Chapter 249: Lin Dongxue's Disdain

On the way, Chen Shi told Wang Daji that he was not allowed to interfere in his affairs. Wang Daji had agreed almost instantaneously.

He drove the car to his housing district, and saw Lin Dongxue standing there waiting for him. Wang Daji's eyes lit up, “Wow. Your girl? Too good! From head to toe, she’s too good!

“Stop messing around.”

“Wang Daji, stay in the car and don't interfere with my affairs!” Wang Daji imitated Chen Shi’s tone, then opened the door and ran straight to Lin Dongxue.

Chen Shi was extremely depressed with the situation and clenched his jaw angrily.

Lin Dongxue saw “Chen Shi” heading over and said, “No need to go up. Our conversation doesn’t need to be overheard by Yueyue.”

“What's up?” Wang Daji asked.

“Aren’t you clear about what you’ve done?”

“I don’t understand.”

“Don't pretend! It will only make me look down on you even more!”

“You don’t mean that thing about the prostitute, right?”

“So you do know what you’ve done!” Lin Dongxue said resentfully, “I always thought you were a mysterious person who suddenly appeared in front of me. You also knew how to solve cases. You were excellent in a lot of aspects. I thought you must have had some secret, but I didn’t expect that you were like… In my heart, I just…”

Chen Shi sighed. He was finished and this pot wouldn’t be able to be thrown away in his lifetime[1].

Wang Daji reached out and put his hand on Lin Dongxue's shoulder. Lin Dongxue shook it off with annoyance, “Don't touch me, I feel sick when I see you now!”

Wang Daji said affectionately, “Do you know why I went to find that woman that day?”

“I don't want to listen! I'm leaving!”

Wang Daji caught her arm. “I thought of you too much that day and I couldn’t deal with it. I went to take a bath, but then I saw a girl that looked like you. She looked so much like you that I couldn’t help myself… But I swear that I used protection.”

Chen Shi pounded the steering wheel frantically. He couldn't bear it anymore. He quietly opened the door and got out of the car.

Chen Shi texted Peng Sijue as he walked, “Hurry up and call Dongxue, and say that there are important things that she needs to attend to in order to drive her away. I’ll explain it to you later!” Then he went to a store and bought a bottle of spray paint.

When he returned, Wang Daji was still “explaining” shamelessly and Lin Dongxue's eyes were already full of contempt.

At that moment, Lin Dongxue's cell phone rang, and Lin Dongxue answered. “Captain Peng? Did you need me for... Something important...” Then she walked away.

Chen Shi strode behind Wang Daji, and patted his shoulder.The moment Wang Daji turned around, Chen Shi sprayed his face with spray paint, and Wang Daji quietly protested, “What are you doing?!”

“Come away with me!”

Chen Shi pulled his collar, dragged him into the shrubs next to him, pointed at him and warned, “Don’t you dare try talking nonsense again! Stay here!”

“That girl likes you, huh?” Wang Daji said with a smile.

Chen Shi pointed at his face fiercely, threatened him with the look in his eyes, then threw the paint away before going back to the place where Wang had been talking with Lin Dongxue.

Lin Dongxue finished her call, went back and informed him coldly, “I'm leaving. Let’s no longer be friends in the future. I won't come with you when you solve cases. You can just look for Xiaodong and the others!”

Chen Shi felt like he had tens of thousands of horses running around in his heart, disturbing it. What was that fucker doing? He said sincerely, “I'm wrong, I'm sorry!”

“Weren’t you still making excuses just now? Why did you suddenly admit that you’re in the wrong?” Lin Dongxue’s eyes brimmed with tears. “Why are you apologizing to me? We don’t have a relationship or anything!”

“I... I hope you can forgive me because I would be sad to lose you as a friend.”

“What does that have to do with me? I'm leaving!”

Lin Dongxue turned and began to leave. Chen Shi caught up, and the two walked outside the housing district without saying a word to each other. Lin Dongxue turned her head around and said, “Don't follow me! I feel sick when I see you!”

“I know you're angry, just scold me if you want to.”

