Chapter 238: Visiting the School

A bottle containing a suspicious drug was packed along with the syringe packaging. It showed that when Jiang Hui disappeared, a syringe filled with the drug was hidden on her body.

At this time, the person from their IT department came, and Lin Dongxue asked him to unlock Jiang Ming's computer password. It took some time, but the password was cracked. Jiang Ming's desktop was messy and covered in game icons along with some other things.

It seemed that the common theme of Jiang Ming's daily life was to play. 

Jiang Ming’s QQ is automatically logged in. There was a person labeled “Sis” in the contact list. The last chat between the two was the night before the disappearance—

Sis: Stop playing games, fatty. I can hear you from next door.

Jiang Ming: I know, I know. I’m going to bed right away. So annoying!

Sis: Did you forget what you are doing tomorrow?

Jiang Ming: I know. I’ll sleep when I finish this game.

Lin Dongxue wondered. Did the two have an appointment to go somewhere together? Of course, this may be the trap that Jiang Hui designed to kill Jiang Ming.

Although she had never seen Jiang Hui, it was obviously very difficult for a high school girl to dispose of the body of a boy that was in junior high. The best way was to lure the person to the burial site and then kill them.

Lin Dongxue continued to look through the chat records. Unexpectedly, the pair of siblings often chatted together, and sometimes Jiang Ming even told Jiang Hui about school and of his adolescent troubles.

Although Jiang Hui's tone was not very good and kept calling him fatty, Lin Dongxue could see that the sister did not hate him.

No matter the favoritism from the adults, the relationship between children is always much simpler.

Lin Dongxue felt that she didn't know Jiang Hui well enough, so she went to talk with her grandparents about it. The two talked a lot, but they often went off on a tangent. Jiang Hui in their mouths was "good and clever" while Jiang Ming was "smart and charming.”

Lin Dongxue thought that she should go to their school to see their classmates and teachers. Perhaps then she could learn more about the situation.

Thus, she went to the school where the two children studied. At this time, the last class in the afternoon was in session. Lin Dongxue went to the class where Jiang Hui normally attended and saw a middle-aged man with tinted glasses standing in front of the window with his hands on his back, looking cold and stern.

The student near the window hadn't noticed yet. They had covered themselves with books and played with their mobile phone while smiling.

The middle-aged man reached out and knocked hard on the head of the student playing on their mobile phone, then spread his hands out in front of the student. The student handed over the phone with a look of frustration. The middle-aged man said in a low voice, "Come to the office after class!"

It seemed that this homeroom teacher confiscated the mobile phone. Then, he glanced around the class again before walking back.

Lin Dongxue said, "Hello, is Jiang Hui from your class?"

The head teacher looked her up and down. "Are you Jiang Hui's family?"

"I'm a police officer."

"Oh! Jiang Hui hasn't been found yet? Has a case been filed?"

"I'm here to learn about the situation."

"Let's talk at the office!"

When he got to the office, the class teacher sat down with his legs crossed, took the thermos on the table, and took a sip. He suddenly noticed that Lin Dongxue was still standing and said, "You should sit!"

"I’ll just stand."

"I'm so embarrassed. Let me stand up and talk then!"

"No need. I'll sit down then!"

The teacher asked with a smile, "You look pretty young. Are you from the local police station? How can I address you?"

"Lin. Can you tell me about Jiang Hui's usual state?"

"Don't mention her. I get angry when I mention her! I haven't seen such a disobedient student before. She’s blatantly defied me in public several times. One time, I caught her playing on her mobile phone in class and went to confiscate it. She actually said that it was her private property and I had no right to do so. What kind of words is this? A teacher for a day is a father for a life. If all the students in my class acted like this, how would I teach them? Also, she often fools around with boys who don’t have good grades. Our school is very strict about young love. I called them here to talk about it and do you know what she said? It annoyed me to death. She said she liked so and so and that even if the school could control her body, they couldn’t stop her heart!”

"Who is this person?"

"Gao Xiang. Also, another student full of thorns!” The head teacher waved his hands around. "It’s hard to be a teacher! Also, she has a problem with her thoughts. She often says in the class diary how the exam-oriented education is not good... Yes, she usually likes to read books. She is a literate and talented student, but she acts too arrogant and proud just because she’s published a few articles. I don’t like students like this at all. I think there is a problem with how she was raised.”

"Jiang Hui's parents are divorced. Did you know that?”

"Oh... I seem to have heard that before."

"You said she published a few articles? Where were they published?"

"What kind of articles were those anyway? They’re just like novels…”

The teacher took out a stack of magazines from the drawer, threw them on the table, and showed them to Lin Dongxue. "Look at these things. What unsightly and misleading content for children. It’s purely violent and pornographic. It was said that it needs to be forbidden. I took copy after copy. Eight of the ten copies were confiscated from Jiang Hui herself. She never learned and kept buying them month after month.”

"Do these magazines have things that Jiang Hui wrote in them?"

"I heard the Chinese teacher say that Jiang Hui wrote novels on it. I don't know exactly which ones they were."

"Where is that teacher?"

"They didn’t have a class this afternoon, so they’re not here."

"Can I see Gao Xiang?"

"I will stop him after school... Do you want to drink some water?"

"No thanks."

"This Gao Xiang isn’t a good boy either. Don't listen to him talking nonsense. The two are of the same breed! In fact, it's not surprising to me that Jiang Hui disappeared. A rebellious child like that… It wouldn’t even be surprising if she killed someone. I really don’t know how the family can teach her to be like this. After you find her, you must criticize and educate her. It doesn’t matter what I say, but maybe she’ll listen to you guys.”

"Did she behave abnormally before she disappeared?"

The teacher recalled for a while and shook their head. "I was too lazy to look at her and didn't notice anything... By the way, where did she disappear? Will the school and I be held responsible?"

"It doesn't matter. It's important that we find her."

"Why doesn't it matter..."

The teacher still had to talk. At this moment, the bell rang and Lin Dongxue asked, "Can I please trouble you to find Gao Xiang for me?"

"Okay, wait a minute!"

Teachers began to come in one after the other. Lin Dongxue was a little embarrassed to stay there, so she moved to the door. After a while, Gao Xiang came. Every student in the school had to wear a school uniform, but he looked very unique in that he tied it around his waist.

"Gao Xiang?"

Gao Xiang froze and said exaggeratedly, "Wow, policemen can look so beautiful?"

Lin Dongxue was speechless for a while. "I’m asking for you because-"

"I know, Jiang Hui, right? Can this police sister buy me an ice cream cone? It’s right at the school gate!"

Lin Dongxue also wanted to find a quiet place and said, "Let's go!"

Gao Xiang cheered. "You’re so nice!"


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