Chapter 250: Making A Little Money Respectably

Chapter 250: Making A Little Money Respectably[1]

Chen Shi said indignantly, “You can’t do anything right, can you? Didn’t you realize how important that thing was?”

Wang Daji argued, “Before they came to me, how could I have known that there was a secret in the USB flash drive?”

“Which company was it?”

“Yuhua Pharmaceutical Company.”

Chen Shi searched using his mobile phone, and a piece of news jumped out at him. A batch of drugs from this drug company had killed nine patients. After the family members of the patients filed a joint lawsuit, the company compensated them with a total of three million yuan.

The date of the news was five years ago. In this era of overflowing information, it has been quite a long time since it was mentioned.

Chen Shi asked Wang Daji, “Did you take the USB drive four years ago?”

“To be precise, it was three years ago, it was almost New Year then.”

“This company killed people five years ago but things have already been resolved. What else can they hide? Is it some other shady thing?”

“I've traveled extensively all these years, and I've seen a lot in my time. The bigger companies’ backgrounds aren’t clean at all. It's just a matter of hiding their dirt. They’re not even as clean as us triads... At least we are transparent in our bad deeds.”

Tao Yueyue interjected, “Uncle Chen, since it is something that shouldn’t be exposed, why did they leave evidence behind?”

“Adults are speaking. Children should be quiet.” Wang Daji said impatiently.

“Do not speak to Tao Yueyue like that!” Chen Shi warned.

“You teach children to be like...”

“Shut up!” Chen Shi turned to Tao Yueyue, explaining, “This is because this information is also very important to them. For example, the accounts book of the corrupt official. He needs to keep his own accounts. If he collects people’s money and does nothing for them, he will offend people. In a nutshell, this information is more important than the risk, so it was preserved.”

“Since it was in the USB flash drive, does that mean it was also on the computer?”

“Maybe...” Chen Shi asked Wang Daji, “Continue your story. How did your brother die?”

“Not long after that happened, he was hacked to death one day and died in an alley. Do you know who handled this case?”

“It's definitely not me, otherwise I would remember it.”

“It was handled by Li Mu. Do you know this officer? The case has still not been resolved. Your police force’s case-solving rate is really too shabby.”

“Why didn't you provide any leads at the time?”

“Because I also have a case on me!” Wang Daji grinned, “I have to hide when I see the police. How can I take the initiative to go up to them? But I know that it must be Yuhua who killed him to keep his mouth shut. Since I offended them, I had to run away. Coming back this time, I intend to avenge my brother. To be honest, when I went to the health club that day, I had an army knife on me and was ready to kill that bastard.”


“The secretary of the Yuhua boss, Hou Yue. After my brother died three years ago, he resigned, but he received a lot of money. He owns a majority of that health club’s shares, making him almost the boss. He often goes there to play.”

“You have investigated this very thoroughly!”

“Of course. When I was walking this path with him, we were just like Chen Haonan and the Shan Ji[2], and I vowed to avenge him!”

Chen Shi went into the room, took a little book out and said, “Tell me everything you know including every detail.”

“Officer Song, you’re so motivated?”

“Nonsense. Who wants to be guilty of visiting a prostitute? I'll try my best to solve this case.”

“It seems that you really like that girl.” Wang Daji giggled.

After three hours, Chen Shi had taken down all the clues that Wang Daji knew. Every detail was carefully confirmed, because this case had happened not only to Wang Daji, but also to Chen Shi. He must be able to withstand cross-examination.

Wang Daji had talked so much that his mouth became dry. He went to the refrigerator, took out a drink and mixed it with whiskey. He sat down and said with a smile, “That girl is really great. Have you guys done it yet?”

Chen Shi ignored him and looked at the book. The death of Wang Daji's brother Meng Ergou seemed to have no direct connection with the Yuhua Company. Everything was just speculation by Wang Daji. Without Wang Daji's testimony, no one would associate the death with the Yuhua Company, so it was no wonder that Li Mu wasn’t able to solve it.

Three years had passed since the case happened and the clues no longer existed. It would have been easier to win the lotto than it was to solve the case.

Wang Daji stretched and said, “Dude, do it tomorrow. Where shall I sleep tonight?”

“Aren't you going back?” Chen Shi said in surprise.

“Where can I go? Then I'm leaving. I'm not responsible for people seeing me near your house.”

Chen Shi held his forehead helplessly, “Then sleep on the sofa!”

Chen Shi was awakened by the sound of coughing and toilet flushing in the middle of the night and came out to see Wang Daji washing his face. It was already 5:00 at the time. Wang Daji said, “Damn, I ate seafood yesterday and now I’m vomiting and having diarrhea.”

“You are really noisy at night with your snoring!” Chen Shi frowned.

“Haha! Did I wake you? My bad. It's almost dawn. Should we go out for breakfast?”

“No need. I’ll eat at home.”

“Couldn’t tell that you’re a househusband[3] as well! Not bad, not bad. I'll try out your cooking then!”

It turns out that when the person you’re cooking for changes, so does the enthusiasm. Chen Shi casually toasted a few slices of bread, smeared them with jam, warmed three glasses of milk, and sat down to eat. Chen Shi asked, “You really have no impression of what was on the USB?”

“What can I remember with this pig's brain? Aren't you Song Lang? There are no cases in the world that Song Lang can't solve. There are rumors in the underworld that you should avoid committing a crime that lands in Song Lang's hands.”

“Song Lang also has a case that he can’t solve.” Chen Shi sighed.

“Officer Song...”

“I’m called Chen Shi!”

“Calling you by my own name is so weird. Alright, Old Chen, what’s your plan today?”

“I'll look for the case in the bureau and see if I can re-investigate it. You just stay here during the day and don't go anywhere.”

“Aren’t you just boring me to death?”

“I have a computer here, you can use it however you like.”

“Are there any women in it?”

“Are you a male pig[4]?”

“I can't stay in the house like this. I'll head out for a bit. Rest assured, I’ll be careful not to besmirch Officer Song's face and reputation.”

“Call me Chen Shi!”

After a while, Tao Yueyue came out for breakfast. She kept watching Wang Daji guardedly. No matter how Wang Daji teased her, she just ignored him. Wang Daji was someone who couldn’t stop talking. He asked Chen Shi, “Is this little girl your illegitimate child?“

“I won't talk about her background without her consent.”

“Aiya, aiya, is it necessary to respect such a little fart?”

Tao Yueyue said in revenge, “Uncle Chen, is this the kind of ‘bad adult’ you often talk about?”

“Yeah, if you don't study hard, you’ll become like this in the future.”

Instead of being angry, Wang Daji laughed, “Yes, if you don’t study hard, you’ll end up like me – making lots of money all day long. Study hard like your Uncle Chen so that you can make a little money respectably.”

1. The Chinese expression they used can mean a range of things; Grand, magnificently, beautiful, highly honored, respectable, etc. 

2. Characters in a popular and classic movie called “Young and Dangerous”, which was based on the comic, “Teddy Boy”. 

3. Making a joke saying that he’s a housewife. 

4. A male pig that farmers keep for inseminating the female pigs. 


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