autopsy proved that the cause of death was cyanide poisoning. The poison was put into his medicine capsules before the police had begun to protect Sun Shu.

However, Chen Shi went to Peng Sijue, not out of concern for this, but because he was dejected and wanted to talk to someone.

In the past two days, he had constant nightmares of being handcuffed, but he made up his mind that he would no longer escape. He would not escape this time.

Peng Sijue brought him a cup of coffee and comforted him, “In fact, you don't have to worry about it. Even if Wang Sunxu said it, it's only his one-sided statement. He can't prove it... After all, there is a DNA test to confirm your 'identity'. That was the only time in my life that I lied.”

“You don't understand! Lin Qiupu suspected me long ago. All he needed was a direction. Once Wang Sunxu exposes me, Lin Qiupu would check thoroughly and my secret would be revealed to the world.”

“Do you think he will expose you though?”

“Is there a reason not to? Dragging down a policeman you hate with you? If it were me, I would definitely do it.”

At that moment, Chen Shi's palms were damp with sweat, and the policemen around him were watching Wang Sunxu in the interrogation room. Perhaps, in an instant, those eyes would turn to him in shock and confusion.

Wang Sunxu's lips did not move except to sneer.

The interrogation lasted for half an hour, and the record book was still blank. Lin Qiupu had never encountered such a stubborn person. He tried to use a psychological offensive tactic.

“Wang Sunxu, the teacher you killed was very caring towards you, but in fact he was using you. I know that you hate him. But think about it, Zhou Xiao is just another Teacher Xu. There’s no difference!”

The smile on Wang Sunxu's face disappeared. He said, “You don't understand anything.”

Seeing him speak, the police outside were excited. Lin Qiupu's interrogation technique was indeed excellent.

“I don't understand? It’s clearer for onlookers than the parties involved. Think about it carefully. Zhou Xiao asked you kill people using his name; isn't he just using you? Now that you’re sitting here, what can he do for you?”

“He is my mentor and told me the meaning of life. You superficial police officers will never understand.”

“What did he tell you? Let a superficial policeman like me hear!”

Wang Sunxu sneered again. Throughout the interrogation, he only spoke those words. Then he remained silent for the next two hours.

In the end, Lin Qiupu gave up completely and asked someone to lock him up first. Wang Sunxu's eyes suddenly moved to the one-sided mirror, as if looking at Chen Shi behind that mirror. He smiled and said, “Ah, yes, is the police officer who caught me standing back there?”

“What do you want?”

“I know one of his secrets!”

Chen Shi closed his eyes. The time had finally come. A hand was placed on his shoulder and when he looked back, he met Peng Sijue's consoling look.

“What do you want to say?” Lin Qiupu stared into his eyes.

“He did your younger sister!” Wang Sunxu laughed wildly as he looked upwards.

“Take him away!” Lin Qiupu ordered angrily,

When Wang Sunxu was detained, he cast a meaningful look at Chen Shi, who stared in disbelief.

Wang Sunxu was closely guarded, and Chen Shi had to take a lot of effort in order to find a chance to speak with him alone. Late that night, Chen Shi brought some food and drinks to the detention cell. Wang Sunxu was sitting on the ground, playing with toilet paper and folding them into boats.

Wang Sunxu said, without raising his eyes up to him, “You’re not here to thank me, right?”

“I'm just curious. It was such a good opportunity to drag me into the water, so why didn’t you say anything?”

“Maybe one day, when I want to eat a hamburger in prison, I will bring this to light. Before that, I’ll let this Sword of Damocles hang over your head. What could be better than this? The torture will make you nervous, make you sleepless at night, and make you go nuts! “Wang Sunxu displayed his sinister gaze, “And I don't want you to leave the field early. My friends still want to play with you. A game would be boring without opponents.”

“Someday, you will all meet in prison.”

“Hahahaha!” Wang Sunxu laughed. “You guys hunted and analyzed us. In fact, you don't understand anything. You don't understand why we kill people and why we choose to be the rebels in this world.”

“The world owes you?”

Wang Sunxu laughed again, he threw himself against the bars. With his face deformed by the bars, he lowered his voice and said in a frightening tone, “Because the world is fake. These rules are all fake. Watching you work hard to maintain them and keep them is hilarious for me. You should just stay in this fake and hypocritical world, with your fake face and continue to struggle like a maggot!”

Chen Shi was slightly shocked. Is the person in front of him mentally abnormal?

He responded, “Even if you pretend to be crazy, you still have to go to prison. Don't expect to go to a mental hospital.”

Wang Sunxu's face had a disdainful smile as if he had seen through everything long ago. Chen Shi thought he understood. What his spiritual teacher had instilled in him were extreme thoughts. People who have let go of rationality were undoubtedly the most dangerous people.

“So, how many of you are there?”

Wang Sunxu slowly raised a finger, and behind his finger, was a pair of firm eyes like a fanatic.

“He is God. You can't defeat him.”


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