Chapter 198: Pursuit

Lin Qiupu held the steering wheel tightly in his hands with his eyes staring straight ahead. He put his phone on speaker and made calls one after another, telling everyone in the team to chase Jiang Yuqi along Zaifu Road.

“Captain Lin, we see his car. Do you want us to stop him?” The subordinate asked for further instructions.

Lin Qiupu thought about it and replied, “No. Don’t stop them. Just follow them! The goal isn’t him, but Gan Ping!”

Lin Dongxue's called in and he pressed to answer. Lin Dongxue reported, “Brother, I’ve checked and it seems Jiang Yuqi is going in the direction of where the siblings used to live. It was an old employee housing area for an electroplating factory that was demolished. Later, the new building was only ever half-built.”

“Give me the coordinates. I'll head over first! Are you in a car?”

“I'm in Xiaodong's car.”

After getting the address, Lin Qiupu ordered those who were close to it to hurry over. The others needed to follow Jiang Yuqi. He turned the steering wheel and stepped on the accelerator the whole way.

When he got to the half-built building, a group of police officers had already arrived. Lin Qiupu jumped out of the car and saw them looking up. He followed their line of sight and saw someone sitting on top of the building. From the thin and slender figure, it seemed like it was Gan Ping.

“Captain Lin, this little girl seems to be... ending her life short!” Old Zhang tried to explain.

“You guys guard below. I'll go up to her. Contact the fire brigade to set up cushioning below.”

Lin Qiupu rushed to the top of the building in one breath and saw Gan Ping wearing a thin shirt sitting on the edge. Her braids had been untied and her long hair was constantly being blown by the night wind. She was unwrapping white rabbit lollies[1] and putting them into her mouth. Moonlight was reflected on the two lines of tears on her face, and white rabbit wrappers were piled up around her feet.

“Officer Lin...”

“Gan Ping, don't be so silly and come down from there.”

Gan Ping shook her head and said, “When I was a kid, my family was very poor. We could only afford half a catty[2] of these lollies during the New Year, but those were our happiest moments… Later, my mother married this man. The person who set them up boasted about how this man was amazing and one of a kind. He was indeed a good man in front of others, but when nobody was around… He would just drink, beat my mother, and beat us… My mother couldn’t stand it and ran away a few times. He would complain everywhere until mother was found, then he’d beat her ruthlessly. My brother and I could only watch them without making a peep... Later, my mother developed a mental illness and we became his punching bags to vent his frustrations. He hit my brother, lashed at him with a belt and burned him with a soldering iron. And he raped me again and again… When my brother ran away from home, he said that when he became a man above men in the future, he had to take revenge on this old bastard... One day, our mother suddenly died. I knew I couldn't stay any longer, so I ran away the day after the funeral... I looked forward to growing up and getting stronger every day to get my revenge on him! Officer Lin, I don't regret doing this. This was all my choice!”

Lin Qiupu said sadly, “You don't need to take your own life for such a scum.”

Gan Ping's eyes were empty and tears kept flowing from them. “Although you deal with murderers every day, you don't know how it feels to kill people, right? When I killed him, I was very happy. I was so happy I wept. It turns out that the man who tortured me in reality and in my nightmares for the past ten years was so vulnerable that he died like a dog!”

“You can solve problems with the law.”

“Law!” Gan Ping held an angry expression. “My mother was beaten up and ran to the streets to find the police, but the old bastard said that my mother had a mental illness. My mother ended up being sent back by the police. At that time, if they had just asked for more information or looked into the situation, they wouldn’t have been fooled by him. But, the police did nothing. They left just like that as if they’d completed their task… When we were weak and desired saving, a miracle didn’t happen. I could only rely on myself and use my own hands to go and kill him!”

Lin Qiupu was speechless and said, “Will you come down first and talk at another place?”

“Officer Lin, I really envy you. You and your sister can grow up healthy and happily while spending time together. I can see that you’re a good brother.”


A call drew the attention of the two. Lin Qiupu turned back and found Jiang Yuqi had arrived, followed by other police officers. They couldn't stop him no matter how much they tried.

Jiang Yuqi was no longer the dazzling image he was on TV, but full of sorrow as he stepped forward.

“Brother!” Gan Ping stood up shakily and smiled. Lin Qiupu was scared and began sweating as he watched her. “To be able to meet you again at my end, I’m very content… Knowing that my big brother is a star admired by everyone, I’m really happy.”

“Why are you so stupid!” Jiang Yuqi said with a pained heart. “Why didn't you come to me to discuss such a big thing and why did you do it alone?”

“I didn't want to affect you. You are so famous and so many people look up to you...”

“Those aren't important!” Jiang Yuqi desperately shook his head. “Come down and let your brother hug you. Be a good girl, okay? You've already done something stupid, don't be any more stupid!”

Gan Ping seemed determined and had a firm expression. Old Zhang advised, “Young lady, you may not be sentenced to death in this case. Your brother will surely find the best lawyer for you. You are young and you have a good amount of years waiting for you. Don't do anything stupid!“

Gan Ping seemed a little shaken and Lin Qiupu took the opportunity to say, “Your mother is already gone. Think about your only loved one in the world. If you died, think about how pained he would be! Survive! Live! Escaping isn’t going to solve problems!”

Gan Ping bit her lip and stared at Jiang Yuqi.

“You all go away!” Jiang Yuqi suddenly shouted, “It's all you police who pushed her to this point. Don’t act like cats mourning mice. You all need to get lost!”

“Mr. Jiang, please calm down!” Lin Dongxue said, stepping forward to grab his shoulder.

“It's not your turn to order me around!” Jiang Yuqi slapped Lin Dongxue's hand away. “You don't understand anything! I thought of the perfect killing plan. If it wasn't for my sister doing it first, you wouldn't have been able to find out!”

“Perfect killing plan?” Lin Dongxue raised an eyebrow.

Jiang Yuqi knew that he had said the wrong thing and stared at her without talking. At this moment, Gan Ping suddenly screamed. It turned out that Lin Qiupu rushed over and dragged her down.

Jiang Yuqi rushed over immediately and saw Lin Qiupu putting a pair of handcuffs on Gan Ping's wrists. This made Jiang Yuqi fall into a fit of rage. He grabbed Lin Qiupu’s collar and pushed him to the side of the building. He shouted, “You made it sound so good saying she has a good life ahead of her. You’re still arresting her anyway! Our lives are just case-breaking bonuses to you. You don’t understand anything! You don’t understand anything and only know to interfere with others!”

For fear of Jiang Yuqi making impulsive decisions, the police surrounded him, but Lin Qiupu reached out to stop everyone. He said to Jiang Yuqi, “You can scold us and discredit us. This is our job and we must take her away.”

“Go and die first then. I'll go to prison with my sister!” Jiang Yuqi’s grip on Lin Qiupu's collar tightened, as if he was about to push him off.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed Jiang Yuqi's collar from behind and yanked him back. The thin Jiang Yuqi was pulled back, and his hand was loosened from Lin Qiupu's collar. The person who dragged him back was Lin Dongxue.


2. About 600 grams. 


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