Chapter 242: Who Died?

The forensics team took the blood sample back and Lin Dongxue went to find the Jiang family. She needed the DNA of both parents to determine whose blood it was.

Upon hearing this news, the stepmother fainted immediately. The father went to help her. She slapped the father's face and said, “If something happened to my Ming Ming, I'll fight you till death!”

“Calm down, okay? It hasn’t even been determined whose blood it is!”

“How could it not be his? The surveillance showed Jiang Hui running away, so it must be his blood!” The mother cried, covering her face. “I know that little bitch would not have a drop of kindness in her heart. I usually equally give out the bowl of water and never favored anyone. She actually… Did this to take revenge on me!”

“Don't say anything more!” The father rubbed his red eyes.

Grandpa and Grandma heard the noise and asked, “Did you find the children?”

The father rushed to the inside room and said, “No, the police just asked us to assist in the investigation.”

When they went downstairs, they happened to run into the police officer who had been investigating the case in the morning. The police said, “Officer Lin, we found Jiang Hui!”

The news was tantamount to a thunderbolt. The stepmother almost fainted again. She fell into the husband’s arms and cried, “It was my Ming Ming who was in trouble. It’s obvious! Give me back my Ming Ming!”

The father didn't know what to say.

Lin Dongxue asked, “Where did you find her?”

The local police officer glanced at the couple and motioned for Lin Dongxue to talk on the side. The stepmother raged, “If you have something to say, then say it in front of me. Don't be afraid that I can't accept it. Where did that little bitch hide?”

Lin Dongxue said, “Ma'am, please calm down. We are still investigating-”

“It’s my family’s matters. Why can't I know?!”

Lin Dongxue was very distressed. Finally, the local police sent them all to the bureau, which allowed them some privacy. The police officer said, “In the presence of the parents, I'm afraid it's not very nice to say. The girl's ID information appeared in a health club.”

“Health club?”

“Well, this place was banned three times before. I'm afraid it's not a good place.”

“Did they see her in person?”

“If we suddenly ask them, they won't admit it. We have contacted the anti-prostitution department and they’re going to conduct a surprise inspection. The inspection will be at 7:00 at the latest. I will inform you when that happens.”

“Thank you!”

Lin Dongxue returned to the bureau and saw the couple sitting in the corridor wiping away their tears. The stepmother had a document in her hand. Lin Dongxue went in and asked Peng Sijue, “The result is out?”

“Half of it came out. The blood sample matched 99% of the fathers.” Peng Sijue stared at the working blood centrifuge.

Lin Dongxue thought to herself that the deceased was undoubtedly Jiang Ming.

“Is it still necessary to test it?” Peng Sijue asked.

“Check it out anyway, I guess. The two children come from the same father but different mothers.”

“Oh, so it was like that. If I had known, I would have tested the mother’s sample first.”

“How long will the result take?”

“Half an hour.”

The cry of the stepmother kept coming from the outside. Lin Dongxue was afraid to go out. She stayed in Peng Sijue's lab for fear that if they asked, she wouldn’t know how to respond.

What the police suffered the most was facing the family of the deceased. Any comforting words could not make up for the loss of loved ones.

“Come here!” Peng Sijue said.

Lin Dongxue thought the result was out as she walked over, but Peng Sijue took out a box of biscuits from the drawer. “You haven’t had anything to eat yet, right? Use this to pad your hunger!”

“Thank you, Captain Peng!”

The personality of this man made it so that the two stayed together without speaking, however it wouldn’t feel awkward since it’s always been that way.

Lin Dongxue chewed on the cookies and thought of what to say. In fact, she couldn’t relish the taste of the cookies while these thoughts and emotions were swelling within her. Although the police shouldn’t have any subjective emotional opinions, the police are also human. From a personal and emotional level, she sympathized with Jiang Hui very much.

The thought of Jiang Hui violently abandoning herself after the murder made her feel a little sad.

“Results are out!”

