Chapter 230: Violent Struggle in the Room

The young monk stared at Liu Hong, his eyes were red with anger.

Liu Hong pulled Yin Wen's hair and lifted her head in the process. He slapped Yin Wen's face with a hand and ordered, “Tell your son what you are!

“I'm a female dog! I’m a slut!” Yin Wen said blankly.

“Haha, look at your perverted face. I really want to choke you to death!” Liu Hong released Yin Wen’s hair and said to the young monk, “Did you see that? This is the mother that you’ve been thinking about day and night.” He stood up. “I’ll stop the nonsense here. You came and tried to court death today. You can’t blame me!”

He picked up the knife and stood up. He tried to grab the young monk’s hair out of habit, but he couldn’t grab any hair. He cursed, “You don’t even have fur on you.”

The young monk looked at him fiercely, and then suddenly opened his mouth to bite Liu Hong's left-hand between the thumb and the index finger.

Liu Hong screamed in agony and dropped the knife. He slapped the young monk a few times before the monk opened his mouth.

Liu Hong burst into tears. When he saw the bleeding on his hand, he was so angry that he kicked the young monk down and screamed as he kicked. “You fucking... Tell me how I’m supposed to... explain to the police...!”

The young monk was patiently holding it in without crying or shouting. This is the only act of defiance he had the energy to afford.

Yin Wen looked at him beating the young monk and bit her lip. She suddenly ran over and pulled Liu Hong's arm back silently.

Liu Hong was shocked and questioned her as if he had been betrayed. “What? Sympathy for your son?”

Yin Wen didn't speak. She just kept pulling his arm stubbornly.

Liu Hong slapped her hand away and then slapped her to the ground. “Women are all so cheap. What? You can't do it to your own son?”

Liu Hong rubbed his bitten hand, scolded him, and picked up the knife. Then, he stepped on the young monk.

At this moment, facing imminent death, the young monk saw Yin Wen kneeling on the ground with tears in her eyes. This scene made him see a glimmer of hope and he called out, “Mom, save me!”

Before he shouted a second time, Liu Hong kicked him in the mouth. The young monk’s mouth filled with blood. The tip of the knife was just above his head.

Just as Liu Hong was about to stab downwards, there was a sudden knock from the outside. Liu Hong widened his eyes and cursed as he covered the little monk's mouth. He took a handkerchief out from his pant pocket and stuffed it in the monk’s mouth haphazardly.

Then, he rushed over and shook his head at Yin Wen. He whispered, “Hide! Hurry up!”

Outside, Lin Dongxue knocked on the door a few times, but no one answered. She said to Chen Shi, “It looks like no one’s in.”

“Wait a minute.” Chen Shi looked on the ground. This was the basement, which was mostly used as a warehouse. There wasn’t anyone, and the light was naturally quite poor.

Chen Shi said deliberately, “Let’s go!”

Then, he kicked at the door, but he didn't break it open. Lin Dongxue whispered, “Hey, don't do this kind of thing.”

“Someone’s been inside!” Chen Shi said with certainty and then continued to kick.

The door seemed to have been reinforced, and it took three heavy kicks for it to finally open. The room was dark and filled with building materials and only one candle was lit inside. This scene felt very abnormal to Chen Shi.

After passing through the “aisle” of building materials, the two saw the young monk lying on the ground. His body was dirty and stained with blood. His widened eyes were very large.

Lin Dongxue’s heart froze. When she saw the young monk’s blink, she finally felt relieved. It seemed like they had arrived in time.

Lin Dongxue quickly took out the cloth from the young monk's mouth, and the young monk shouted, “Behind you!”

Before she could turn around, a heavy object hit her on the shoulder and she was kicked heavily.

Liu Hong had jumped down from the pile of building materials and raised an iron rod in his hands, ready to smash Lin Dongxue's head. This scene was clear from Chen Shi's perspective. Before he could think about it, he lunged forward and tackled Liu Hong, hitting a wall.

Liu Hong used his elbow to smash into Chen Shi's back a few times. His strength was so strong that Chen Shi had stars in his eyes.

Chen Shi's hands slightly loosened, and Liu Hong immediately pulled out a knife from his back. Without giving Chen Shi any chance to react, he stabbed into Chen Shi's abdomen.

Feeling the sharp weapon stabbing into his body, Chen Shi immediately held it with his hands. There was a burning pain in his palm.

Lin Dongxue struggled to get up when she suddenly felt that there was someone in front of her. She subconsciously jumped away as a knife passed by the tip of her nose.

Looking up, a middle-aged woman held a knife in her hands. Could she be the Yin Wen who disappeared 13 years ago?

Lin Dongxue and Yin Wen were separated by the young monk in between, who they were both afraid of accidentally hurting. Lin Dongxue quickly ran to the side of the building materials pile and Yin Wen chased her from the other side, holding the knife in both hands with killing intent.

Chen Shi lifted his head and Liu Hong's eyes were opposite his. Liu Hong smiled. “Everyone is going to die!”

Chen Shi punched him in the nose. Liu Hong screamed as he hit Chen Shi with all his strength. The knife in his hand was pulled out by Chen Shi's fist, drawing a deep and long bloodstain.

With a bang, the door was closed. Chen Shi's first reaction was to drag the young monk to a safer place.

There was a muffled sound from the side. It turned out that Lin Dongxue knocked Yin Wen to the ground with a kick. Yin Wen just saw this scene and began wielding the knife wildly at Chen Shi.

Chen Shi dragged the young monk to the side and ran in the opposite direction, avoiding Yin Wen's knife. She didn’t wield it with any skill. She just relied on her madness as she yelled in a craze while Chen Shi avoided her.

Liu Hong took the chance to drag the young monk into his arms, yelling with the knife on the monk’s neck, “Don’t move!”

This is bad!

Chen Shi realized that it had turned into the most troublesome situation.

Lin Dongxue also came over. Upon seeing this scene, she didn’t dare to act rashly. Liu Hong pointed at the two with a knife. “Just one step forward and I’ll kill him!”

Chen Shi countered, “Liu Hong, are you stupid? We have no direct evidence to accuse you right now, but you’re going to kill in front of us?”

There was a moment of hesitation in Liu Hong's eyes and the little monk shouted, “Don't worry about me! If I won’t go to hell, who will?!”

“Oh, how selfless. Why don’t you try and shout again!”


The little monk screamed in pain when Liu Hong stabbed the knife into his shoulder. In order to increase the pain, he also turned the blade around left and right.

Yin Wen shed tears when she looked at this scene in front of her.

Holding the little monk, Liu Hong slowly backed to the door and called out to Yin Wen, “Open the door! Open the door! Stinking ho, what are you doing?!”

Yin Wen was motionless. Her hair covered her face, and her expression couldn’t be seen.

Lin Dongxue had a bad hunch.

Chen Shi slowly moved forward a few steps and Liu Hong noticed it. He pointed at Chen Shi with the knife. “Stop, move forward and I’ll...”

Liu Hong's body shuddered, his eyes widened as if they were about to burst out of his eyes. Everyone in the room was stunned. The knife in Yin Wen's hand was inserted into Liu Hong’s flank. She raised her head and said with tears, “Don't hurt my son!”

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