Chapter 205: Trap the Murderer

Everyone was shocked when they saw Lin Dongxue had fainted.

Lin Qiupu went over to check on her. “Hurry up and keep working. I’ll send her to the hospital!”

Although he really wanted to care about it, Chen Shi knew that it was less than three hours before the plane would take off. He said to Peng Sijue, “Let's go!”

The crowd got on the plane and searched it carefully, recording all the passengers who did not have foil in their garbage bag. This took about half an hour. The airport was just too big.

Chen Shi asked people from team one to organize the passengers. When the members of the second team arrived, the captain of the first team Old Geng said, “The passengers you are asking about have all been brought out... Who are you? Where’s Little Lin?”

“I'll tell you later!” Chen Shi patted his shoulder, “Thanks, Old Geng!”

Seeing that everyone else was following Chen Shi, Old Geng was very puzzled and muttered, “Who the hell is this?”

Xu Xiaodong passed by and answered him. “The treasure of the team!”

Chen Shi communicated with the hotel and arranged some empty rooms. Groups of two police officers each questioned a passenger in order to speed up the process.

Peng Sijue took the forensics department to find the weapon. Chen Shi and Xu Xiaodong got to a room. The person smoking on the bed in the room was actually the bald man from the morning. He immediately stood up, brushed the cigarette ashes from his body, smiled, and handed some cigarettes over to them.

“What's your name?” Chen Shi declined the cigarette and pulled out a packet from his own pocket.

The bald man came over to light the cigarette and said, “Feng Dabao!”

Chen Shi noticed that there was a question mark next to his name from Lin Dongxue on the list. The suspicious pills found in the luggage in the morning were from the same person. It’s no wonder he tried to obstruct the police from checking the luggage this morning and became so attentive in the afternoon.

“Check to see if he has a previous record.” Chen Shi instructed.

Xu Xiaodong searched using the police system and said, “He was booked for smuggling. He was in prison for a few years.”

Feng Dabao defended, “I own an online shop and engage in overseas purchases. I haven’t scammed or harmed anyone. I only carry items back to China for sale. How is that smuggling? I feel wrongly accused.”

“Let’s not talk about that. Do you know this person?” Chen Shi showed the photo of the victim on his phone.

“That old man? I haven't seen him before this!”

“Did you get the meal provided on-board?”

“I did. It tasted so fucking bad. I threw it away.”

“Where did you throw it?”

“Just the bin next to the toilet.”

Chen Shi felt that he was not lying and waved his hand. “Let's go!”

“Ah, you're so efficient. Then, I'll go now!”

Xu Xiaodong whispered, “Brother Chen, why didn’t you ask about the pills?”

“How can we spare time for that? Contact the police who will be at the landing area to check it out!”

Chen Shi called in the next passenger and began to ask, “Name...”

In the infirmary of the airport, Lin Dongxue woke up and found that there was an IV drip on the back of her hand and Lin Qiupu was beside her. Her head was still a little dizzy. She sat up slowly and asked, “Brother, what happened to me?”

“Anemia. Who told you to pull all-nighters all the time?”

“Who caused me to do all-nighters? ... I didn’t say anyone’s name while I was unconscious, right?”

“Are you afraid that I would have heard someone’s name come out of your mouth?”

“No... No!” Lin Dongxue was surprised when she looked at the clock on the wall. “It's already two o'clock. How's the case?”

“No progress!” Lin Qiupu has been following up with the task force with his mobile phone. He furrowed his eyebrows.

An airport officer came with Old Zhang and the airport personnel said, “Captain Lin, haven't you caught the suspect yet? The plane is ready to take off, and the airport asked me to come over to let you know.”

“How long do we have?”

“There’s a lot of people, so they have to start boarding half an hour earlier.”

Lin Qiupu was anxious and asked Old Zhang, “What about what I’ve asked you to check...”

“Neither flight attendant nor the passengers from first class seem to be suspects.”

“There’s no progress over on Chen Shi’s side either!” He whispered to himself.

Lin Dongxue pulled off the IV lure and said, “We won’t make it in time! Let's go together!”

“You lie down for me!” Lin Qiupu ordered.

“I can go on the drip anytime. Why do I have to do it now? I’m fine now...” Lin Dongxue felt dizzy again as soon as she stood up. However, she was a lot better than before.

Lin Qiupu no longer insisted. “Go! Let’s go to the hotel!”

They all got to the hotel and were surprised to find Chen Shi standing outside the door of the hallway smoking as if nothing was wrong. Lin Qiupu asked in disbelief, “You... Have you figured it out yet?”

“No, there are no suspects in this group.”

“Then you...” Lin Qiupu controlled his voice that was raised abruptly. “Then, why are you still so leisurely loitering around?”

“There’s no way to investigate anymore. What else can I do?”

Lin Qiupu was fuming and Chen Shi raised his hand, counted his fingers, and said, “Old Peng didn't find the weapon in the place where the passenger passed by or stayed. There was no problem in the luggage even though we checked twice. All corners of the plane have been checked and there’s no problem!“

“What do you want to say?”

“The murder weapon is on the murderer.”

“You know what time it is? If you have a plan, let's do it quickly!” Lin Qiupu glanced at his watch. It was already 2:15. The movement of the second and minute hands made him irritable.

“What plan do I have? I don’t have x-ray vision or anything,” Chen Shi yawned.

“X-ray vision? Doesn't the airport have x-rays?” Lin Dongxue asked.

“Exactly! That's my idea. Let everyone go through the security check again and board the plane. We should be able to intercept the killer during this.”

“What if this trick doesn't work?” Lin Qiupu questioned.

Peng Sijue walked through the door and pushed his glasses up. “If Old Chen's idea doesn't work, I will fly together with them, collect everyone's DNA, and bring it back for comparison.”

“I hope you don't have to do that. Let everyone know they can board the plane!”

It seems that Chen Shi intentionally waited until this time and didn’t have any other plans. Lin Qiupu asked the airport staff to inform everyone to prepare for boarding and arranged for everyone to monitor the security check.

The airport temporarily opened a security checkpoint. When the passengers heard that they could finally get back on the plane, they were very delighted. As long as they could get on the plane, even if they didn’t take off, they felt like it was a lot better.

The airport also gave a reasonable explanation for the requirement to go through the security check once again and most people were happy to accept it.

Near the security checkpoint, police officers waited with anxiety as the long line of passengers passed through the security one by one. Whenever a metal object was found on someone, everyone would be nervous. However, they turned out to be false alarms. They were just coins, keys, mobile phones and the like.

“Will it work?” Lin Qiupu expressed his doubts. “The murder weapon is not large, and the murderer could have hidden it in the hotel.”

“Rest assured. They didn't know about the security check before they came out.” Chen Shi was very confident. “And the first team is now checking the place where they lived.”

Lin Qiupu's phone rang and it was a call from Old Geng. He said, “Little Lin, there’s nothing abnormal in the hotel.”

“It’s been tough for you.”

“No, no. Not at all. We were the ones who asked for your team’s help.”

At this moment, a young man in the crowd looked panicked. He constantly changed positions with the people behind him. Chen Shi made a gesture to make sure people would stay quiet, then pointed at the young man so that everyone would understand. They slowly surrounded the man like a wolf pack that had locked onto its prey…


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