Lin Dongxue almost jumped up. “Whose is it?”

“It doesn't match the mother's blood sample! The blood is the girl's.”

“How?!” Lin Dongxue was shocked.

“This is the truth.” Peng Sijue said quietly. “Hurry up and tell the family!”

“No, the police clearly said that she was found...” Lin Dongxue suddenly remembered that the police said that the ID information was found, and not the person.

Jiang Hui died and her ID fell into the hands of others. Only this is possible!

After learning that the blood sample belonged to Jiang Hui, the stepmother who was originally in tears burst into laughter. She said excitedly to the father, “My Ming Ming is alive! Alive! This is great!”

The father was relieved as well. “It's good that Ming Ming is fine.”

“It looks like the little bitch is the one that’s dead. This is great! I won’t have to suffer her mood swings again.” The stepmother who was filled with excitement revealed her true nature and the words in her heart.

“What are you saying?!” The father scolded.

“Why can't I say that? I begged to Buddha and Jesus for the past two days for my Ming Ming. I just hoped that he would be alright. As long as he was fine. I didn't care about anyone else!”

“If you say one more thing, I’ll hit you! Both are my children! Both the palm and the back of my hand are made of flesh[1].” The father scolded angrily.

Lin Dongxue couldn't stand it either and said, “The blood belongs to Jiang Hui, but we didn't find the body. She may still be alive.”

“I doubt-”

The stepmother didn't finish talking when the father slapped her in the face. The stepmother fumed as she covered her face, “Jiang Zhenghui, you’re hitting me? I'm going to find Ming Ming now. If I can't find him, I won’t come back! I’ll just die outside!”

Then, she turned around and stormed off while the father yelled out “stop” a few times to the disappearing figure. He said in embarrassment to Lin Dongxue, “Excuse us for the awful show.”

“You should probably hurry after her.”

The father hesitated for a while but chased after her anyway.

Lin Dongxue sighed looking at the backs of the couple. Peng Sijue came out holding a coffee cup and said, “Most marriages are imperfect, so I decided on being a bachelor.”

“Broken families are really unfair to the children.”

“I'm off work now. Do you want a ride?”

“I want to go to the local police station.”

“Let's go!”

The two arrived at the police station in the district and Peng Sijue parked the car outside to wait for her. He was not idle while waiting. He played soothing music, took a mask out from the glove box, and put it on his face, keeping his eyes closed as he rested.

The anti-prostitute department’s squadron returned with victory. When they rushed in, the club members called the prostitutes and clients to hide. The squad looked around and found that the dust on a window had been scratched off.

Upon opening the window, the police were so surprised that their jaws were about to fall off. They saw men and women in blankets squatting on the signboard steel frame of the Sichuan restaurant downstairs, which almost caused a fall accident.

All employees were detained and some customers were still in custody. One left with bail.

Lin Dongxue immediately went to see “Jiang Hui”. Sure enough, it wasn't Jiang Hui at all. It was a girl who hadn't worked for even two days. The policeman held Jiang Hui's ID card and asked, “Where did this ID card come from?”

The girl was scared and said, “I don't know. It was the boss who gave it to me.”

“What about your own ID?”

“I don't have an ID.”

“How could you not have an ID card? How did you run to Long’an without it?”

After asking a few times, she kept insisting on this answer. The police said, “She probably has a criminal record, so she used someone else's ID card! This kind of thing happens quite often. There is a lot of liquidity in this kind of industry. Drug addicts and gamblers often get mixed up in this industry.“

“Please help me check the source of the ID card.”

“Okay! I'll tell you when there’s a result.”

When passing by an office, Lin Dongxue saw a client who was smiling while confusing the police officer that was recording his confession. These men are disgusting pigs.

Opposite the door where the confession was taking place, a photo caused her gaze to be drawn towards it. 

Lin Dongxue took a look and her eyes widened like circles.

1. Both are of equal importance and you can’t choose between one or the other. 


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