Chapter 161: Hidden Surveillance Footage

Just after Chen Shi and Xu Xiaodong left the Internet cafe, Lin Dongxue called and said, "Old Man Lu seems to have hired a private detective. Not only have I found out, but other colleagues also found suspicious people searching for information during our investigation. These suspicious people are obviously from the city. A well-known detective agency."

Chen Shi said, "It seems that Old Man Lu has no intention of letting the police investigate the case. Do you have any evidence on hand?"

"Old Zhang took a video of Old Man Lu's secretary having a private meeting with a private detective. I don't know if it can be considered evidence."

"Send it to me. I'll meet him and also contact the Economic Police Department to investigate an entrepreneur suspected of bribery."

"You want to bring him in again?"

"He's too obstructive to the investigation!"

Chen Shi rushed to the hotel where Old Man Lu lived as Lu Qixing was just about to send away two business partners. He was very pleased to see Chen Shi and said, "I hope that Officer Song is arriving with good news."

"You hired a private detective?"

Lu Qixing laughed, "I have already hired the police. Why would I add feet to the snake I drew[1]? Do you think I don't trust the police?"

Chen Shi narrowed to his eyes. "Although I'm not Song Lang, my eyes are still very sensitive to people who lie."

Xu Xiaodong was stunned. How could Chen Shi reveal his identity so casually?

Lu Qixing was a little surprised. "You aren’t Song Lang? Then who are you?"

"Xiaodong, go out for a while. I have something to talk about with Old Man Lu alone."

When Xu Xiaodong left and closed the door, Chen Shi said, "Old Man Lu, can we be more honest with each other? You have Alzheimer's but I noticed that the scope of your forgetfulness is only around recent events. You remember the past extremely clearly. Why did you mistake me for Song Lang? I have a bold conjecture that you knew at first sight that I wasn’t him. And you also know that although I’m not a policeman but I have a good face within the bureau."

"You… Who the hell are you?" Lu Qixing picked up a cigar.

"You don’t know?"

"How could I know?"

Lu Qixing cut open the cigar slowly and lit it with a match. These actions revealed that he was concealing the fluster in his heart.

Chen Shi reached out and took the cigar he just lit, then put it out in the ashtray. "Jia Xingyun's father just took office at the Real Estate Government Bureau. You wanted to bribe Chief Jia through the friendship between your son and Jia Xingyun. However, your disobedient son took the money to buy a guitar. So on the evening of February 2nd, you were furious and even hurt him."

"What evidence do you have?"

"I’ll let the economic police find the evidence. It will be clear when they check your capital flow. In fact, I have already talked to them."

Lu Qixing looked pale for a while. Finally, he laughed, took another cigar from the cigar box, and handed it to Chen Shi. "I'll give you a blank check and you can fill it in yourself."

"It turns out that's your true purpose. Because I'm not a policeman, it's easier to buy me out... How do you know who I am?"

"To be honest, there is a guy named Ximen Sheng who is a collaboration partner with me. I know you through him. He said that you’re not a police officer but better than the police. Everyone in the bureau gives you face... Now I finally understand why they all give you face. You are just as smart and keen as Song Lang. "

"The purpose of asking me to investigate the case is to buy me out halfway, so as to prevent us from pulling up the soil around your turnip[2] regarding your bribery during our investigation, right?”

"You're too smart. I'm starting to like you a bit."

"Thank you, Old Man Lu, for your appreciation. Tell me now, what clues are you hiding?"

Lu Qixing tore a check, signed it, and handed it over to Chen Shi as he raised his brows to gesture Chen Shi to fill out the check first. This check was his reassurance and he only dared to tell the truth after Chen Shi had accepted it.

Chen Shi quickly wrote a number and Lu Qixing grinned. "I don't mind adding two more zeros to that either."

"Say it!"

"Are you investigating at Zhendong's house?"


"I’ll tell you now that it’s useless because I hid the surveillance video. At 11 o'clock that night, Zhendong came out of the community."

"Why hide this video?"

"Because..." Lu Qixing hesitated. "Half an hour before he left, Jia Xingyun went back with him. I asked Zhendong to apologize to him and to invite him to dinner with his father another day so that I would be able to present them with a gift.

"You didn’t want Jia Xingyun to be implicated during the investigation, which would affect your relationship with Chief Jia ... Sir, your son is dead. Why do you still care so much about your business?"

"I am a businessman and my interests always come first. Even with the death of my two sons, I have to take advantage of it to see who can and cannot be trusted!"

Chen Shi admired him for a while before saying, "Can you show me the video?"

"Yes, but it can't be seen by others. I want you to guarantee that the case will be investigated but you will not interfere with my affairs. I have already given you directions. My son's secretary, Sun Shenyou, is the most suspicious. My private investigators aren’t for nothing!"

Immediately, Lu Qixing handed over a USB flash drive and Chen Shi smiled. "In fact, my cell phone has been on the whole time."

Lu Qixing's grey eyebrows raised slightly. "Why? You want to get another sum?"

"This gentleman loves money but needs to have morals. I'm not a policeman, but I also can’t be bought ..." Chen Shi took out the check, ripped it up, and then took out his cell phone to make a call. "Arrest him."

"Ah, this isn’t cool!" Lu Qixing panicked.

"It's cool. It's really cool. Watching a powerful person like you enter the palace."

"It's no use catching me. First, I didn't bribe anyone. Second, I can immediately call a lawyer to bail me out."

"Up to you!"

Lu Qixing was paralyzed on the sofa in despair. "You and Song Lang are the same. You guys won’t even want oil or salt[3]. I planned such a big game[4] but it’s all messed up because of you."

"Sir, your son is dead. Your two sons are dead. Don’t continue on like this. Can’t you spend the rest of your life well and peacefully?”

This remark made Lu Qixing recognize reality. He covered his face and cried, "My Zhenjie! How good would it be if you were alive!"

Although the older son was more obedient, Lu Qixing liked his reckless second son more. Chen Shi sympathized with him. Perhaps the old man's heart had died after his second son was killed five years ago.

Half an hour later, amidst the sound of sirens, Lu Qixing was taken away by the police again. His white hair looked particularly gloomy in the cold wind.

Xu Xiaodong admired, "It's too idiotic that he’s entering the palace[5] a second time! Is there a third time, Brother Chen?"

"It depends on him." Chen Shi smiled. "Let's go back to the bureau to see this surveillance video."

Chen Shi sent a message and called all members of the task force back to the bureau to watch the video.

As Lu Qixing said, around 10:30, Jia Xingyun entered the community in Lu Zhendong's car. Jia Xingyun stayed for about 20 minutes and left. Forty minutes later, Lu Zhendong's car drove out and passed the security room. He nodded and said hello.

Many people felt discouraged. This video perfectly proved that Lu Zhendong was not killed in his neighborhood!

Chen Shi kept touching his chin without talking and suddenly said, "Stop!"

1. Essentially saying why would he do something so pointless. 

2. The radish is what they intended to do and find out (in this case, the murderer), but pulling up the soil with it means that they unintentionally would stumble upon things they didn’t intend on (in this case, the bribery). 

3. Even the most minor things as a bribe. 

4. Usually means chess, where they plan steps ahead. 

5. Getting asked to go to the station, usually for an interrogation 

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