Chapter 257: Who On Earth Are You?

A few hours ago, Wang Daji didn't go out just to buy roast duck. He couldn't hold it in any longer.

Rushing downstairs, he vomited violently underneath a tree. There was blood within his vomit and a bitter taste of bile was left in his mouth. He punched the tree angrily with tears in his eyes.

He lit a cigarette for himself. The more he puffed, the more bitter the taste of bile in his mouth was, so he simply threw his cigarette away.

Wang Daji strolled outside and went to a roast duck restaurant. He asked for a whole roast duck and some peanuts. After thinking about it, he asked for the pig brains and pork legs as well.

Wang Daji knew that he didn’t have many days left and that every meal might be his last, but he really liked this new friend very much. He was upright, resolute, and decisive. He was the complete opposite of himself. He hoped that this meal could be more luxurious.

God let him be acquainted with Song Lang at the end of his life and he was already very grateful.

On the way back with a big bag, a man suddenly came out from the alley, and hit his head with a stick. From his experience of being beaten over the years and judging from the sound of the collision between his head and the stick, it was an iron rod.

Wang Daji fell to the ground and was dragged into the alley by his trouser leg. His attacker was a pale-faced youth with a morbid smile.

The youth took out a triangular soldering iron-like object and heated it with a lighter. He said, “You didn’t have to die. If you need to blame anyone, then blame the person who stole your face!”

Wang Daji was not out with one blow. He had suffered an injury to his head in his early years and the area had a bone hyperplasia. That was the place where he had been hit just now, so he was still conscious.

He was lying on the ground thinking, pretending to be helpless. Listening to the guy’s speech, he thought that the guy must be after the other Chen Shi.

The teenager leaned down and attempted to brand his body. The moment the soldering iron touched his clothes, Wang Daji opened his eyes and cursed, “Go to hell!” Then he kicked the youth’s face with both legs.

While the youth was staggering backwards, he got up and ran away unsteadily. Passerbys looked at him with horrified eyes.

He ran back to the housing community in one breath, and a man in glasses standing next to a van asked him, “What's the matter, brother?”

Wang Daji looked up, and the other party froze a little, but Wang Daji didn't notice, and said in a panic, “Do you have a cell phone? Lend it to me!”

“I do…”

The man with glasses reached into his pocket, and covered Wang Daji’s mouth and nose with a handkerchief. Wang Daji's consciousness sank into darkness…

Chen Shi was handcuffed; Lin Dongxue and Xu Xiaodong escorted him to the interrogation room with lowered heads. Many police officers ran out to watch in surprise, and whispered to their companions, “What's wrong? Why is he getting arrested?”

Chen Shi's expression was not calm, but rather, looked ice-cold, as if not to let others perceive his innermost thoughts. He controlled every muscle on his face.

Peng Sijue rushed out with a large coffee stain on his clothes, and his eyes widened, “Old Chen...”

Chen Shi smiled bitterly, and shook his head slightly at him.

Lin Qiupu walked towards Chen Shi with a cold face, and poked his chest with a finger. “You aren’t Chen Shi. Who on earth are you?”

“Captain Lin, I don't know what you're talking about? I have an ID card in my pocket, you can check it for yourself.”

“Coincidentally, the dead person also had an identity card, and his name is also Chen Shi.”

“Someone stole my identity and you arrested me?”

“It's more than just stealing your identity. Come with me! Dongxue, you wait outside!”

Lin Dongxue said seriously, “No, I will also participate in the interrogation.”

Lin Qiupu said sternly, “You must avoid suspicion!”

“Avoid what? Chen Shi is not my boyfriend or anything...”

“This is an order!”

Lin Dongxue glanced at Chen Shi with a sad look on her face, and Chen Shi whispered to comfort her, “The innocent will be proven innocent. It’s not the first time I’ve entered this interrogation room... Ah yes, please go back and take care of Yueyue.”

“Okay, I’ll go now!”

Chen Shi sat on the interrogation chair. Lin Qiupu and another interrogator were seated opposite. Lin Qiupu interrogated him, “Who on earth are you?”

“Chen Shi. A driver and a police consultant... Is there a point to this? We were just talking to one another in the morning.”

“Actually, from the first time you appeared, I doubted your true identity. You used to be a triad member, but you suddenly became a genius detective. How does that make sense?”

“You're doing this again. Does it make it right just because you think that way? Who’s the victim? Did he look like me?”

“How did you know?”

Chen Shi knew that according to Lin Qiupu's habit, he would not tell the interrogated person too much information, but if he continued in this manner, who knew how long this interrogation would last?

Chen Shi said, “I judged from what you all said just now that it seems that a person who looks similar to me has died. He is also called Chen Shi. He can't come to this interrogation room to be tortured by you, so you came to torture me?”

“Who do you think I should doubt then?”

“You should do an autopsy first to find out who the impostor was and how he died.”

“Ah you reminded me...” Lin Qiupu sneered, picked up the phone and ordered, “Captain Peng, draw his blood to test his DNA and see if the two are twins.”

Chen Shi frowned. “Don't waste time. I don't have a twin!”

Lin Qiupu heard something outside, went out and said loudly, “You all need to go back! I know you are all familiar with Chen Shi. If you want to find out who the imposter is, then you should really check things carefully!”

At this time, Peng Sijue came in and drew Chen Shi’s blood. Chen Shi smiled bitterly, “Old Peng, you should believe me.”

Peng Sijue whispered, “You weren’t the one who sought out the prostitute?”

There was a video camera in the interrogation room. Chen Shi didn't want to be recorded, so he didn't say anything. Peng Sijue already understood anyway.

“I really think you should reveal your identity now!” Peng Sijue said.

It’s not time yet. Chen Shi said silently in his heart.

After collecting the blood sample, Peng Sijue walked away. Lin Qiupu came back in after reprimanding his men and Chen Shi said, “Wait! I’ll prove who I am... Can you show me the body?”

“You wish!”

Tao Yueyue knew that something must have happened when she saw Chen Shi arrested. She quickly put away all the things that Wang Daji had bought. The third set of tableware on the table were also put away. She put the tableware she and Chen Shi had used in the sink.

Then she mopped the floor carefully and wiped all the places Wang Daji touched.

After doing this, she carefully searched for anything else that she may have missed and suddenly found out that a cell phone was lying under the sofa cushion. This was Wang Daji's cell phone. She switched it on and found that the content inside had all been deleted except for one video.

The video had been recorded by Wang Daji in the bathroom late at night. He cried, with tears and snot all over his face in the video, “Officer Song, I lied to you...”

Suddenly, there was some suspicious activity outside, and Tao Yueyue turned off the phone, staring nervously at the door. It sounded like someone was prying open the door.

Tao Yueyue was frightened and immediately broadcasted the news loudly on her mobile phone. The person outside seemed to notice that someone was in the house, and the noise at the door stopped. Tao Yueyue sat on the sofa hugging her knees in fear.

For half an hour, she maintained this posture, staring at the door without blinking, until Lin Dongxue shouted, “Yueyue, are you home?”


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