Chapter 256: Wang Daji's Death

Chen Shi sneered, pushed past Hou Yue and went into the room. Hou Yue was like a sunflower, turning his body and staring at him, as if he was a sunflower chasing the sun.

Chen Shi had his reasons to come alone. He intended to use Wang Daji's experience to see if he could sound out some information from Hou Yue. After all, three years had passed since the last incident. Convicting him by evidence alone was not realistic. Chen Shi said, “Mr. Hou, don't you think I look familiar?”

Hou Yue said, “Oh, are you a big star?”

Chen Shi didn’t know if this youngster was good at pretending or if he really wasn’t lying. Chen Shi didn't catch anything strange from the flicker in his facial expression.

“It seems thatYuhua Company kills people every year with their drugs. You have to pay out a lot of money as compensation. As the secretary to the president, you should know this clearly, right?”

“Are you crazy? I told you I resigned ages ago! Get out!”

“I'm curious why Yuhua insists on using toxic formulas...”

“If you don't go out, I'll call the security guard!” Hou Yue hid his panic with anger.

“Naturally, there’s a reason I came to you today. Three years ago, someone commissioned you to do something. To be precise, three things. You did a great job and got a lot of money for it.”

Hou Yue's eyes widened, and then he calmed down again. “Those were just accidents. You’re thinking too much.”

“Did I say anything about what those three things were?” Chen Shi sneered, “Do you know why the police suddenly started investigating you?”

Hou Yue asked gloomily, “Why?”

“I have a USB flash drive with some of your secrets and the reason for the death of those three people.”

Hou Yue sweated a great deal. “What USB flash drive?” He suddenly yelled, “No, get lost!”

“Mr. Hou, I will come to see you again.”

Chen Shi used the same trick again. He took the elevator down to the floor below and then ran up again, peeping through the keyhole.

Hou Yue walked around in the room, like an ant on a hot pot. He poured himself a glass of wine but found that his hands were shaking so much that the wine all spilled out. After considering things over for a long time, he took out a mobile phone from the drawer and dialled someone’s number.

Hou Yue said, “Someone just came here and said that they knew what happened three years ago, and that he had a USB flash drive in his hands!”

The man on the phone said, “Was it the police?”

Hou Yue responded, “It’s a criminal adviser to the police. He said that the case has been reopened for investigation. I don't know why they suddenly opened the cases again.”

“Idiot! They must have something in their hands. I asked you to handle the matter cleanly. Did you leave any traces?”

Hou Yue argued, “I did it well! It’s impossible to find out. If they could figure it out, things should have been checked three years ago!”

“If it was done so well, then why would the police come to find you?”

Hou Yue reiterated, “Not a policeman, just a consultant.”

“You have to deal with the matter well since you took money for this job. If you don't handle it well, you should go and die yourself!” The other party hung up the phone.

Hou Yue threw the cup on the table angrily. He went into the bedroom, switched on the laptop, plugged in a USB flash drive, and started running several hacking programs. He remembered that the person who just came was called Chen Shi. He should be able to find his information at the housing, car or tax bureaus…

Chen Shi was outside the door, watching Hou Yue's every action. He also overheard a part of his conversation with the other party. Sure enough, he was hiding something.

After narrowing down the direction, they could go all out to tackle it.

Leaving the housing district, Chen Shi narrated this incident to the other members of the task force. The group was very excited. Lin Dongxue said, “The fox tail[1] has finally been exposed!”

Xu Xiaodong said, “Brother Chen was completely right.”

Chen Shi suggested, “Let’s investigate slowly. Tomorrow I will speak with Captain Lin and see if we can increase the manpower a little.”

Chen Shi announced that he was off work today and returned home. Tao Yueyue was peeling lychees to eat when he got home. Wang Daji was trying to chat with her, and a lot of things were piled up on the table. Chen Shi said with a little surprise, “Did you buy all this?”

“Yeah, I’ve stayed here for a few days, so I’m a bit embarrassed. I bought a few things! Go cook a dish or two, and then we can have a drink. I bought a good whisky.” Wang Daji picked up a 2018 bottle of Chivas.

“You're very generous!” Chen Shi said, “I went to see Hou Yue today. It seems that this youngster is really hiding something and that he was the murderer behind it all. The problem right now is still obtaining evidence.”

“You police are sticklers for following procedures. If it were me, I’d tie him down and slowly take care of this bastard!”

“Come on, won’t that be me being captured by the surveillance footage? Do you realize how much trouble we’d save if you still had that USB flash drive?”

Wang Daji scratched his head and laughed, “How could I know it would be so important at that time?”

Chen Shi looked at him helplessly and then went to the kitchen to cook. Tao Yueyue ran to the kitchen as well. Chen Shi wore an apron and peeled off the shells of the shrimp and said, “It's not ready yet. I’ll make something you like tonight.”

“Uncle Chen.” Tao Yueyue whispered, “Wang Daji doesn't seem to be very well. He vomited again today.”


After Tao Yueyue left, Chen Shi was deep in thought while he was cooking. He suddenly thought of a possibility. Wang Daji was lying to him!

“Wang Daji!” Chen Shi called out to him.

Wang Daji came in eagerly. He looked into the pot and said, “Damn, look at you go. You’re on par with the chefs at big restaurants!”

Chen Shi slapped his hand away and then washed his own hands in the sink, saying, “Be honest with me. Do you have a terminal illness or something?”

“What do you mean by terminal illness? Aren’t you thinking too much?”

“Why are your eyeballs so yellow? Don't move. Let me see.”

Chen Shi leaned closer to see and Wang Daji kissed Chen Shi's mouth suddenly before bursting out laughing. Chen Shi was disgusted and wiped his mouth for a long time. Wang Daji said, “It's very interesting to kiss yourself... Haii, you didn’t make a specialty dish. I'll go out and buy a roast duck.”

“Hey, stop!” Chen Shi called out, but Wang Daji had already left.

He placed a few dishes on the table and waited for half an hour. Wang Daji didn’t return, so he said to Tao Yueyue, “Don't wait for him. Go ahead and eat!”

“Will Wang Daji live here from now on?”

“No, he will leave when the case is over.”

“I don't like him at all. Although he looks exactly like Uncle Chen, he’s not like you at all.”

“Thank you!”

Chen Shi thought to himself that Wang Daji only behaved poorly, but his character wasn’t too bad.

After they finished dinner, Wang Daji still hadn’t returned. Chen Shi dialled his phone number but his phone wasn’t turned on. He thought to himself that he was most likely fooling around with prostitutes again.

After a busy day, he relaxed at night. He went online for a while.

At nine o'clock, there was a sudden knock on the door and Lin Dongxue shouted, “Yueyue! Yueyue!”

Chen Shi went to open the door and was startled. Lin Dongxue, Xu Xiaodong, and Lin Qiupu were all there, and they looked shocked as well. “How come you’re here?” “Who is the one who died then?”

Chen Shi was startled. Wang Daji was dead?

Lin Qiupu suddenly pointed at Chen Shi, and said, “Wait. Let’s put handcuffs on him first!”

1. Visible sign of evil intentions. To reveal one's evil nature. 


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