Chapter 263: After the Storm

Volume 18: In The Name of Love[1]

Lin Dongxue picked up a piece of roast duck, spring onion, and cucumber, wrapped it in the pastry wrap, stuffed it into her mouth, and praised, “Mmm... It's so delicious.”

Chen Shi offered, “Would you like some beer?”

Lin Dongxue clapped and said, “Okay! Okay!”

Peng Sijue rolled one up for himself slowly and said, “Dongxue, you usually don't drink at dinner.”

“It's different when I’m with you all.” Lin Dongxue smiled. “If a girl is known to drink, she would get harrassed at the table and people would try to make her drunk.”

Today was April 16th. The big news had caused a sensation on the Internet. Yuhua's algorithm for killing people had made headlines on all major news outlets. Nearly 10,000 victims had already prepared to jointly sue Yuhua.

However, the mood of the three people who exposed the material was not very good. After Lin Qiupu found out about it, he punished Lin Dongxue by giving her demerits and took away half a year’s worth of bonus.

Since Peng Sijue and Lin Qiupu were of equal standing, Peng Sijue who had a part in it went directly to the chief to get demerits for himself. 

Chen Shi was an outsider. There was no loss except for being scolded. He invited Peng Sijue and Lin Dongxue to have a meal today to ease the depression. Peng Sijue didn't like hot food and Lin Dongxue was not interested in steak or Japanese food, so the three picked a fairly famous roast duck restaurant.

By 6:00, everyone was feeling a bit better. Chen Shi proposed to go home separately. Lin Dongxue asked, “Will you take me home?”

Chen Shi said, “I plan to have a drink today without driving... Besides, I have some personal matters to deal with.”

“Okay, I'll take a taxi back home.” Lin Dongxue said, slightly disappointed.

“Be careful on the road!”

Leaving the restaurant, Chen Shi and Peng Sijue walked side by side on the road. “You’re very abnormal today. Don’t you normally volunteer to send Dongxue home?”

“It’s because I plan to meet another woman today.”

“Who?” Peng Sijue’s response was flat.

“The late 'True Chen Shi' gave me a card with more than one million in it. He also has a girlfriend who lives in Long'an. I think I’d be too ashamed to hold onto this money, so I plan to give it to his girlfriend.”

“You’re going there so late?”

“Why don't you accompany me? It would be embarrassing to meet her alone. After all, I'm in the face of her boyfriend. You are a forensic doctor and can explain to her.”

“No. I drank too much and want to go home to sleep.”

“Heartless guy!”

After saying goodbye to Peng Sijue, Chen Shi went to Su Ruijuan's residence. Although a gentleman wouldn’t be tempted in a dark room, he thought it would still be better to meet outdoors. He stood downstairs and called Su Ruijuan.

After a while, Su Ruijuan ran down the stairs in her pajamas. When she saw Chen Shi, her eyes lit up. She immediately hugged him, put her face on his chest, and said, “Bastard, you didn’t answer your phone. Where did you go the past two days?”

“That...” Chen Shi was embarrassed and pushed her away gently. “Go and change your clothes. I have something to tell you.”

“You don’t want me anymore?” Su Ruijuan asked in a panic.

“What are you thinking about? Go and change.”

“Wait for me here, okay?!”

Su Ruijuan changed her clothes and pulled Chen Shi's arm to ask where they were going to eat. Chen Shi coughed and said, “Sister-in-law...”

“Sister-in-law? Chen, are you playing me? I did sleep with your brother, but that happened years ago. Are you trying to start a fight?”

“Calm down and listen to me...”

It took a long time for Chen Shi to clarify everything with her. After hearing the truth, Su Ruijuan was naturally in disbelief. She grabbed Chen Shi's arm, looked at it, and said, “He has a scar on his hand. You really aren't Chen Shi. Why are you using his face?”

“I have my reasons and I have explained this to him as well.”

Su Ruijuan's eyes widened in disbelief, then she started bawling. Chen Shi took out a tissue for her, but she wiped the tears directly on his clothes.

After crying for a while, Su Ruijuan said, “That’s good I guess. He's been fooling around all the time. I always worried that he would be hacked to death one day. If he died like that, that’s okay then. At least he died like an honest man.”

Chen Shi didn’t tell her all of the facts. He said that Wang Daji had advanced kidney cancer and jumped off the building to commit suicide in order to end his suffering. The pharmaceutical company has now been sealed up by relevant departments as well.

At present, the affairs of the Yuhua Company were on everyone’s lips, and this rhetoric he told her could be successfully implemented without dispute.

Chen Shi took out the bank card and said to her, “This is the money he left behind. The password is the last six digits of his mobile phone number, which is probably enough for you to live for a while.”

Su Ruijuan rubbed her eyes and took the card. “Is this money really for me?”


She looked up at Chen Shi's face, “You are exactly like him... Why did he give you his identity? Are you a good person or a bad person? No, no, you came to send me money. I think you should be a good person! “

“I am a good person.”

“It seems this bastard has done something good in the end,” Su Ruijuan sighed.

“Actually, I think he is a very good person, sister-in-law. I should go if everything’s okay.”

Su Ruijuan held Chen Shi's hand. “Can you come to see me once in a while? ... I have no other meaning. You look like him. Looking at you, I feel like he’s still alive.”

After hesitating for a few seconds, Chen Shi replied, “Sorry, I can't come.”

“Can't it be done even once?” Su Ruijuan pleaded.

Chen Shi left without a word. If she became someone related to him, he was afraid she’d lose her life, so he didn't plan to come see her again.

Breathing out against the night sky, this page was turned over, but even more daunting challenges were still waiting for him.

Zhou Xiao had come back and he didn’t need to keep a low profile any more. This time, he will arrest Zhou Xiao!

Lin Dongxue came out of the restaurant and met with peak traffic. She waited for quite a while but couldn’t flag down a taxi. At this time, a patrol car stopped next to her. The police officer in the car said, “Lin Dongxue?”

“Ah, you are...” Lin Dongxue felt like the other party seemed a little familiar.

“Did you not come to our police station to investigate the case last time? My name is Luo Haifeng.”

“Oh, it's you.”

“You can’t find a taxi? Should I drive you?”

“No need, I...”

The car behind kept honking. Luo Haifeng urged, “Come up and talk.”

Lin Dongxue hesitated, but got in the car anyway. Luo Haifeng asked, “Are you going home? Where is your address? I’ll take you there. I’m on patrol anyway!”

“How could I? Just stop at the intersection in front. I'll take the bus.”

“It’s fine. Last time with the little girl's disappearance, it was all thanks to all your hard work.” Luo Haifeng, with his thick eyebrows and big eyes, looked at Lin Dongxue and smiled, showing a neat row of teeth.

“Actually, I didn’t help much...” Lin Dongxue remembered the last case and smiled bitterly. “Why are you patrolling alone? Don’t the police usually patrol in twos?”

“My partner had gastritis and a minor fever. I asked him to go back and rest for a while.”

“It's so easy to have your health deteriorate as a local police officer.”

“Who would say no to that? In fact, I also want to be transferred to the criminal police department. Although it is not easy, solving a case is more interesting than patrolling.”

“Do you think it is interesting to solve the case? Investigating cases can also be very boring. It is often necessary to investigate until late at night. A murder case may take a week or more to solve, and sometimes it really depends on luck.”

“But I heard that your second team had a high solving rate last year.”

1. The song name. It’s translated from the Chinese translation that people are now using more frequently in their daily speech due to how romantic it sounds. 

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