Chapter 188: Humiliated by Money

“Watch what you say!" Chen Shi, who was scolded as an "asshole driver" looked up.

"I said asshole driver! Asshole driver! Asshole driver! What are you gonna do? Hit me?" Ji Chunma said as the fat on his cheeks jiggled.

Chen Shi rolled up his sleeves. "I'm not a policeman, so it doesn’t matter even if I hit you… But I won’t. Since you’re all fair and chubby, people will see to you in prison anyway.”

Ji Chunma went pale for a moment, but then comforted himself immediately. "I’m a murderer and have the highest status in prison. Only I can take care of others."

"I want to ask you about a minor detail. Wang Xifeng didn’t know you were a wanted criminal?"

"She knew! But she thought I was wanted for tax evasion or something. She’s a silly woman who doesn't care as long as she has money to spend."

"The three people you killed five years ago were obviously murdered sloppily, but this time it seemed skilled and detached. Were there any other experiences in these last five years? I mean, do you have other cases that relate to you?"

"Oh! I won't say!"

"Why not?"

"This is the wisdom of criminals. I can stay in the prison and when I feel like having some meat, I’ll give you some info to help increase your crime solving rates.”

"You can say anything you want! I don't care either way." Chen Shi turned his head around and asked Lin Dongxue, "Is there anything you’d like to add?"

"The case is well-documented and has plenty of evidence. We may bring him back to the crime scene tomorrow to re-enact the murder. Then, we’ll wait for his trial.”

"I will cooperate with you all," Ji Chunma said. "I can’t wait for the death penalty! I’m forty this year. I’ve enjoyed everything that I need to, so I have no regrets. I don’t want my delicate body to suffer in prison. I can’t wait to die and reincarnate as a rich second generation in my next life.”

"You’re like a dead pig who isn’t afraid of boiling water[1]." Chen Shi praised.

"You can say whatever you like. My life has been like Cao Xueqin’s[2]. Dream of Red Mansions? Psh, my life is much richer than that."

"If Cao Xueqin heard that, he’d probably want to crawl out from his coffin to come and punch you,” Chen Shi said. "Ah, yes. Since you want to die so fast, why not tell us about a few more cases to try and get a heavier sentence? It’s a bad time waiting for you in the prison. There’s no meat to eat there.”

Ji Chunma muttered to himself and then looked at the empty lunch box in his hand. "Give me another one and I'll tell you about a few people I killed in 2014."

Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi left the interrogation room and let another batch of interrogators grill him. After leaving, Lin Dongxue glanced back at the surveillance monitor and said, "Look at his proud and arrogant face when he speaks! He’s an animal!”

"That’s an apt description. In order to attain his desires, he’ll do anything to get by. He’s no different from an animal."

Lin Dongxue was disgusted when she saw this fat man, but she wasn’t disgusted for long. They transferred him to a detention center to wait for the legal procedures.

Half a month later, Chen Shi went to see Lu Qixing and told him that the real murderer had been arrested. After hearing the truth, Lu Qixing shook his head and sighed. "We can’t do anything since things have come to this. In the end… It was all Zhendong’s fault!”

"I won’t accompany you to analyze who was responsible. I’ll take my leave."

"Wait a minute. What's the date today?"

"March 15th."

"Asshole, you did it deliberately, right?! I demanded that the killer needed to be caught in thirty days, but you came to tell me on the thirty-first day!”

"Oh really?" Chen Shi acted surprised, "I was so busy that I forgot. It seems like I really don’t have the luck for side fortunes. Please keep the five million for yourself!”

When Chen Shi left, Old Man Lu threw things angrily behind him. "Nobody puts me in their sights! Is it my fault that I have money?”

Unexpectedly, Old Man Lu's still felt uncomfortable over this matter. The next day, Chen Shi was called in by Lin Qiupu. Chen Shi found that there were a few brand-new police cars in the yard and asked, "The team’s rich now?"

"I also wanted to ask you about this. Why did Old Man Lu suddenly send us police cars? In addition, he asked me to give you this."

Lin Qiupu took out an envelope with a check for 500,000 yuan and a message saying, "Acting all noble... I won’t let you act all high and mighty! You won’t take 5 million, but you need to hold onto this half a million. Otherwise I’ll post all over the news to thank you!”

The last sentence cut into Chen Shi's weak spot and he smiled bitterly. "This is not my sole credit."

"Hmm? You’re rich!" Lin Qiupu glanced at the letter. "Why didn't I encounter such a good thing? I want someone rich to humiliate me with money too."

"I’ll do that right now. If you call me ‘senior’, I’ll give this to you.” Chen Shi patted Lin Qiupu’s face with the check.

"Get lost! When it comes to the word 'senior', there’s only one person in my mind!"

"Are you going to say it or not? It’s 500,000!"

"Shameless goods..." As soon as he thought that this paper was a down payment for a house, Lin Qiupu was tempted. "Sen..."

"I retract it!" Chen Shi halted him in time. "I was just testing Captain Lin a little bit. It seems that you are a good officer who won’t be defeated by sugar-coated shells!"

Lin Qiupu was so angry that he couldn't speak.

Chen Shi patted him on the shoulder. "Let everyone know that I’ll treat them to dinner at night."

Lin Qiupu said, "You can save your money. I’ll tell you some good news. My sister has just been promoted to the second rank.”

1. A dead pig isn’t scared of boiling water as they can’t feel anything anyway. 

2. The author of Dream of Red Mansions. The Dream of Red Mansions is believed to be an accurate, real-life depiction of his own life as they bear a lot of similarities. In this, I believe the author is trying to say that if he’s the one writing the story, it would be a lot richer than Cao Xueqin’s, who lived a rich life as well. 


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