Chapter 264: Mediation

Lin Dongxue saw that they were approaching the bus station and said, “Right here is all right, thank you.”

“I have a small favor I would like to ask you... If you can’t, that’s fine.” Luo Haifeng said.


“Actually, I just received an alert to mediate a dispute. It’s quite troublesome. There is a man who got dumped by his girlfriend, so he’s taken over his girlfriend's home and threatened to kill her cat. The girl is too scared to go home and just called the police… By the way, do you go on Weibo?”

Luo Haifeng handed her mobile phone to show her. On Weibo, a man was holding a cat and a knife, saying that he would kill her cat if she didn't contact him at 12:00 tonight.

Luo Haifeng sighed, “The girl is crying at the station right now, begging us to rescue her cat.”

Lin Dongxue was shocked. It was the first time she had seen such an obsessed man. “Isn't this breaking the law?”

“Although there is an animal protection organization in our country, there is no animal protection law. Unless there is any conflict between this couple, for example, if the man hits the woman, then it’s considered an offense. So far it hasn’t progressed that way.”

“It's disgusting!” The more Lin Dongxue looked at the man's face on Weibo, the angrier she became.

“Ah yeah, I really don't know how to deal with this. I think that since you're a criminal policeman, maybe you can calm him down?”

“Do you think that because I'm a woman, it's easier for him to listen to me?”

“There are also considerations in this area...” Luo Haifeng confessed embarrassedly. “I do think so. If you go in and control him, you can take the cat away. Or you can control him and I can go take the cat away.”

“Okay, I’ll help you!”

“Thank you.”

Maybe it was because it was a taboo subject for her, but Lin Dongxue hated stubborn and obsessed men very much. Hurting each other in the name of love, in her opinion, was the messiest thing.

On the way to the scene, the man updated his Weibo again. He showed his past photos of himself and his girlfriend. He used to give her gifts and told her how much he loved her, but she went and cheated on him. 

The comment area that originally only scolded him was suddenly divided into two factions. Some people said that the man was wrong. The two were not married and who they liked was each other’s freedom. Others said that the female was wrong and that he’s just suddenly exploding because they’re both in the wrong and it would have been caused by an accumulation of bad things. 

The opposition also said that no matter what, it was bad to kill the cat. What have the animals done wrong to bear the anger of human beings? The supporting party responded that the opposing party was a bunch of cat slaves and because the man said that he wanted to kill the cat, they’re just going nuts on him like braindead people even though there are so many cats and dogs that are killed on the streets. They asked why the other party didn’t care about those.

Then, the two sides left reason behind and began tearing into each other. Someone even guessed the man's place of origin and said two words of scorn about the province. Immediately, the people of that province came to fight back, and then went off on each other. The topics went off on tangents that were miles away from the situation at hand. 

At this time, Luo Haifeng received communication from the police radio station that asked if he had arrived at the scene yet. Luo Haifeng said, “There is a traffic jam on the road but I’m on my way.”

“Just now, that girl went to the scene with her family. You need to hurry up and try and stop any unexpected incidents.”

“I will be there in five minutes.”

Five minutes later, the two arrived at the community and found the unit building. On the flower bed downstairs, a beautifully dressed woman was crying. It seemed that her parents were comforting her on the side.

Luo Haifeng stepped forward and asked, “Miss Dong? Why did you come to the scene?”

Miss Dong wiped her tears and said, “I'm really worried about my Mimi... If he dares to hurt her, I'll fight him!”

“What are you saying in front of the police?!” Miss Dong's mother reprimanded. “Isn't it just a cat? Are cats more important or are people more important? You’ve been together for three years. How can you not fight with each other? What about Weibo? I also saw that you’re not in the right in this matter. You have to hurry and apologize. Wouldn’t this situation be over like that?“

“What do you mean it’s just a cat?” Miss Dong said angrily, “Mimi is just like family to me. More precious than family. He, a beast, actually threatened me with my cat! You only value his work and family background. You don't know how he’s usually like with me!”

“What did he do? Did he hit you?”

“No, but he has a strong desire to control me. Every time I come back from work, if I’m late, he’ll ask me a lot of questions. He often flips through my phone to check my messages, check the taxi records, and also test my male colleagues one by one. Even when others compliment me on my posts, he’ll get very jealous. You wouldn’t believe how sick this person is! One time, I was crying from a nightmare. Not only did he not console me, but he asked me if I dreamed of my ex-boyfriend. He actually didn't talk to me for three days and forced me to apologize for no reason! Mom, I don't want to live with this kind of man forever. I don’t have any privacy with him.”

The mother sighed. “Haii, you’re angry with him right now, so you only see the bad side of him. When he pursued you in the beginning, he took such a large bouquet of roses and went downstairs to your company to call you. When you were sick, he didn’t even go to work and looked after you. I can tell that his child really likes you. If he didn’t, why would he care about you so much...”

“I don't want this kind of concern!!!” Miss Dong screamed. “I'm not a person at all in front of him. I’m an animal to him. A puppy!”

The mother comforted, “Let it go!”

“Old woman, stop talking!” Her father, who had not spoken thus far, suddenly rebuked.

The mother still couldn't rest and whispered, “How can a man be perfect? Where can you find another man with these qualities? In a relationship, you need to compromise and talk it out… If you didn’t do anything with other men this time…”

“I didn't!!!” Miss Dong screamed frantically.

Luo Haifeng comforted, “Miss Dong, calm down first. I will go and negotiate with him...”

“Please bring Mimi out! Otherwise he will really do it!” Miss Dong said with tears on her face.

“We’ll try our best!”

Luo Haifeng and Lin Dongxue got to the apartment unit and knocked on the door. The person in the room glanced at them in the peephole and said coldly across the door, “It doesn’t matter who else comes! Make her come and see me!”

Luo Haifeng said, “Mr. Ma, it is your own business to break up, but you’re threatening your girlfriend with an innocent animal. You are at fault. Everyone here is an adult. Can you not do such naive and immature things?”

“Did I break the law? I’m asking you if I broke the law?!”

“The cat matter doesn't really break the law, but you can't occupy her house like this.”

“I’m occupying her house? What a joke. Half of the house's down payment is mine. I paid the mortgage over the past few years as well. I’m just staying in my own home. She’s just not coming home, that’s all... Who knows what she’s doing with those wild men outside? When I think of that, I... “

There were banging sounds, as if the man inside was beating the wall with his fists.

Lin Dongxue couldn't listen to this anymore and banged on the door angrily. “Scummy man, get the hell out! You and Miss Dong fell in love. Does that mean she’s sold herself to you? You think you’re a man? What’s the point of killing a small cat? If you’ve got it in you, why don’t you go to a zoo and fight a tiger?! Do you really think you can keep her like this?”

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