Chapter 200: A Quiet Day

Volume 14: Emergency Landing

On March 20th, Lin Dongxue left work to go home, opened the door with a spare key given to her by Chen Shi, and heard Tao Yueyue crying from her room.

Lin Dongxue hurriedly changed her shoes and clothes to rush towards the bedroom. "Yueyue, what's wrong? Did Uncle Chen have an accident?"

"It's worse than that. The kitten is sick! Wahh wahh wahhh!"

Lin Dongxue couldn’t help but laugh. When she entered the room, Tao Yueyue was holding Maoqiu in her arms. Maoqiu kept twitching and drooling. Tao Yueyue looked up and asked, "Sister Lin, what should I do? Is it about to die?"

Lin Dongxue was helpless in the situation and said, "Let’s hurry and take it to the vet!"

The two immediately packed the cat in a cat bag and took it to the vet. An inspection revealed that it wasn’t a big problem. It was a calcium deficiency caused by an imbalanced diet. After it was injected with the proper nutrients, Maoqiu jumped up energetically again.

This problem caused them to return at 7:00. It turned out that Chen Shi had already returned early, prepared dinner, and waited for them. He asked, "Is the cat all right?"

"How did you know?" Lin Dongxue questioned. "Oh, you noticed that the cat wasn’t here either, right?”

Tao Yueyue squatted down on the ground and released the kitten from her bag. After returning to a familiar environment, Moqiu was ecstatic. It ran back and forth with boundless energy before parkouring all over the furniture. Chen Shi smiled but complained, "It's really troublesome to keep this kind of thing."

"A home is always troublesome" Tao Yueyue commented.

"The composition of our house is so odd. Picked up a cat, picked up a child, and then…” Chen Shi’s fingers moved to Lin Dongxue as he stopped talking.

Lin Dongxue said, "I will move away tomorrow! I was going to get off work early today and find a real estate agent.”

"You’ve been saying this for half a month now. Hurry up and eat.”

Tao Yueyue said, "Sister Lin, why do you have to move away? Isn't it nice to live here?"

"It's not my own home, after all."

"The house you rent is not your own either."

Lin Dongxue was speechless as Chen Shi laughed, "Then find one. If you find the right one, I’ll help you move... Or you pay me rent and everyone wins."

"Oh please!" Lin Dongxue said seriously and vowed for the umpteenth time, "Tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will definitely move away. I can't stay here forever!"

"I wish you success!"

Honestly, living at Chen Shi’s house was quite comfortable. Chen Shi liked being clean and organized things neatly. The three of them had the same schedule and didn’t disturb each other. When she thought of moving to a new place, cleaning, tidying and all the other chores, she felt her head swell up just thinking about the costs.

However, she said to herself that no matter what, she must move away tomorrow. She couldn’t stick around there forever. 

The heavens won’t abandon those with a will. With the help of Chen Shi, Lin Dongxue soon found a suitable rental to move into swiftly and smoothly.

When she was leaving, Tao Yueyue was reluctant to let her go. Lin Dongxue touched her head and comforted her. "Sister will come often to see you."

The new home was very comfortable to live in. On the first night there, Lin Dongxue had an exceptionally sweet night. At dawn, she stretched and headed for the toilet. When she opened the door, she found Chen Shi playing on his mobile phone at the living room table.

Lin Dongxue was shocked. "Why are you in my house?!"

"Your house? When did the Sleep God work as a part-timer at the real estate agency?"

Lin Dongxue looked around and found that she was still in Chen Shi's house. It turned out that the whole move was just a dream. No wonder it was so smooth as if it were a movie flashing by in a blink of an eye.

Lin Dongxue then realized that she was wearing something too thin. Her upper body was fitted with a t-shirt with the character Mei Yangyang[1]. Although it was the right size, her shirt was slightly raised due to her chest, exposing a little part of her white tummy.

There was only a pair of small, pink shorts on her lower body, so her thighs were exposed.

Lin Dongxue screamed and then hurried back into her room to change clothes. Chen Shi kept his eyes on his mobile phone the whole time. "Is this necessary? If I wanted to peep, I would have already installed a camera in your room!"

"You didn't really do that, right?" Lin Dongxue asked from behind the door.

"I did and I sold it everywhere as well!"

"Stinking uncle!" Of course Lin Dongxue knew it was just a lie.

"Hurry up and eat. Why did you get up so late today? Yueyue has already gone to school."

Lin Dongxue pushed the door open and had already changed her clothes. There were two bowls of fragrant noodles on the table. The noodles were glutinous and chewy Guanmiao noodles[2]. The soup was a bone soup stewed from the night before. It had a poached egg on top and was sprinkled with chopped seaweed, green onions, parsley, and two pieces of dried meat.

The breakfast at Chen Shi's house was too luxurious. Lin Dongxue was not used to it for a few days at first. She was flattered and asked, "You made it for me?" Because of her busy job, Lin Dongxue often didn't return for dinner, but breakfast was a must.

Chen Shi's answered, "The little rascal isn’t here, so I wanted to eat something good!"

After washing up, Lin Dongxue took a bite of the noodle soup and said, "It's delicious! It's delicious as always."

"Eat more if it’s delicious."

"Your food is delicious and you understand life. You... You also look alright, so why have you always been single?"

"Take a guess!"

Through the "cohabitation" period, she observed that Chen Shi had no bad habits except smoking. If she were to talk about financial ability, it was considered a moderate to high level as he has a car and a house. Perhaps it’s due to that reason... Of course, that’s not something a young lady should say.

"I don't know," Lin Dongxue answered.

"Don’t worry about the private affairs of someone else all day long. You don’t have a boyfriend either, right?"

"I won't settle for you!"

Chen Shi spat out the soup in his mouth and wiped it with a paper towel. "Miss Lin, I really can't keep up with your brain circuit. Don't worry, I'm not that kind of person."

Lin Dongxue used her chopsticks to get a few strands of noodles. "I can't stay here anymore. I must move out tomorrow!"

"Okay, okay. I wish you success."

The sunshine outside was quiet. Lin Dongxue looked at the angle of the sun and felt like something was amiss. She went to her bedroom to get her mobile phone and found that it was already 9:00.

"I’m late!”

"Yeah, I called you at 8:00 and you said you were going to wake up. Then, 9:00 came around."

Lin Dongxue looked helpless. Recently, she had been very fatigued, so she must have slept in because of it. Sure enough, Chen Shi's bed was too comfortable... She continued to eat her noodles in anger as she worried about this month's attendance award.

After she finished eating the noodles, Chen Shi offered, "I'll send you to work."

As usual, Lin Dongxue went to work in Chen Shi's car and paid him through the app. After all, she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she not only had free accommodation and food, but also transport as well.

Today, she was undoubtedly late, but Lin Qiupu didn't call or tell her off. After Gan Ping's case ended, Lin Qiupu had been quiet since.

In addition, because of her meritorious service last year, she had been promoted and now ranked only under Lin Qiupu and Old Zhang in the team. Since then, Lin Qiupu had rarely scolded her.

"Maybe it will be a peaceful and quiet day today?" Lin Dongxue muttered to herself as she watched the city’s hustle and bustle through the window.

"It's like the calm before the storm of a big case," Chen Shi said.

"Crow's mouth!"

1. A character from a popular cartoon called “Xi Yang Yang Yue Hui Tai Lang” 

2. Noodles from Taiwan. 


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