Chapter 163: A Shield Taking all the Arrows

Chen Shi asked Tao Yueyue, "What do you think?"

Tao Yueyue responded, "This is what the bad guys on TV say. They usually say they’ll give you a rich and prosperous life.”

Old Man Lu laughed loudly. "Child, grandpa is not a bad person. Grandpa is just really rich so many people scheme for my money. I hope that your uncle will come and protect me."

Chen Shi asked, "What about your son's case?"

"What can I do?" Old Man Lu shook his head. "He is no longer there. Even if the murderer can be found, he won't return. I just hope that the next victim will not be me!"

Chen Shi looked at the food and said, "French meal, it's really delicious!"

"Think about it. Come work for me."

"But, people who come to eat French meals all wear suits and gowns. I don't like to wear suits and I’ll feel uncomfortable. I don't like being surrounded by servants. I feel a sense of being monitored every day. I also don’t like to make calls every day, directing this and directing that. I won’t be able to sleep or eat well and there’ll be a lot of mental stress. I’d die early.”

Old Lu watched him quietly, waiting for him to continue.

Chen Shi continued. "If I want to eat French meals whenever, I’d have to pay the price and choose a lifestyle that I don't like. I admit that French meals are more delicious than skewers, but I happen to like the life of skewers. What I want is to eat skewers with dignity rather than to eat French with none. Everyone has their own way of living and I am quite satisfied with my current way of living. But, I don’t mind being your friend. It's an honor for this little driver to eat with Old Man Lu once in a while. "

"You motherfucker who has really sticky fur on your face and is cheekier than a monkey[1]. You don't plan to work for me, but you want to come to eat French food?"

"Hot pot is fine too!"

Old Man Lu laughed angrily. "I haven't seen anyone with thicker skin than you. Waiter..."

Old Man Lu called the waiter over and whispered a few words to him. After a while, the waiter gave him a card. Old Man Lu said, "This is a VIP card for this restaurant. You can bring your child to come and eat often."

"If you run into any trouble, I can help you."

Mr. Lu nodded. "With this one sentence, this meal has not been a waste! But, I have another request. Please don't take me into the bureau again. I am a bunch of old bones now, how can I bear this?!"

"Okay, okay. I need to ask something. To what extent is your private detective investigating?"

"I have asked them to withdraw so as not to obstruct your investigation."

"You should stay at home honestly for the next two days. We will give you results for the case.”

"Find out who the killer is as soon as possible!"

"Okay, we’ll take our leave now."

When he left with Tao Yueyue in tow, Tao Yueyue asked, "How rich is that old grandpa?"

Chen Shi pointed to the tall building in front of them. "He can snap his fingers and that building will be his.”

"Then why didn’t you agree? Isn't it nice to make some money?"

"Have you studied politics? What is money?"

"Generally, it’s the equivalent exchange of goods."

"Yes, there is no free lunch in this world and the rich are not fools. If he gives me money, I will have to pay the equivalent in labor. I would have to work hard and serve him as he pleases. The wool is still derived from the sheep[2], understand?"

"I see!" Tao Yueyue nodded. "I hope you get rich soon!"

"Haha, I’ll hope to borrow your good words[3]."

"Then, I won’t have to do anything hard anymore," Tao Yueyue said earnestly.

The next day, Tao Yueyue really didn't want to tag along with the investigation. She just napped lazily at home while Chen Shi went to visit Jia Xingyun with Lin Dongxue. They showed him the surveillance footage and Jia Xingyun said frankly, "Zhendong quarrelled with his father that night. He was depressed and I accompanied him to the house for a drink.”

"No need to conceal it. Old Lu has already confessed that he was bribing… No, it was an attempt to bribe.” Chen Shi revealed.

Jia Xingyun raised an eyebrow. "Your investigation is so meticulous! Yes, Zhendong found me a week prior and said that his father wanted to give me a lot of money to ask my father to give a project to Old Man Lu. Zhendong was very annoyed because we have a deep friendship. He felt that this was defiling our friendship. I told him that he should keep the money himself and I would talk to my dad, but apparently Old Man Lu was not assured. On the evening of February 2nd, he needed Zhendong to invite me to his house and give me a little plaything. I wanted to laugh. The older generation valued social norms too much. My dad is the same way. They always talk about networking, relationships, and connections. Social resources and the like are so annoying!”

"What about the money?"

"Zhendong bought a guitar with it. He likes to collect these. I guess the old man quarrelled with him over this matter."

"Did you see the guitar when you went to his house that night?”

"I saw it. It is indeed a guitar worth 40 million. It glitters and each string smelled of money."

"Was that guitar broken?"

"No, the plastic wrap was very good."

Jia Xingyun's attitude was very frank and he was staring at Lin Dongxue while talking. Chen Shi asked, "There is one other thing I want to ask you. Was there anyone else at Lu Zhendong's house?"

Jia Xingyun immediately became nervous. "I can't answer that. This is related to Zhendong's reputation."

Chen Shi smiled. "Mr. Jia, you have already told us with your attitude... Lu Zhendong imprisoned a woman in his own house, right?"

"You won't get a word out of me!"

"Then, I’ll ask something else. When you left the community, did you notice any suspicious people? Did you see a black motorcycle outside the community?"

Jia Xingyun replied without hesitation. "Yes, there was a black Honda motorcycle parked under the outer wall of the community!"

"Number plate?"

"How could I remember that?!"

"Thank you for your cooperation!"

The two were ready to leave when Jia Xingyun overtook them and asked, "Miss Lin, will you give me face and have a meal with me?"

Lin Dongxue remained silent and reached out to hold Chen Shi's arm, then raised her thin moon-like brows at Jia Xingyun.

As a gentleman, Jia Xingyun immediately realized what she was implying and retracted his troops. "No wonder you two are always together. Sure enough, the police like the police. Forgive me.”

After coming out, Lin Dongxue said, "This boy is quite gentlemanly!"

"He looks like a catch. Why not consider it?"

"Not my cup of tea!"

"Do you still need to hold my arm?"

Lin Dongxue's face turned red and she quickly removed her hands, whispering, "Thank you for being a shield taking all the arrows for me!"

Chen Shi smiled. "I still don't know what type you like?"

"Surely not the uncles who drive! Hmph!" Lin Dongxue walked away without looking back.

Chen Shi pulled out his cell phone to see what was happening in the project group. A message from Xu Xiaodong filled the screen. "Sun Shenyou's wife has been abducted. The address is..."

Chen Shi immediately called Lin Dongxue, "There’s a situation! Hurry to the car!"

1. Monkeys are really cheeky and smart. So, he’s saying that he stuck fur on his face (because humans don’t have that much facial hair) and is acting cheeky like a monkey. 

2. What comes around, goes around. Everything needs to be paid for one way or another. 

3. He hopes to have her good words/blessings come to fruition. 

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