Chapter 164: Private Detective

The kidnapping was discovered by Xu Xiaodong. Old Man Lu's private detective turned his house upside down in order to find Sun Shenyou. He even went to his wife and wife’s family to abduct the lady.

When Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue arrived, Xu Xiaodong had just held down a private detective and both of them had slightly swollen faces, indicating they struggled a bit.

The private detective wore a long trench coat, a hat, and was squatting on the ground with his hands in cuffs. His eyes were uneasy. Chen Shi asked, "Who told you to do this? Old Man Lu's instructions?"

He raised his face halfway and said, "No one asked us. We did it ourselves!"

When Lin Dongxue saw him being so arrogant, she suddenly became angry. "Have you ever investigated a murder case? Except for investigating affairs, you haven’t investigated anything else, right?!"

The private detective stopped talking, and Chen Shi asked, "Where are they?"

"Sent to the hospital."

"Let’s go and see!"

Xu Xiaodong sent the private detective to the bureau while Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue went to the hospital. The abducted woman was fine. She was resting in bed with an IV drip, and a little boy was crying in front of the bed.

When a stranger came in, the woman panicked and the little boy stretched out his hands to protect his mother, his eyes full of alertness.

Lin Dongxue showed her badge. "Don't be afraid, child, we’re not bad people. We’re the police. Let us understand the situation here. We want to catch the bad people who kidnapped your mother."

The woman said weakly, "Feng Feng, you go out for a while. Mum needs to speak to the police.”

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue each took a chair out at the front of the bed. Chen Shi asked, "Are you okay?"

"I’m okay. Those beasts... I said I didn't know where my husband was and they tortured me. They stepped on my fingers with leather shoes and force fed me wasabi. It was so bad."

Chen Shi glanced at the woman's fingers wrapped in gauze and couldn't bear it.

"We will definitely punish them severely and ask them to compensate for all medical expenses," Lin Dongxue said.

"Thank you... Did Shenyou kill someone and run away?"

"Who said that?"

"The bad guys said that the man he killed seemed to be Master Lu's eldest son. Lu Qixing is so powerful that he would definitely not rest easy!"

Chen Shi asked, "When was the last time you saw your husband?"

The woman recalled and said, "Six months ago!"

"Six months ago?" Chen Shi was surprised.

"Comrade Police, let me tell you the truth. Our husband-wife relationship is almost only in name only. Because he did this job, he’s stuck behind his master’s buttocks. Of course, the income is high. In the past few years, he bought three sets of houses for his family. But what is the use of that? I’m just like a widow! At first, he was promoted from a clerk to assistant to the president. It was still quite beautiful. He said that he was flying to wealth. If I had known, I’d have gotten him to quit!

"He doesn't even come back a few times a year. One time, he was finally able to take a day off. President Lu went to the Philippines to take part in an event. When he got home, his chair was not even warmed up yet when President Lu called to say that he did not bring a dental scaler, so he had to take it over by plane. What kind of job is that? I’m not afraid to tell you but we haven’t had sex for a long time. I know he’s a man in his thirties. He’s always out playing with President Lu and he has a high income. Fuck, there must be a woman outside. I advised him to come back and see his son, but he said that he was busy with his career and shit. Wasn't he just a nanny for the rich?

"The significance of his existence for me may only be the cost of living sent by him every month. In order to raise my son, I can only bear it helplessly. When I heard that President Lu was killed, I called him but the phone didn't work. I didn’t know what was going on and I didn’t dare to call the police. Later, the Lu family sent someone to ask for trouble, asking this and that, and causing trouble at home. It terrified my son so we hid at my parent’s house. Who knew that when I went out to buy groceries yesterday, I would be dragged into the car by a group of men who covered my mouth with a handkerchief? I was frightened. I really thought I wouldn't come back alive..."

With that said, the woman began bawling her eyes out.

Chen Shi was fortunate that he didn’t accept Old Man Lu's invitation at the dinner table last night. This kind of rich but restricted life was a kind of torture for him.

After the woman cried for some time, Chen Shi asked, "Where does Sun Shenyou live?"

"Jinxiu Garden District is where Mr. Lu lives. He bought a single room there to be on call for Mr. Lu. Officers, Sun Shenyou cannot kill people. He has a high income and cannot do this sort of murder due to greed."

"Do you have the key to his residence?"

"No, but you can open the electric box. He likes to hide the keys there ... If you have information regarding him, please tell me!"

"We will. In addition, abduction is not a trivial matter. We will help you to sue the Lu Group."

"No, no, no!" Said the woman in a panic. "The Lu family is so powerful, I can't offend him. It's good if he doesn't provoke me. I dare not provoke him."

"A police officer will support you!"

Chen Shi persuaded her for a long time before the women promised to sue and provide evidence of the abduction. Chen Shi contacted Peng Sijue and asked him to send a forensic doctor to inspect the injury.

Leaving the ward, Chen Shi sighed deeply. Lin Dongxue asked, "You wouldn’t ask Old Man Lu back to drink tea[1] again, right?”

"An old beast. Can you do whatever you want when you have money? His son's life is more expensive than others?"

"Calm down, please!"

"Let’s go somewhere."

Lin Dongxue was right. Chen Shi drove directly to the hotel where Old Man Lu was. Lin Dongxue smiled bitterly, "It seems you’re serious!"

"You wait for me here. I need to go up and teach him a lesson.”

"What if you do something overboard? No, I have to follow!"

Chen Shi pulled out his phone and called the police first. Then, he went straight into the hotel. Old Man Lu was lying on the bed. A masseuse was doing an essential oil massage for him. When Chen Shi came in, he waved the technician out.

"Officer Song, is there any progress?"

"My last name is Chen! Did you ask private detectives to cause trouble?"

Lu Qixing sat up, put on a blanket, and glanced out the window. "Mr. Chen, can you not do this... My son is dead. How can I not be in a hurry to get angry? Yes, I told them to use a little means, but I don't know exactly what was done. "

"They threw people off the 16th floor!"

"Impossible!" Lu Qixing was shocked. "I only instructed them to tie the woman up for interrogation. How could they do that?"

This probed sentence was recorded on Chen Shi's phone in his pocket.

Chen Shi shook his head and said, "Old bastard! You’re killing people!"

"Little bastard, is it your turn to talk like that? Don't think I'm afraid of you. You're not a policeman. If you continue to offend me, I can kill you under my thumb!”

Chen Shi pulled out his mobile phone. Then he said, “Threatening me? I can sue you later!"

Lu Qixing's face changed back to being mild for a second. "Hey, I just said that out of spite. I was just messing around. I noticed that you weren’t investigating Sun Shenyou when he’s obviously the prime suspect, so I was anxious. I only hired some detectives to come and help.”

There were rapid footsteps outside and Chen Shi said, "Go and explain that to the police!"

Lu Qixing's expression changed dramatically. "Aiya, how can you be like this? I even invited you to dinner last night!"

1. To go back to the bureau 

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