Chapter 186: See Each Other Again in the Next Life

On this day, everyone tried to confirm whether Chen Shi's reasoning was true.

They all re-checked the surveillance footage. There wasn’t any suspicious “woman” leaving the community that night. It seemed like the killer had a way to avoid surveillance.

All the hair in the pipes was identified as belonging to Ji Chunma.

After checking the online shopping accounts of the two victims and comparing it with the burned wigs and cosmetics, it was found that lipstick, foundation, eyebrow pencils, and false eyelashes were missing from the crime scene. In addition to all of these, there was a long, black, and curly wig not found.

The police immediately revised the wanted order and focused on investigating more than a dozen wig sellers and clothing stores in the city.

The arrest of a wanted man was different from solving a case. Ten days passed in the blink of an eye. Old Lady Liu claimed something had happened at home. After obtaining the police’s consent, she left with the reluctant Dog Egg.

Then, Tao Yueyue started school again.

On this day, Chen Shi and some members of the task force ate together. Lin Dongxue complained, "It's so tiring to catch someone. Every day, I stop fat, middle-aged women on the street to ask questions. It’s so tiresome."

Xu Xiaodong echoed her sentiments. "Also, there are so many men dressed as women in the bureau every day. I’ll be damned. It’s an eye-opener! I caught a few from the park who were selling themselves the other day. All of them were men. I asked them how they dealt with transactions out of curiosity and they told me that it was a trade secret. There was also a man in woman’s clothing who wore silicone breast inserts that looked like they were real. There was even a man who looked more beautiful than biological females. I might have to bend[1], okay? I’m now suspecting how many of the girls walking on the street are really females.”

Old Zhang said, "That guy appeared in the surveillance footage of several clothing stores, but he could never be found. He’s too slippery. He is indeed a wanted criminal who has been missing for five years. Little Chen, do you have any good ideas?"

"I really don’t this time. It depends on our luck. It’s always been hard work finding people… I’ll take my leave first. I have to go and pick Tao Yueyue up.”

Today was the first day of school. After picking her up, Chen Shi was looking around the whole time. Tao Yueyue asked suddenly, "Uncle Chen, do you like fat women?"


"You've been watching the fat aunties on the road."

"The police are catching a 'fat aunt' right now. I'm trying to pay attention when I see people of that description."

"Is it that person?" Tao Yueyue pointed at a blonde, big-breasted aunty who sported a small bag over her shoulder as she walked along the road slowly.

Chen Shi passed by this aunty and glanced at them from the rear-view mirror. Suddenly, he had a feeling the aunty was a bit like the wanted criminal, Ji Chunma. He said, “I need to turn around up ahead.”

"Is that her?"

"Not sure. If it is, I’ll gesture it to you. You’ll need to get out of the car immediately.”

"You’re going to fight her?"

"I plan to die together."


After turning around, Chen Shi slowly drove the car next to the fat aunty, rolled down the window and said, "Sister, are you going by car?"

The person looked Chen Shi’s car up and down and said, "Are you a taxi?"

Listening to her voice, it was obvious that she deliberately suppressed her voice. Looking at her face, it was too similar to Ji Chunma, so the probability of this person being Ji Chunma was quite high.

Today is really fortunate, he thought to himself.

"Private taxi." Chen Shi replied.

Ji Chunma looked suspiciously at him and asked, "How much does it cost to go to Caodianzhuang?”



Ji Chunma got into the car and saw Tao Yueyue in the front passenger seat. He asked, "Why is there a child here as well? If you want me to share a car, you have to make it cheaper for me."

"No, this is my daughter."

Ji Chunma stopped talking and looked down at his phone.

Chen Shi started the car. When passing a certain street, there was a police investigation on the road. Ji Chunma suddenly panicked and said, "Don't go this way. Change to another route!"

"Okay, let me do a U-turn."

Chen Shi made a gesture and Tao Yueyue immediately pushed the door and got out of the car. Chen Shi quickly pulled out the key and got off the other side. Ji Chunma realized that something was wrong and was ready to push the door to get out as well when he realized that he was locked in. With a fierce expression, his voice became rough. "What is the meaning of this?"

"Officers, there’s a wanted criminal here!” Chen Shi shouted.

Seeing the police running over, Ji Chunma slammed into the door creating a gap. The car was stopped in the middle of the road, so there was a lot of honking.

With a bang, Ji Chunma slammed out of the car door and fell to the ground. He dropped his ID, mobile phone, and a knife from his bag. He grabbed the knife and was ready to fight like a trapped beast. Chen Shi kicked him in the face and the wig on his head flew off.

The impact felt from the soles of his shoe told Chen Shi that he loosened one of Ji Chunma’s teeth.

"Stinking driver, I’ll fuck you up!" Ji Chunma yelled in anger, as spectators gathered around them, adding an obstacle to the police who were coming from a distance.

Tao Yueyue grabbed a handful of soil from the roadside flowerbed and threw it at Ji Chunma's face and mouth. Ji Chunma screamed, "I’ll slaughter you! What do you think you’re looking at? I’m a murderer!”

"Looks like we were right." Chen Shi grabbed a public bike from the roadside and smashed it on Ji Chunma's head. Weapons are stronger with every inch they’re longer by. Ji Chunma's knife was no use at all.

Chen Shi continued to use the bicycle to beat him time after time and Ji Chunma's fat body couldn't get up at all. He could only keep swearing and spitting out unpleasant, threatening words. When fighting, both parties have two hands and feet. Thus, they had to rely on tools to gain advantages for themselves. Humans were animals that naturally required tools to begin with, so it wasn’t shameful to do so.

These were the “martial arts” that Chen Shi learned from the streets.

The bicycle suppressed Ji Chunma. Many spectators pulled out their mobile phones and began to capture the scene. Chen Shi thought, Oh noI’ve shown my face.

The police finally arrived and put handcuffs on Ji Chunma. When they were ready to thank the driver who had helped them out, they found that the driver was already gone.

Chen Shi drove the car directly to the city bureau and rushed in with Tao Yueyue. Lin Dongxue had not finished work and asked, "Where is Ji Chunma? The righteous driver wasn’t you, was it?”

"It was me!"

"I knew it. Who else would be so brave… People are on their way escorting him back. They should be back in a bit.”

"Can you help me a little? The situation at the time was urgent and many witnesses caught videos of me. Can the police come forward to delete the posts and videos on Weibo? I don’t want to be famous."

"You're really low-key, huh? Okay, I'll tell my brother."

Upon hearing that Ji Chunma was arrested. The policemen all came out to "greet" him at the door. A police car drove up and Ji Chunma who had soil and dust all over his face was escorted in. He was still wearing women's clothing, but his wig was long gone.

"It really is him!"

"That's great! The case is finally closed!" The group was extremely happy.

Ji Chunma saw Chen Shi within the crowd and suddenly his face became fierce. "Smelly driver, so you’re a police officer!"

"I'm a friend of the police."

"Good cunt. Wait until I come out and I’ll strangle you to death!”

"You have at least five lives on your hands and the evidence is sufficient. I can only say that I hope to see you in the next life."

1. Turn gay. 

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