Chapter 258: Ascertaining Identity

Tao Yueyue went to open the door for Lin Dongxue. Seeing a familiar person, she immediately lost control of her emotions and flew into Lin Dongxue's arms. “Elder sister Lin, someone was trying to pry open the door just now. I’m so scared!”

“It's all right, I'll stay with you.” Lin Dongxue soothed.

Tao Yueyue raised her face. “Uncle Chen was arrested?”

“He... will be back soon, don't worry.” Lin Dongxue said dejectedly. Impersonating someone was a major crime. She was more concerned about finding out who the “Chen Shi” who died was than when Chen Shi would return from the interrogation.

I hope Chen Shi is all right. No, he will be fine! She said in her heart.

Peng Sijue brought the DNA test results back. Obviously, the two did not have any blood relationship with each other. Chen Shi said calmly, “That person is posing as me.”

“Couldn’t it be that you’re impersonating him?”

“Me impersonating him? If I'm impersonating someone, why not pick a better looking one? You've read my resume and know how ordinary I am.”

“Your household registration information mentions that you have parents in Hequ Town. If we want to find out who the impostor is, it's easy to go about it. BringChen Shi's parents over to do a DNA test.”

“My father is 70 and my mother is 63. They’re very old and their health isn’t too good. Can you not force them to come all the way here?”

“Are you afraid?”

“I'm afraid of my parents? That’s so funny. Just send someone to the town hospital to get their blood samples under the guise of a medical check-up and bring them back. Isn’t that fine? Have a little sympathy, won’t you?”

“Okay, but in the meantime, I'm going to detain you.”

“Taking 10,000 steps back, the penalty for impersonation is just a fine and detention. Based on my integrity as a person, I guarantee that I won’t leave Long’an.”

“No, you are an acquaintance, so all the more that we must not show any favoritism... Even if this were to happen to Dongxue, I would have to detain her too.”

Chen Shi clapped, “Captain Lin is really incorruptible and impartial.”

“Take him away!”

“Wait, that man died near my house?”

“I won't tell you.”

“I don't know who he is, but I can guess who killed him. Yuhua's case is not over yet. I suggest you send someone to detain Hou Yue first.”

“I will arrange for it!”

Chen Shi was taken to a solitary detention cell. The bed hadn’t warmed up yet when Xu Xiaodong ran over and brought him a big bag of food and drink. He said, “Brother Chen, we all believe you’re innocent. Take this food.”

“No need. I’ve already eaten.”

“Let me give you a bottle of water... Hide it. Captain Lin will scold me if he were to see it.”

“Xiaodong, inform the task force and quickly detain Hou Yue. The man may have been killed by him.”

“Got it!”

After a while, a policeman came to deliver food and water, and said, “Brother Chen, we know you’re innocent, but Captain Lin is like this.”

Less than an hour later, Chen Shi had bottles of mineral water filling up the space under his bed. He secretly smiled, wondering if he could get over this disaster.

At the same time, he was also surprised by Wang Daji's death. He had indirectly caused Wang Daji's death. He should not have gone to strike the mountain and wake the tiger with Hou Yue during the day. Chen Shi had originally thought that Hou Yue would bribe his way into getting the USB flash drive.

“What went wrong?” Chen Shi murmured.

Detention was really boring. Lin Dongxue took Tao Yueyue to see him once in the evening, and then Tao Yueyue went over to Lin Dongxue’s house to stay overnight.

After they left, Chen Shi slept on the bed using his hands as his pillows. After counting sheep for a long time, he gradually became sleepy.

Early the next morning, Chen Shi was awakened by the sound of someone knocking on the cell’s bars. He rubbed his eyes and saw that it was Lin Qiupu. Lin Qiupu had a stern face and Chen Shi smiled, “Going to let me go?”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself! The person who’s fetching the DNA is still on the way. Just stay here obediently.”

“Yuhua's case ...”

“I took over the case.The one named Hou Yue ran away. The surveillance camera in your neighborhood captured him. We’ve blocked all the traffic routes and we have a warrant out for him.”

“Go and search his house. Hou Yue looks like a savvy person, so he might be holding something that can be used against the CEO.”

“Don't worry about this.” Lin Qiupu took out a pancake and passed it to him. “Listen, if you go to jail, I won't allow Dongxue to be in a relationship with you.”

“I have nothing to do with her!” Chen Shi took the pancake.

“Heart of Sima Zhao[1]!”

After the brief visit, Lin Qiupu went to the forensic laboratory after he was called by Peng Sijue. The deceased had been dissected last night. He lay naked on the autopsy bed, and there was a long suture from his throat to his abdomen.

He and Chen Shi were practically carved out of the same mold. Lin Qiupu couldn't help but say, “It's like looking at that guy.”

“I covered his face during the autopsy,” Peng Sijue said lightly.

“What did you find out?”

“There were bits of blood in the nasal cavity and gums. Ether was detected in his respiratory tract. Someone must have covered his face with a handkerchief soaked in ether. The cause of death was a fall from a great height. However, the average person who falls would subconsciously try to protect himself, tightening the muscles of the whole body, and the impact injuries of different parts of the body would be different. In contrast, the victim's impact injuries were very even and he had landed face-down onto the ground defencelessly. Many organs were ruptured and bleeding.”

“So he was in a coma when he died, like those victims from the Yuhua Company three years ago.” Lin Qiupu's eyes were red as he stayed up late last night to read the case file of Yuhua Company.

“Yes, they used the same technique.”

“What about the other findings?”

“The deceased has cholecystitis and kidney cancer and he’s already in the late stage at that.”


“Judging from the drug tests in the liver, it seems that he has not received much treatment. If he was not murdered, he would probably only live a month longer.”

“Did he undergo cosmetic surgery?” This was Lin Qiupu's biggest concern.

“I couldn’t detect any. Either there was none, or it had been done more than three years ago.”

“No padding in the face?”

“So far, no.”

Lin Qiupu didn't speak. His judgment should be right this time. The victim in front of him was covered with old and new scars. He had fat deposits on his waist and legs. Obviously, his lifestyle had been irregular for a long time, and he was more like the Chen Shi who had lived a life of sin.

The Chen Shi who was sitting in the detention cell beat most police officers in terms of solving cases. He always loved a laugh, and was an open-minded and self-disciplined guy. He was most definitely the imposter.

But he had mixed feelings about it all. He had worked together with Chen Shi for so long. He already liked him a little, but as a captain, he could never show favoritism. He must find out the truth.

“The deceased’s waist had a burn which was not obvious. It seems to have happened shortly before his death.” Peng Sijue was still telling him about the results of the autopsy.

“Captain Peng, which one do you think is Chen Shi?” Lin Qiupu asked.

“I only trust DNA test results,” Peng Sijue answered calmly.

1. An expression that means “Everyone knows what you’re thinking!”. Sima Zhao was an official and general during the warring of the Three Kingdoms. 


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