Chapter 22: Flaws

“Annoying! Hateful! He’ll be the death of me!” Lin Dongxue who went downstairs kicked a stone on the ground.

“Miss Lin, why the big temper?” Chen Shi came forward from behind and asked with a smile.

“I’m so annoyed that my brother is always in charge of me over everything!” Lin Dongxue stopped and went to abuse a branch that protruded from the flower bed.

“I am very curious. Since you have a bad relationship, why did you want to go to work for this bureau?”

“I didn’t! When I applied, I deliberately avoided the branch he was working at. I didn't expect that after I came in for a year he suddenly transferred here as the captain and said that he came to take care of me. Ugh, it's so annoying!”

“Actually, your brother loves you very much.”

“Don't say good things for him. I hate it when he always says that he’s doing it for me. I’m tired of hearing these types of words. You try having such a control-freak of an overbearing brother!”

“Alright then. Pretend I didn’t say anything.”

“Where are you going next?”

“I’m going to go to the hospital to see if the little boy woke up. I haven't paid for the ambulance's fee yet. It’s time to pay the debt.”

Lin Dongxue looked at the layout of the apartment complex quarters and asked, “Don't you need to investigate the witnesses?”

“No, this will be done by your brother. This angle of investigation will be more thorough with police officers. Since he promised to share information with me, I don't think he will go back on his word.”

Lin Dongxue looked at him curiously. “I thought you would say something as if you were above everyone else, but you actually admitted to shortcomings.”

“When did I say that I’m above everyone?” Chen Shi smiled. “There are of course disadvantages of investigating solo. In fact, investigating crimes requires manpower. The more manpower invested, the easier the case would be to solve. This is a big case. The police will definitely pay attention to it. As for whether or not your brother can solve the case ahead of us, I will hold my reservations regarding that for now.”

Lin Dongxue laughed. “And you said that you don’t say you’re above everyone!”

The two immediately drove to the hospital. When they went to pay for the medical expenses, Chen Shi asked, “Could I please trouble you to open an invoice and write Long’An City Criminal Police Brigade.”

Lin Dongxue turned to Chen Shi. “You really aren’t polite about this sort of thing, are you?”

“Why should I be polite? I am not a millionaire.”

The two were led by the nurse to the ward where the boy was. The nurse said that the boy broke his ankle and the bottom of his spine as well as had a slight concussion. Everything else was just superficial injuries.

When they stepped into the ward, the little boy was wearing a numbered hospital gown and sat on the bed, looking out the window and silently shedding tears. Lin Dongxue suddenly felt so sad that she thought of the day when her parents died in a car accident. For a child, this kind of blow was overwhelming and wasn’t any less than the sky falling down.

“Child, are you okay?” Chen Shi said softly.

The little boy turned his face and his face was mottled with tears. He remained silent.

“Where is it still hurting?”


“Uncle wants to ask you something, okay?”


Chen Shi couldn’t do anything at all, and Lin Dongxue whispered, “I will try it!”

She smiled and asked, “Child, what is your name? Sister is a police officer, don't be afraid. We will protect you.”

The little boy burst into tears and rushed into Lin Dongxue’s arms. Lin Dongxue hugged his thin body and patted his back gently to comfort him, “It’s okay, it's okay.”

Chen Shi gave her a look of admiration.

The little boy cried so sadly that Lin Dongxue didn't know what to ask. Asking him to remember what happened last night was a bit cruel. She was hesitating when Chen Shi suddenly asked, “What happened last night, do you still remember?”

The little boy looked at him in horror and held Lin Dongxue tighter, still not speaking.

Chen Shi asked, “Your father and mother...”

“Ah! Ahhh!” The little boy suddenly shrank back into the hospital sheets and screamed in pain while holding his head.

“Don't ask again, it's not the right time.” Lin Dongxue whispered a warning.

“Why is the reaction so intense?” Chen Shi muttered to himself.

“You’re still talking!” Lin Dongxue told him off. “Do you even have a conscience? Let's go and come back another time.”

Chen Shi looked at Lin Dongxue and then left with her whilst deep in thought. When he left the hospital, he suddenly rushed back in. Lin Dongxue couldn’t call him back in time. Chen Shi didn't go back to the ward, but went straight to the nurse's station and asked, “Who is responsible for the little boy in ward 203?”

A fat nurse asked, “Looking for me?”

“Could I trouble you to talk for a little bit?”

The three came to the side, and Chen Shi took out his mobile phone. “Add me on WeChat!”

“What are you doing?” The fat nurse became suspicious.

Lin Dongxue didn't know what medicine the guy was selling in his gourd[1]. She took out her police badge. “We are the police; please cooperate with us.”

“Is there anything wrong with the boy's family?” As soon as she saw the police badge, the nurse's nosy nature was evoked.

“Add me on WeChat, I need it!” Chen Shi repeated. 

“Oh, okay, alright!”

After adding him on WeChat, Chen Shi quickly transferred her a thousand yuan. The nurse was shocked. “Wow, big brother, what is this? Do you want me to take care of him properly? Don't worry, I will. But this money... I can't accept it. There are rules here.”

“Help me do one thing. While this boy is in hospital, if someone visits, you must remember the look of the visitor. It is best to take a video and then contact me. Can you do it?”

“You want me to be an informant?” The nurse questioned with a puzzled face.

“Don’t think too much. It is just to help with the case.”

“Okay, but I only work during the day this week.”

“Then think of a way yourself.”

Looking at the money, the nurse agreed and accepted the money.

Leaving the hospital, Lin Dongxue looked at Chen Shi in a confused manner. “You’re normally so frugal, why were you suddenly so generous with your money?”

“First, I am not frugal normally. You clearly don’t know me very well. Second, this matter is related to the case, I think.”

“Do you think the murderer will come to visit the little boy?” Lin Dongxue guessed.

“The biggest oddity in the whole case is this. Why is the murderer leaving the little boy alone? This is definitely a point for the breakthrough!”

“It might not be. Some people are very bad, but they won't hurt children.”

“Then he has no qualms about an 80-year-old person?”

Chen Shi’s words awakened the dreamer. Stunned, Lin Dongxue said, “Oh. That’s right…”

“The murderer's first consideration is always his own safety. Under such a premise, that kind of good nature does not exist! Since he can do that to such an old person, it is impossible to simply let go of a child. Therefore there has to be some other reasons for this, and this reason will determine the final direction of the entire case.”

“Is the murderer a relative?”

At this time, Lin Qiupu called. “Dongxue, the case has already been established. Come back for a meeting!”

Hanging up the phone, Lin Dongxue asked, “My brother told me to go back. Will you come with?”

“No, you can tell me later.” Chen Shi suddenly looked at Lin Dongxue up and down.

Lin Dongxue protested, “What are you looking at, old uncle?”

“Are you wearing that to attend a task force meeting?”

Lin Dongxue took a look at herself and suddenly remembered that today was the weekend. She was dressed too casually. Chen Shi suggested, “You should go back to your house and change clothes first!”

“Is there time? I don't want to be late.”

“This old driver here said that we will have time, so we’ll have time!” Chen Shi smiled.

1. Didn’t know what the hell he was doing as he was trying to be secretive/act mysterious. 

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