Chapter 16: Uncle with Meticulous Thinking

After talking about his own affairs, the man asked, “Miss Lin, why did you initially choose the profession of a police officer?”

Lin Dongxue said with a stiff smile, “There’s no real reason. I just like it.”

“Oh, so that’s what it was. I think you did well in choosing your career.  Police officers still count as civil servants. The salary and benefits aren’t too bad. The status for girls like you multiplies after a few years in the force. It would probably give you more options in terms of choosing your partner.”

When she heard this, Lin Dongxue couldn’t handle it anymore. “What do you mean? You think I chose to be a police officer to add value to myself so that I could marry better in the future?” she demanded.

The man smiled. “We are just chatting, why don't you stop being so sensitive? Being a police officer is also a profession. Is it any different from other professions?”

“I didn't say that being a police officer is superior to other professions, but it’s very uncomfortable for me when you put it the way that you did!”

“And the reason being?”

“If we can’t communicate, there is no need to continue even half a sentence longer. I apologize but I do not think we are suited for each other. I will be taking my leave.”

After excusing herself, Lin Dongxue stood up and walked away. The man chased after her and shouted “Hey! Hey, wait.” When he caught up, the man grabbed her wrist.

Lin Dongxue turned back angrily, “What are you doing?!”

The man smiled and urged, “Don’t be in a rush to leave. The food hasn't even been eaten yet. I spent a few hundred dollars on it. I think we should learn a bit more about each other on a deeper level.”

“I am not interested in you. Let go!”

Lin Dongxue’s voice attracted the attention of other guests. The man smiled and explained to them, “Nothing to see here, just a little quarrel with my girlfriend!”

“Who is your girlfriend!?” Lin Dongxue broke her hand away in anger.

After a few steps, the man grabbed her shoulder from behind. “Miss Lin. Actually, I believe in love at first sight. Would you give me a chance?”

Lin Dongxue was so angry that she grit her teeth. Why hadn’t she refused to come to this blind date? At this time, Chen Shi came in from outside and stopped in front of the two. Chen Shi confronted the man, “Sir, don’t you think your actions are a bit out of line? She’s clearly not interested in you, yet you refuse to take no for an answer. What’s the point in that?”

“Who the hell are you?!” The man showed a hostile look.

“My friend!” Lin Dongxue rushed to get out and took Chen Shi's hand.

When the man saw that the two were so close, the man backed off. A resentful look came over his face. He fumed, “Miss Lin, are you kidding me? You have a boyfriend but came to a blind date? I’ve wasted hundreds of yuan on ordering these dishes and my precious time in order to meet you. I think you have a serious problem with your character!”

Chen Shi replied, “I am not her boyfriend. I’m just an ordinary friend.”

“Is that the case?” The man was suspicious.

“Your surname?”


“Mr. Li, do you have a misunderstanding about blind dates? Do you think you can just do anything you want when you’re on a blind date? Let me teach you a little bit about law. Physical contact with the opposite sex without permission legally constitutes as sexual harassment. There can be a punishment of five to fifteen days of detention and a fine of five hundred yuan or less. Do you understand?”

In the face of the ruthless Chen Shi, the man immediately softened up and defended his actions, “I... I was just anxious...”

“Do you think the law will take that into account? Also, when a woman says ‘no,’ the meaning is ‘no.’ A man who can’t take no for an answer is irritating, understand? Don't assume that every woman in the world is your mother!”[1]

Hearing the last sentence, the man widened his eyes, “You!”

Chen Shi glanced at Lin Dongxue and offered, “Let's go. I’ll drop you off.”

Leaving the restaurant, Lin Dongxue gave out a long sigh. She asked, “How long was I in there for?”

“Not more than half an hour,” Chen Shi replied as he looked at his watch.

“Oh lord, I thought I spent hours in there. Normally I don’t have such a hard time in meetings. I won't be going on blind dates again!”

“You don't need to kill all your opportunities with a stick. With regards to love, unless you continue to try, how will you be able to find the right one through trial and error? Don’t you agree?”

“Oh please. Don't pretend to be a master of love!” Lin Dongxue said disdainfully. “Right, why did you say, ‘Don't assume that every woman in the world is your mother?' Were you telling him off?”

“He’s a spoiled mummy’s boy. Couldn’t you tell?”


“Didn’t you notice? His clothes were very clean, he had a handkerchief placed in his chest pocket, and he had a haircut not too long ago. However, his beard has not been shaved for at least two days, his teeth were not clean, and his wrists were a bit dirty. He was also a little fat, indicating that he is not a person who pays special attention to his own grooming. He is most likely someone who gets spoon-fed at home and has someone who washes his clothes for him. Furthermore, there was also his subconscious actions, revealing that this person didn’t suffer the consequences for his actions from a very young age. When the other party refused, he takes radical action. From the observations above, he should live with relatives of the opposite sex, so I concluded that the person was a spoiled brat!” Chen Shi analyzed confidently.

Lin Dongxue was stunned as she listened to his detailed explanation. At this time, she received a phone call from her aunt. “XueXue, are you dissatisfied with Xiao Li?”

Lin Dongxue thought about how quickly the man had reported the incident to the matchmakers. This man truly was a rare gem. Lin Dongxue made light conversation to please her aunt, “Aunty, thank you so much for your going through the trouble of introducing us. I just feel that our personalities didn’t suit each other.”

“In fact, Xiao Li is very decent. He has a high degree of education and a good job. But if it is not suitable, then forget it. It was originally something that required both parties to wish for.”

“Aunty, no need to introduce me to someone next time. I am still young!”

“You are already twenty-four and haven’t ever had a boyfriend. How could I not worry about you? When aunty here was your age…”

As soon as she realized that her aunt was about to nag her, Lin Dongxue quickly interrupted, “Oh yes, aunty, can I ask you something? Is Xiao Li living with his mother?”

“Did he tell you? Yes, Xiao Li is from a single-parent family. When he was a child, his parents divorced, and he grew up with his mother. He is a very filial child.”

Once she heard this, Lin Dongxue looked at Chen Shi with amazement. This guy is too god-like. He got everything right!

After exchanging a few more words, Lin Dongxue finally hung up the phone. Chen Shi raised an eyebrow, “So?”

“Tch, I suppose you guessed correctly!”

“Guessed? This is called observation. As a police officer, shouldn’t you be at least this observant?”

“Okay, okay, I respect you oh so much, alright?” Lin Dongxue replied sarcastically.

“Wait for me!”

Chen Shi ran to a dairy shop and bought two bottles of mineral water. He handed a bottle to Lin Dongxue. “You haven’t had anything to drink since noon. You’re thirsty, right?”

Lin Dongxue thought to herself, This guy looks like a rough uncle, why does he think things so meticulously and even notices minute details?

Chen Shi continued, “I feel that elders who matchmake always like to look at the superficial things such as work and education, but often overlook the most basic elements of feelings. Oh right, what type of man do you like? I will help pay attention for your sake!”

“No need!” Lin Dongxue bluntly refused. “I don't want to marry a driver.” She then thought that this was easy to misunderstand and immediately clarified, “I mean, don’t all the people you know drive taxis?”

“It’s getting darker the more you paint over it.[2] You don’t need to try and explain it off so purposefully.” Chen Shi laughed evilly.

“You are a stinky uncle!” Lin Dongxue yelled, lightly punching Chen Shi's belly with her fist.

1. Don’t think that all the women in the whole world is like your mum. An expression that indicates that not everyone is as lenient with him, allowing him to do anything he pleases like his mother does. 

2. Making it worse. 

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