Chapter 168: Taboo Game

Unlike the calm Zhuo Xuan, Cheng Yan appeared very nervous in front of the police. When the police presented several pieces of evidence, she quickly confessed.

She confessed that Lu Zhendong had been pursuing her since a few months ago, but she had no feelings for him. She felt that this person was a giant, spoiled baby that thought the world revolved around him.

While filming, Cheng Yan met Zhuo Xuan. Zhuo Xuan was a clever and interesting man. The two had good talks with each other and Cheng Yan liked him very much.

Maybe this was the starting point of the disaster. Perhaps Lu Zhendong was jealous. One night, Cheng Yan and Zhuo Xuan went home after a walk. They were forcibly dragged into a car by a man who injected them with a shot each that rendered them unconscious. When she awoke, she was tied to a big, luxurious bed. Lu Zhendong was wearing thin clothes and looked very perverted. When he looked at her with a perverted smile, she cried and shouted in fright. Lu Zhendong said, "You’re the only one here with me. Just save your breath! "

Lu Zhendong did not rape her, but left her hanging there to prevent her from eating and drinking. What was worse was that she wasn’t allowed to go to the toilet.

She desperately shouted, "Please let me go to the toilet! I can't take it anymore!" She screamed so much that her voice was almost gone. Lu Zhendong came in with a perverted expression and said, "As long as you call me master, I’ll let you go."

Cheng Yan hated the man with her heart and preferred to lie in stinking urine than let him humiliate her.

When Lu Zhendong smelled the urine, he rushed in and yelled, "You look like a female pig right now!" Then, he took out a small whip and beat her. The whip should have been a sex toy and didn't hurt when he whipped her, but it made Cheng Yan feel an incredible amount of humiliation.

After finishing his lesson on Cheng Yan, Lu Zhendong brought in a bottle of mineral water and teased with a perverted smile, "I will give you water to drink after you call me your master."

Cheng Yan was so angry that she bit her lips until they bled. Then, she cursed him with the worst words she could think of while Lu Zhendong poured the water on her chest with a perverted smile. That way, she could see it but she couldn’t drink it. Then, he left her there by herself again.

Obviously, Lu Zhendong could only use his distorted methods to teach Cheng Yan to accept him because he couldn’t get what he wanted.

However, Lu Zhendong really wasn’t a qualified teacher. The next day, he lost his patience first. He ran in and saw that Cheng Yan was dying, so he cooked a large bowl of dumplings and stuffed Cheng Yan's mouth full of it angrily as he cursed, "Why are you so disobedient? Don’t fucking die! Eat this for me. Eat this!”

Cheng Yan had tears running down her face as she ate the disgusting man’s food.

After eating, Lu Zhendong said, "As long as you obey, I will let you go, okay?"

Cheng Yan nodded.

Lu Zhendong actually let her go. After she was released, Cheng Yan immediately ran out, but she had been tied up for a whole day. Her hands and feet were weak. Plus, she was a meek girl to begin with. Lu Zhendong picked her up, threw her on the bed and tied her back up.

This time, Lu Zhendong was very horny. He threw himself on her and tore her clothes apart. Cheng Yan twisted her head and wept silently without any reaction.

Lu Zhendong was disgusted and gave up on raping her. He said, "Every woman throws her arms around me. It’s just you who wants to test my appetite and play hard to get. I’m warning you, I’ll get angry if you play too much!"

Day after day, Cheng Yan's heart was as dead as ash. In the dark room, the days became much longer. She wanted to eat, drink water, listen to some sounds, and see something that moved.

In order to survive, she could only pretend to accept her fate. She yelled "Master," giving Lu Zhendong more pleasure than fairies and deities could give. Lu Zhendong thought that he had won and went to get water for her as well as cook for her... Of course, Lu Zhendong didn’t know how to cook at all. Even heating quick-frozen food was a mess.

People's tolerance will indeed gradually relax. Even when Lu Zhendong loosened her ropes, flung himself on her, and touched her, she didn’t feel that disgusted anymore. She just knelt down like a dog and greedily swallowed the frozen dumplings and noodles.

That night, she was raped by Lu Zhendong, but all she could recall was that the frozen dumplings were not thoroughly cooked and the noodles were a little bit overcooked. Also, the fibers in her mouth from the bed made her throat a little itchy.

Lu Zhendong was still not reassured and tie her up before he went out. He said with a perverted smile, "My darling, I'm going to work now. I’ll come to see you at night."

Cheng Yan said mechanically, "Master, safe travels!"

One night when Lu Zhendong returned, he bought a brand new maid outfit. Cheng Yan was very obedient and allowed him to take her to the bathroom. This was her first bath in seven days, so her body was smelly.

After washing up, Lu Zhendong sat in the living room with a perverse expression. He laughed and said, "Don't wear underwear, just put this on."

Cheng Yan felt that she could no longer feel any shame. She put on the maid costume in front of him, and Lu Zhendong looked very excited. He said with a smirk, "If you were obedient like this in the first place, it would have been fine… Haiii, women truly require a whip to conquer.”

Cheng Yan recalled that everything at the time seemed like a nightmare, and Lu Zhendong was a demon with a perverted smile.

Lu Zhendong's control of her gradually relaxed, and he allowed her to walk around the house. Whenever he came home, he fed her food and raped her. Lu Zhendong was quite confident in himself in that regard. One time when he was done, he said, "I found you a little cold sexually. Other women will orgasm, but you won't. "

Cheng Yan said coldly, "Those women lied to you. Even your mother wouldn’t orgasm from just two minutes!”

"What are you talking about?" Lu Zhendong slapped her in the face.

Lu Zhendong sometimes talked about his boring past. "My first woman was a maid at home. That was when I was 13 years old..." He found these types of things exciting and thought that everyone loved listening to his stories.

Cheng Yan felt that she had become a puppet, but deep inside, there was a small rebellious spirit hidden within.

She wanted to cut his throat while Lu Zhendong was asleep, hang the nasty dog in the house, and burn the house. However, her reason told her that she couldn't resist. Lu Zhendong was strong and the Lu Group was even stronger. They could crush her by just moving their fingers.

Her only hope was to continue to be patient and wait for Lu Zhendong to get tired of her and let her go!

One night, Cheng Yan suddenly had an even more evil idea. While he still liked her now, she was going to die in front of him! Yes, hang herself, drag her tongue, and have a pile of excrement below her, giving him a nightmare for a lifetime and making him not able to get it up for the rest of his life.

Death was a door of liberation left by God to everyone. Even someone as wealthy as Lu Zhendong couldn’t control death.

She took action as soon as she thought of it. Cheng Yan found a strong dog rope, tied the rope to the railing on the second floor, and stepped on a chair. The damned dog in the room barked and Lu Zhendong was awakened. He ran out screaming, "My guitar!"

Then, when he saw Cheng Yan who was about to hang herself, he went crazy. He dragged Cheng Yan to the ground, slapped her, and snarled, "I love you so much. Why do you want to die? Why do you want to betray me?!”

Cheng Yan stared at him fiercely with eyes like knives. She hated the man to the extreme.

Lu Zhendong trembled with anger and pointed at her. "I'm going to teach you a lesson. Tomorrow, I will let him come and see how much you resemble a female pig!"

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