Chapter 227: Liu Hong's Secret

Lin Dongxue was shocked. Liu Hong actually set up a pet crematorium for the purpose of burning corpses?!

Chen Shi called them to one side and asked, “Can Liu Hong be arrested?”

“Drunk driving, damaging public facilities, and insulting law enforcement officials, he’s already arrested. However, we can only detain him for 24 hours at most.” Lin Dongxue said.

“Then, let's take this opportunity to find evidence.”

“Can we go to his house...”

“I’ve tried it. This bastard has an alarm installed. If we pick the lock, we’d be found out. Don't think about it!”

Peng Sijue reprimanded, “How can you say such things with a calm face? It’s illegal to search other people's homes without formalities. How can you not be aware of your position as a member of the police?”

Chen Shi argued, “They’re just words. Is that not allowed? I want to buy a gun to kill him too!”

Peng Sijue glared at him.

Chen Shi asked the staff member again, “It was a woman who sent the Tibetan mastiff to get cremated? How old was she?”

“Thirty or forty maybe?”

“Can you be a little more specific?”

“No. She was wearing sunglasses and a scarf. She had smooth skin, so I couldn’t tell her real age.”

“How tall was she?”

“Around my height, but she was wearing high heels.”

“Is there a surveillance camera installed here?”


Asking this was just a waste of time. This was Liu Hong's property. Why would he install a camera?

Lin Dongxue asked the staff to hand over the keys and told the member that the place would be closed for the next 24 hours.

The next day, Peng Sijue brought the team to collect evidence there. Xu Xiaodong went to the lake to retrieve the car while Lin Dongxue went to interrogate Liu Hong. This time Chen Shi didn't participate. He didn’t need to be a genius to know that Liu Hong definitely wouldn’t be detained for long.

In the interrogation room, Liu Hong talked about the most random things with a smile on his face. He went off on tangents and was just playing around. Chen Shi stood outside listening to him and was so angry that he wanted to rush in to beat him up.

A policeman came over and said, “Brother Chen, someone is looking for you outside. It's a monk.”

Chen Shi got to the door and asked the little monk, “Why are you here?”

“I heard that the killer has been caught. Is that true?”

“Where did you find that information?”

“On the Internet. I also have a mobile phone.”

Chen Shi didn't know how to answer him. “The case is underway and there won’t be immediate results. You should go back and wait for news.”

“You always tell me to head back and wait. How can I just sit there and do nothing?” The little monk realized that he was too agitated and apologized. “Amitabha, I shouldn't yell at you. Sorry!”

Chen Shi patted him on the shoulder. “I know you're more anxious than anyone else and have waited for 13 years. It’s only two more days.”

The little monk still refused to leave and sat on the bench nearby waiting for a result.

Xu Xiaodong came in from the outside and asked, “Where’s Dongxue?”

Chen Shi replied, “She’s still in the middle of the interrogation. Did you salvage the car?”

“We fished it out, but it's too clean. Let’s wait for Captain Peng to check it out!”

“I think that the hope is slim. Liu Hong sinking the car is just to buy the other person time.”

“The other person?!” The young monk said in shock.

“I'm not in a position to talk about it right now because I haven't found the person yet. I'll tell you later when all is said and done.”


The crematorium wasn’t just closed for investigation. The staff members who had seen the woman were also invited in to recreate her portrait. When the results were produced, the portrait expert gave Chen Shi three pieces of cobbled-together photos. She was wearing sunglasses and a scarf in all three, but the mouth and face in each portrait were all different.

The portrait expert shrugged. “They didn't look at her carefully. They could only come up with this result!”

Chen Shi repeatedly looked at the three portraits and looked at them stacked together under the lights. There was a sudden movement outside and Chen Shi immediately rushed over.

He saw the young monk holding Liu Hong's collar and shouting angrily, “Murderer! You won’t have good karma!”

Next to Liu Hong was a man in a suit who seemed to be his lawyer. He kept warning, “If you don't let go, I will sue you for slander and for threatening my client.”

Liu Hong didn't fight back and said stiffly, “Are the police all dead?!”

“Little master, don't be impulsive!”

Lin Dongxue and others stepped forward and finally persuaded the young monk to stop. Liu Hong straightened his collar, snorted, and walked away with the lawyer.

The little monk who was subdued by the officers gritted his teeth and his eyes had fire coming out of them. Chen Shi asked Xu Xiaodong what was happening. Xu Xiaodong said, “Liu Hong's lawyer just then came to bail him out. The little master saw him leaving and couldn’t bear it... No one can calm down in that situation!”

“Now everything depends on Captain Peng's investigation!” Chen Shi sincerely hoped that Peng Sijue would make progress. This case was like being trapped in a quagmire where they couldn’t move.

Liu Hong said goodbye to the lawyer at the door, took a taxi, and went straight home.

He even ran into Officer Liu in the community. Liu Hong said with a grin, “It's been so many years, and the tea at your police station is still so bad.”

Officer Liu heard what he was implying. He wanted to say that he went back into the station and returned safely once again. Officer Liu said, “Liu Hong, you’ve done too many bad things. You’ll definitely get what you deserve. Don’t act so brazen with me.”

Liu Hong sneered, took out a cigarette, and ashed his cigarette on his portable ashtray case. “I really wasn’t laughing at your police’s incompetence. It’s mainly because my personal ability is too strong. You should persuade your colleagues to not bother with their efforts. The person who can catch me isn’t born yet!”

Liu Hong stepped forward and patted Officer Liu's shoulder. “We will drink together one day. We’ve been rivals for a dozen years. We’re practically friends now.”

Officer Liu shook his hand away. “I don’t care to be friends with you.”

“Hmph, look at what I’m like now and look at how you’ve turned out. Inviting you for a drink is lifting you up. You don’t even want it even though I’m giving you face!” Liu Hong spat some phlegm out again and walked away.

After returning home, Liu Hong suddenly became cautious again. As usual, he pulled out a magnifying glass from his pocket and checked the door lock. After entering the door, he lay on the ground and looked at it again and again. There was a thin layer of gray dust that was intact.

He was finally relieved. It seemed like the police hadn't slipped in while he was away.

When the Tibetan mastiff, Biaozi, saw his master had come home, he immediately rushed up and hugged and licked Liu Hong as he shook his tail. Liu Hong patted him and said, “You still treat me the best. Humans all forget what they owe. Assholes!”

He looked up and in the dark hallway from the places that the sunlight illuminated, a woman in white pajamas stood silently.

Liu Hong looked at her with his eyes and said, “Biaozi, eat!”

He poured a large bowl of dog food for the dog and then he took a frozen piece of steak from the freezer and put it in the refrigerator to defrost. The woman in white came into the kitchen quietly like a ghost and Liu Hong said loudly, “Biaozi, come here!”

The woman went over and kneeled in front of Liu Hong. Liu Hong stroked her long hair. Her black hair already had a few white hairs.

The woman unzipped Liu Hong’s zipper and brought her face towards him. Liu Hong took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he looked towards the ceiling. After a few minutes, his fleshy cheek twitched and the woman kneeling in front of him gulped, swallowing the matter in her mouth.

Liu Hong touched her head and said loudly, “Good dog!”

Then, he squatted down and whispered, “When I was at the bureau, I think I saw your son!”

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