Chapter 295: The Final Targets

Chen Shi heard the words and stood up immediately . Cao Lijuan said, “Uncle, don't waste your efforts. He has already left quite a while ago.”

“What did he do at your house... No, what time did he leave?”

“I won't say!” Cao Lijuan was adamant. “Sure enough, the police are like this. Even if I tear open the scar and show it to you, you only want to catch him. You only want to solve the case. You have no human feelings!”

“This is our job.” Chen Shi said.

Lin Dongxue said, “You don't understand what he is currently like. Before he killed Teacher Xu, he killed several other people. Those people had no bad blood with him. They had family members as well. For those families, the pain of losing their loved ones will last a lifetime.”

Cao Lijuan twiddled with her fingers, which was a sign that her heart was wavering.

Lin Dongxue didn't want to force her anymore, and said to Chen Shi, “Let's go!”

“Wait a minute!” Cao Lijuan called them both. “Wang Sunxu came in the morning and said a lot to me. He has already realized that he would be arrested. He told me that his plan was about to be completed and that there were two left. The last two were the culprits that caused his entire childhood to be like this.”

“I see, he intends...” Chen Shi suddenly stopped talking. He smelled the scent of blood all of a sudden.

Chen Shi suddenly took Cao Lijuan's arm out from under the table and saw that her left wrist was covered with blood. A box-cutter with blood on it fell onto the table, and the guests beside them stood up screaming.

Cao Lijuan smiled sadly, “The only thing I can do is to delay you for a few more minutes and make you a bit late...” Then her lips became paler and paler and she fainted on Chen Shi.

“Silly child!” Chen Shi cursed. He immediately cut the tablecloth with the box-cutter and asked Lin Dongxue to come over and help to make a simple bandage for her.

Then Chen Shi took her to the car and rushed her to the hospital. On the way, Lin Dongxue was holding back tears and she called the other members of the task force to go to the hospital. After the phone call, Chen Shi put one hand on her shoulder, “It's okay, it won't be life-threatening.”

“I'm sorry! I just feel pity for this girl.” Lin Dongxue said. She knew that as a criminal police officer, she should not be this soft.

“Cry if you want to cry. Crying is also a kind of catharsis.” Chen Shi said. Lin Dongxue didn't say a word but shook her head stubbornly.

The wound on Cao Lijuan's wrist was not deep. The torrent of blood was just a little scary. Half an hour after she was taken to the hospital, the doctor said that she was out of danger.

At that moment, the other police officers hurried in. Lin Dongxue said, “Sorry, we won’t be able to rest tonight. Let’s go to the xx housing community to investigate. Wang Sunxu went there today...”

“No need!” Chen Shi said, “I know who the last two people Wang Sunxu wants to kill are. Sun Shu and Song Lang. They were the two police officers that arrested his brother. Sun Shu has already left the force and now lives in Long'an City. As for Song Lang, he disappeared long ago...” Facing everyone's surprise, Chen Shi explained, “I have read the file before, so I know these two names.”

Old Zhang said, “I know where Sun Shu lives.”

Lin Dongxue said, “Let’s go and find him now! Protect him and stop more people from being killed!”

On the road, Old Zhang explained Sun Shu’s situation to everyone through the radio. Sun Shu's personality was hot-headed and explosive. He was an infamous hot-headed criminal policeman in the bureau. He was a competent officer in Song Lang's task force. He came from the same generation as Song Lang's master, Li Mu.

Fate had it that in the year when Sun Shu was about to be promoted to captain, he accidentally injured a passer-by during a shoot-out with a gangster. Sun Shu could not accept the fact and took out his savings to bribe everyone that he could, hoping that the bureau would say that the bullet came from the gangster’s gun.

His approach was undoubtedly wrong and made his problem worse; not only was he dismissed, he was sentenced to five years for bribery. Sun Shu had his leg broken and maimed in prison by people that he had previously arrested. After coming out, he couldn’t recover from his setback. He was currently working in a restaurant and struggling to survive.

In the past few years, old officers often visited him and occasionally offered help. However, as the old policemen retired in recent years, Sun Shu was gradually forgotten.

Having said that, Old Zhang couldn't help sighing, “If it hadn't been for that mistake, he would probably already be Section Chief.”

Sun Shu's workplace was a grilled suckling pig restaurant. He lived in a small room behind the kitchen, both helping the chef as well as acting as the security guard. When everyone arrived, it was already late at night and the door had been left unlocked. There was Chinese opera music playing and a pool of fresh blood on the ground.

“Oh no, we’re too late!” Lin Dongxue said.

Chen Shi pointed to the iron cage used to hold piglets by the wall. “This shouldn’t be human blood.”

“Who are you looking for?” A middle-aged man wearing a leather apron and covered with pig blood came out, looking fierce.

“You’re Officer Sun?” Chen Shi said.

“Are you looking for a fight? Do I look like a policeman?” Sun Shu saw Old Zhang and immediately understood the identity of the people who came. “Old Zhang, I haven't seen you for a long time... What's wrong? Why are you looking for me with so many people?”

Lin Dongxue said, “Mr. Sun, someone wants to kill you. We are here to protect you.”

“Haha!” Sun Shu laughed. “I only have this lousy life of mine. Do what you want. Do I still need protection? … Woah. This generation of officers are so good-looking?”

“My name is Lin Dongxue.”

“Lin Dongxue... Are you that…?”

“Yes, Lin Qiupu is my brother.”

“I knew it. I was wondering how such a beautiful girl got into the force. So it’s because of personal connections. Young lady, it’s not easy being a police officer. Look at me! Why didn't your brother come? No face to come? If it wasn't for me ‘giving way’ to him that year, he wouldn’t be able to be promoted to captain, right?”

Lin Dongxue's heart was burning with rage, but she restrained her emotions and said, “Mr. Sun, we are not here to joke with you. According to the information we have, you are in life-threatening danger. If you refuse to accept police protection, we will forcibly detain you.”

Sun Shu sat down, picked up a bottle of Erguotou and took a sip. “Let me guess, you say it's protection, but you’re actually using me as bait, right? If I didn’t have any value, no one would care about my shitty life, right?”

Lin Dongxue clenched her fist, and Chen Shi said, “When you were a police officer, did you speak so impolitely as well?”

“Who are you?!” Sun Shu rolled his eyes.

“I'm not a policeman. I'm an ordinary citizen just like you. If you talk like this again, I'll beat you up. Worst case scenario, I’ll just be put in detention.” Chen Shi clenched his fist tightly.

“Fuck your mother. Say that again!” Sun Shu stood up.

“You want a fight?”

Chen Shi locked eyes with him. Chen Shi had long figured out something. Some people are just unreasonable The most direct way to get him to behave was to put him in his place.

Once upon a time, Sun Shu was a respectable old policeman, now he was completely reduced to a city street rat and Chen Shi had no sympathy for him.

Lin Dongxue whispered to Chen Shi, advising him not to be impulsive and dragged his arm back with her hands. The two stared at each other for a long time. Sun Shu's expression suddenly softened. He took out a cigarette and said, “Chill out and have a cigarette, brothers! You can protect however you want, just don’t interfere with my work.”

Sure enough, he’s only hard on the outside but soft on the inside, Chen Shi sneered in his heart.


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