Lin Dongxue couldn't help but say, “When I think of you going to that kind of place and doing that kind of thing with that kind of woman, I feel sick! How can you have no moral principles at all? Furthermore, you are the team’s consultant. You said you have only been there once. Who would believe that? Who knows how many times you’ve gone there in the past? If you hadn’t been arrested this time, we would have been kept in the dark thinking you were a serious and kind person!”

“What can I do to make up for it?”

“Disappear from my sight!” Lin Dongxue turned her tearful face away and walked towards a taxi.

Chen Shi felt a sting in his heart, and he felt a fire welling up in his stomach.

He turned and walked towards the housing district. Wang Daji jumped out of the shrubs and said, “Brother, you really don’t know how to sweet talk women. How could you admit to being wrong? You’ve wasted all my efforts in helping you out.”

Chen Shi just wanted to batter his face with a fist at the moment, and shouted, “You need to disappear from Long’an!”

“Who do you think you are? I'm the real Chen Shi. You're an impostor. If someone needs to get lost, then it should be you! Don’t try and fight me! I won’t necessarily lose!”

Chen Shi sat down and grabbed his hair with his hands. His thoughts were chaotic.

Wang Daji said, “Can I find a place to wash my face? Now that my face has been sprayed like this, how can I be seen in public? Is your home nearby?”

“Don't even think about it.”

“Aiya!” Wang Daji poked him, “I can see that you really like that girl. But there is another trick. Don’t you know how to solve cases?”

Chen Shi looked at him.

“I wasn't playing around that day. I was going to find someone who killed my brother. Of course, I didn't find him. The girls there were just too good, so I played around a little.”

“Your brother?”

“Can I wash my face first? It won't wash out easily once it’s dry.”

“Come upstairs with me!”

Chen Shi brought Wang Daji into his house. Tao Yueyue saw a stranger coming in and immediately became alert. Chen Shi said, “Don't be afraid, Yueyue. It’s a friend.”

Wang Daji said, “Your dad and I are so close to each other that we’re pretty much the same person.”

“He's not my father!”

“Oh fuck, you’re raising one at home...” Wang Daji hadn’t finished talking when his face was covered by Chen Shi's towel.

After Wang Daji cleansed his face, Tao Yueyue's mouth widened in shock and said, “Two Uncle Chens?”

“It's like this...”

After Chen Shi explained, Tao Yueyue understood the situation, and asked, “How should I address him then?”

“Just call him Wang Daji.”

“Call me Uncle Wang!”

“Wang Daji.”

“How ignorant. I can tell that you don’t educate her very well.” Wang Daji complained.

“Let’s talk business!” Chen Shi demanded loudly.

“Well, let's be serious then.” Wang Daji lit a cigarette. “Four years ago, my brother and I worked at a company... Don't look at me like that. Although I fooled around, I did have a proper job. I was a security officer... At the end of the year, the company didn’t pay out wages, so a group of migrant workers turned up to cause trouble. I was thinking about how this shitty bastard of a boss dared to hold on to migrant workers' salaries, so I went with my brother to pry open their safe in the office in the middle of the night and distributed the money to everyone. But in addition to the money in the safe, there was also a USB flash drive that I took with me. I didn’t expect that my brother and I would be caught by the security camera. I also didn’t expect that the company wouldn’t call the police. The boss found us and said that they would buy the USB flash drive from us with a large sum of money. I was thinking, “Yeah, right.” in my heart. There must be some secret that can’t be exposed in it. Of course, I wasn’t stupid. If the thing was handed over, we were afraid that we wouldn’t be able to live very well. So I kept raising the price of the USB drive until I knew that they couldn’t afford to pay. Secretly, I didn’t intend to hand over the USB drive!”

“Where is the USB flash drive? What's in it?”

“I don't know, some forms or something. I couldn’t understand it. I just formatted it and then I used it to store some porn...Then I lost it later on.”

1. They refer to problems as pots and woks. 

1. A phrase typically used when the person is viewed as hopeless. 

2. Addressing someone as a dog is condescending. Equating a person to a dog is insulting (in Chinese) because it implies you are a beast that is incapable of thinking and only obeys orders from a master. 

3. Also known as Aaron Kwok or “Kwok Fu-shing” (Cantonese Pinyin). He’s a popular HK singer, dancer and actor. 


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