Chapter 268: Accidental Death

Uncle Geng was so angry that he wanted to throw away the microphone, but it was inconvenient to do so in front of the camera. The TV reporter chuckled beside him.

Then the reporter went into battle and said, “Mr. Ma, look. The police and your girlfriend’s parents are all here now. Don’t you think that your approach to the problem is very immature? No adults haven’t experienced emotional setbacks…”

Mr. Ma said coldly, “It’s none of your fucking business!”

“I’m warning you, the police will take measures until the door is opened.”

“Police?” Mr. Ma laughed. “I didn't break the law. Are they going to knock the door down? I’m telling you once more. Get her to contact me. Don’t talk about anything else with me.”

“Mr. Ma, is this how you deal with problems?”

Mr. Ma was furious. “Why don't you go and interview why she cheated on me? This society is so terrible only because of women like you who are so shameless. Reporter, it seems that you also have some nasty scandals about you. I heard that you had an affair with the station manager. Within one year, you climbed from being the bottom reporter to the position of the station flower[1]!”

“I...” The reporter tried to curse but held back.

“I'm most disgusted by your group of reporters. You broadcast whatever the audience wants. Three years ago, you exposed a meat factory which caused them to close and make thousands of employees lose their jobs. The factory clearly had a legal license, but because a single customer had diarrhea after eating their meat, you went to the dirtiest places and distorted the facts. Whenever legal news and social situations are broadcasted, I think it's just a big show! “

“Can we just talk about the situation at hand rationally...” The reporter was very helpless.

Mr. Ma left and the photographers on both sides lifted their machines up. However, the room was dark and nothing was captured.

Then, the reporter and Uncle Geng each made a summary speech towards the camera. At this moment, a stream of water came out from the window and the crowd was frantic. Everyone screamed and ran away. The reporter also hurt her foot badly.

She suddenly exploded. “What kind of attitude is this? Miss Dong is unlucky to have been with you. I hope your next girlfriend brings you a hundred or ten thousand green hats!”

The answer to her was the slamming sound of the window closing.

After watching this farce, Lin Dongxue said, “It’s like a scholar meeting soldiers[2]. It’s not easy to be a reporter... Officer Luo, let's go!”


Seeing the three of them preparing to enter the building, a cameraman ran over. “Wait a minute, we'll get the machine ready and go in together.”

Luo Haifeng looked at his watch and asked, “Can you guys be faster? It’s been six hours.”

“We’ll be just a minute!”

Xu Xiaodong poked at Lin Dongxue and then pointed in a direction. The reporter was sitting at the flower bed and crying. Uncle Geng was comforting her.

Fortunately, the machine didn't have any major issues. After half an hour, a group of people regrouped and squeezed into the corridor. Officer Luo held the key to open the door. He tried inserting it for a long time but it didn’t fit. “Is it the wrong key?”

The light on the camera shone on the keyhole. If you look closely, it was possible to see that someone had plugged a wire into it.

Lin Dongxue questioned, “He wouldn’t have done it himself, would he?”

Xu Xiaodong declared, “Let’s break the lock!”

Luo Haifeng said, “No, it's illegal to knock the door down. We are here to enforce the law. How can we break the law ourselves?”

“But there are ten minutes left and the cat...”

“Killing cats is not illegal!”

“Haii, it's so helpless... Fuck, are you still shooting?” Xu Xiaodong looked at the camera.

“Can you repeat that? Can you be a bit louder? The sound wasn’t recorded properly,” said Uncle Geng.

Lin Dongxue was already impatient. “I won't accompany you guys in this torture! I'm leaving!”

Xu Xiaodong said, “Dongxue, you are still on demerits right now. Pay attention to your image in front of the reporter... Hey, this is not recorded, right?!”

“It will be cut out! It will be cut out!” Uncle Geng promised.

Helpless, everyone had to re-enter that part of the discussion. Lin Dongxue felt like it was just acting and nothing was real.

But maybe this is the “real” that people wanted to see!

After recording, Lin Dongxue glanced at her watch. “It's twelve o'clock.”

Everyone on the scene turned on their mobile phones to watch Weibo. There was nothing on Weibo that popped up. Everyone kept refreshing the page to see if anything has happened. Someone suddenly exclaimed, “What's going on?!”

“This... Is this a cat?”

“No, it's a person!”

Lin Dongxue clicked again to refresh. When she saw the photo just posted on Weibo, she was confused. Although the picture was blurred, she could still see that Mr. Ma fell on the ground and his head was covered with blood!

“Hurry up and break the door! Who will dial 120?!” Lin Dongxue said.

“I'll contact the officials at Weibo to delete the post immediately.” Luo Haifeng said.

There was no suitable tool at the scene. Xu Xiaodong went to Luo Haifeng's car and took a lock-opener. He smashed the door lock a few times and smashed the lock completely. The moment the door was opened, the reporters rushed in. The cameras were raised high and both sides were anxious to get this breaking news.

“Stop shooting! Stop shooting! Protect the scene!” Lin Dongxue shouted while pushing people out.

There were so many people that she couldn't hold them all back. Xu Xiaodong held down the lenses of the two cameras and at the same time blocked the flow of people with his chest. “No shooting!”

“Let's take one and leave.”

“Just ten minutes!”

The reporter and Uncle Geng begged, but Lin Dongxue said, “No. This is a criminal case. No filming is allowed without the approval of the bureau!”

The people outside the door desperately pushed in and a large group already squeezed into the living room. Xu Xiaodong said, “Dongxue, if we don’t let them shoot, they won’t leave.”

“Smash their machines!” Lin Dongxue gritted her teeth. “I will compensate afterwards!”

“Aiya, these are journalists, don't mess around!”

“Everyone listen to me! Everyone listen to me!” Luo Haifeng shouted outside the door. “Calm down, I have a proposal.”

The crowd stopped a little and Luo Haifeng said, “Officer Lin, this happened under the eyes of the reporters. You can’t cover it, so just let them take their pictures!”

While the two sides were jumping around happily, Luo Haifeng continued, “You can shoot, but don’t damage the scene. Only one cameraman can go in and once you’ve gotten the material you need, you need to get approval from the Public Security Bureau.”

Uncle Geng asked, “Only one cameraman is allowed in? But we’re two TV stations!”

“Do you count as TV?” The TV reporter said dismissively.

Luo Haifeng said, “You can share the materials amongst yourselves. It’s already a violation of the rules to allow a person to enter. It’s very troublesome to destroy the footprints and fingerprints at the scene of crime.”

The crowd refused. Lin Dongxue took a look at Weibo which showed the sender’s location. She lifted up her mobile phone and said, “Take a closer look at Weibo. This photo was sent through the wifi in this room. If this was a murder, the killer is most likely still in here.”

Upon hearing this, all the enthusiastic people were suddenly splashed with cold water. A cameraman immediately cried, “I won't do it! I won’t do it! I don't want to be killed!”

There was eventually a young man from the TV station willing to be a temporary cameraman.

1. The girl of the station. The beauty of that place. 

2. An expression that means that you are out of luck even if logic is on your side. 


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