Chapter 165: A Trap

Later, Lu Qixing wore handcuffs and was taken away by the police. Before his departure, his eyes were very tragic and resentful as he said to Chen Shi, "No one has dared to do this to me except Song Lang! I have no friendship with you anymore. If you do whatever you want in the future, I’ll sue you for breaking into the house!”

"Safe travels along the way. This time, even your lawyer can't protect you," Chen Shi said.

After he was taken away, Lin Dongxue said, "Listening to my brother, Song Lang was very righteous and he never let anything slide. When investigating the case of Lu’s second son’s kidnapping, he found out some of the bad things that the Lu Group did and asked Old Man Lu for tea five times."

"Five times?" Chen Shi acted surprised. "It seems I have to work hard."

"Oh, you!" Lin Dongxue laughed. "This time alone is enough for him to drink a whole pot."

Chen Shi made a gesture. "Let’s take a look at Sun Shenyou's residence."

They went back to the neighborhood where Lu Zhendong lived and found Sun Shenyou's house. It was a small single room. They opened the door with the key found in the electric box and saw that the house was messy. Condoms and balls of tissue could be seen in the trash can at a glance. There was even a bra and women’s underwear on the sofa.

Because there had been no ventilation for a long time, the smell in the house wasn’t particularly nice. Chen Shi covered his nose and said, "This Mr. Sun seems to be very friendly with others!"

"He’s a scumbag! He has a wife but is still fucking around outside," Lin Dongxue said scornfully.

They looked inside and out, but there was nothing particularly noteworthy except for the mess there. Chen Shi went to visit the neighbors. Unfortunately, they all kept to themselves and no one paid attention to this house.

Chen Shi sat on the sofa and lit a cigarette. "I have a suspicion that the murderer killed Sun Shenyou and hid the corpse along with the guitar, which created the illusion of Sun Shenyou killing Lu Zhendong and stealing the guitar."

Lin Dongxue said, "Is there a possibility that Sun Shenyou himself is the murderer? I saw in the project group chat that after the accident, Sun Shenyou bought several airplane tickets, train tickets and bus tickets to other places."

"It's just a blindfold set up for us. I have confirmed that his ID card has not left a record at any airport, train station, or bus station that can leave Long'an. There is another thing besides this..."

Chen Shi stood up to open the closet, took out an old belt, and put it around his waist. The eyelet often inserted by the owner was significantly larger than Chen Shi’s waist.

Lin Dongxue immediately understood. "Sun Shenyoue is fat while the people in the surveillance footage were thin."

"Yes, and you see the freshly bought wine and food in the refrigerator? The computer and bed are also new. The calendar on the wall stopped on February 2nd. It shows that he likes his current state of life and would not take the initiative to destroy it. That guitar may be worth 40 million, but there is also a problem with acting on it. Would he be stupid enough to kill his future for this money? Without sufficient reason, no one would commit a crime!"

Chen Shi stood up. "There’s nothing to see here. Let’s go to Lu Zhendong's house and have a look again!"

Lin Dongxue laughed. "I haven't been there yet!"

Lu Zhendong's home had undergone careful forensic investigation and powder for collecting fingerprints had been left everywhere. Many things were taken away, making it much emptier than last time.

The half-box of cigars was still there. Chen Shi took one and sat at the table on the first floor. From here, the door to the second bedroom was visible. Chen Shi said, "Jia Xingyun knew that Lu Zhendong hid a woman. Maybe he saw them that day."

"Who do you think the woman would be?"

"The highest probability would be Cheng Yan that Lu Zhendong was pursuing. Lu Zhendong couldn’t get the person he wanted, so he imprisoned her. I believe he is a person who can do this kind of thing. Lu Zhendong’s thoughts are very eccentric. His father is also very rich. For him, the world revolves around himself."

Lin Dongxue was looking at the project group chat on the mobile phone and said, "They found out from Cheng Yan's friends that she couldn't be contacted a while ago. At the time, she claimed to be traveling. There is also a clue here that Cheng Yan's mobile phone had not made any calls over the past month. She changed her card on February 3rd and said she lost her cell phone."

"The killer was her, or the one who came to rescue her. This person has a close relationship with Cheng Yan. They must be very smart, meticulous and bold. After the killing, they knew that Sun Shenyou needed to disappear to shift the focus of the police. They also planned Lu Zhendong's body to be abandoned in the wild with lots of stab wounds!"

"Those stab wounds were made after death? Captain Peng didn't say..."

"If it was done before death, when passing through the gate of the community, the security guards would have smelled a strong bloody odor even if they couldn’t see it. Those injuries were sustained after leaving the community. They used a hot towel to cover the body and then pierced it with a weapon. Within two hours of death, it would produce the effect of trauma that looks like it was received before the victim died. This can seriously disrupt the police investigation and make them believe that the murderer is a person with deep hatred and wanted to kill Lu Zhendong horribly."

Lin Dongxue opened her mouth in surprise. "Lu Zhendong imprisoned Cheng Yan first. This person only came to save her. Even if he accidentally killed Lu Zhendong, he would not be sentenced too seriously. But he actually killed another person to cover up their lies. Wouldn’t that make them carry more serious charges?"

"It seems that the person loves Cheng Yan very much and is willing to give everything up for her."

"Cheng Yan shouldn’t have a boyfriend though, right?"

"Even if she does, she wouldn’t let us know. After the killing, the two would not have any form of contact in case the police suspected them. This is the most normal course of action." Chen Shi muttered to himself with a cigar in his mouth, "No, they have been in contact. Cheng Yan is not that strong of a girl. She wouldn’t be able to carry such a huge psychological burden alone…"

Chen Shi immediately took out his cell phone, called Old Zhang, and asked him to do something.

After the arrangement, Lin Dongxue laughed. "You have so many ideas. Will this move work?"

"Even if it doesn't work, there is no loss." Chen Shi smiled. "Just get off work today and see if you can catch a big fish tomorrow."

Chen Shi's smile suddenly grew bigger because he saw a new clue in the project group. Police officers found that an employee at Lu Zhendong’s company had bought anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers during this time. It was from a nearby drug store. A surveillance video confirmed this to be true.

"It's him?" Chen Shi looked at Zhuo Xuan's name slightly surprised.

Chen Shi sent a message informing everyone not to go to the unit tomorrow morning, but to go directly to this address.

At 7:00AM the next day, the members of the task force wore plain clothes and went to an Internet cafe near the neighborhood around Cheng Yan's house. Chen Shi’s fishing plan was actually very simple. They bought the Internet Café out for a while and the erasing and recovery system on the computer was uninstalled. As long as Cheng Yan came here to go online, they would know the forum she had logged in to.

As for how to get Cheng Yan to come, Chen Shi planned to send a senior police officer over to ask some questions and apply some psychological pressure on her. After the police left, she had a high probability of coming here to access the Internet and contact her companion.

Lin Dongxue said, "Honestly, I have a little sympathy for this girl. Using her weak side to draw out her boyfriend.”

Chen Shi said coldly, "If you do something wrong, you have to bear the price. This is the rule of the adult world."


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