Chapter 156: Alzheimer's Disease

The so-called "snakeskin bag" was actually a new men's bag from LV that was blue. With exception to the English logo on it, it looked almost exactly the same as a typical snakeskin bag.

Fashion was sometimes puzzling.

Chen Shi naturally remained silent, otherwise the homeless scavenger would certainly not be willing to sell it to him for a hundred yuan. Chen Shi noticed that there were several stains on the bottom of the bag, which looked like blood.

Chen Shi folded the bag and asked, "What did the dog look like? When you first laid eyes on it."

"It looked like it was strangled. It had its tongue poking out… Oh, yes, I have the dog collar here. I’ll give it to you too.”


Chen Shi and Peng Sijue prepared to leave when the scavenger suddenly said, "No, wait. I only get two hundred for providing you with clues? The police who collect clues on TV all get tens of thousands. You didn’t take the difference, did you?”

Chen Shi laughed, "You can go online to search. The police have not issued a reward order. In addition, if you happened to see the person’s face, it would probably be worth tens of thousands, but what you know is only worth two hundred.”

The scavengers slapped his thighs angrily. "If I had known, I would have looked at the face properly!”

The two men bid their farewells and Chen Shi handed the "snakeskin leather bag" to Peng Sijue. "There is blood on it, you can test it."

Peng Sijue took the bag and looked at it. "It might just be dog blood. I’ll give it a try though."

The forensics department came over and started to do "spring cleaning" in the house. All kinds of potential evidence were packaged. Chen Shi received a call and the woman on the line said, “Officer, I have leads to provide.”

"Where are you?"

"I am still at work. Can I trouble you to come over to the hotel? You can call this number when you arrive.”

Chen Shi hung up the phone and smiled at Peng Sijue. "Under the temptation of a reward, there will be brave traitors. Truly, one came up, so I have to make a trip.”

Peng Sijue nodded. "I’ll stay here to gain evidence."

Chen Shi took Tao Yueyue with him.

At the same time in the interrogation room of the City Bureau, Lin Dongxue was having a "chat" with Lu Qixing. Lu Qixing said impatiently, "Don’t play games. You cuffed me here regarding the golden pheasant, but now you’re asking me about what happened that night? What are you doing?"

"On the evening of February 2nd, your son was killed. You don't want to solve the case?"

"I do! I do even when I’m dreaming!"

"Please tell me then. That night, why did you have a quarrel with Lu Zhendong?"

"That incident has nothing to do with his death!" Lu Qixing was a little annoyed. "I won't tell you. My lawyer will arrive soon!" Lu Qixing looked at his sleeve again.

Lin Dongxue noticed this detail. When he spoke, he always glanced at his sleeves. The other party would probably rage if she asked to look at his sleeves directly.

Lin Dongxue thought about it. What would Chen Shi do if he were here?

She had an idea and asked, "Do you want to have a smoke?"

"Give me a soft Zhonghua." Lu Qixing said rudely.

Lin Dongxue took a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from Lin Qiupu’s office and came in to light Lu Qixing’s cigarette. When Lu Qixing reached out, she clearly saw some words on his sleeve.

"2.2, Zhendong quarrel", "2.3, Xu's contract", "2.4, Looking for a dog"

Those words were ones that outsiders wouldn’t be able to understand. It seems he wrote them down for himself. Chen Shi had guessed right. Lu Qixing was suffering from Alzheimer's disease. There were some things he might not remember.

Lin Dongxue asked, "When did it start? Your Alzheimer’s?"

Lu Qixing’s hand shook a bit and stared at Lin Dongxue. “Don’t speak such nonsense! I manage such a big company, how can I have Alzheimer’s?”

"Then, why do you write on the sleeves?"

"That has nothing to do with you!" Lu Qixing responded stubbornly.

The internal telephone rang. Lu Qixing’s private lawyer had arrived. Lin Qiupu ordered her not to continue her questioning.

Knowing that she would have no chance to ask again, Lin Dongxue was anxious and smacked the table as she said, "Do you actually know who killed Lu Zhendong, but can't remember it?"

Lin Qiupu came in with a man and Lin Qiupu ordered, "No more questions. Mr. Lu's lawyer is here."

Lin Dongxue pretended like she didn’t hear the order. She saw that Lu Qixing’s expression had already started showing confusion and continued to question, “You’re still not talking? Didn’t the quarrel between you two that night directly relate to his death?”

"Enough! I told you not to ask!" Lin Qiupu said loudly, "You need to get out!"

Lu Qixing said in anger and impulse, "His death has nothing to do with me. It is Sun-"

“Mr. Lu!” The lawyer interrupted loudly. “Don’t continue. Your company has delegated me to represent your case with full authority.”

"Who are you?" Lu Qixing said fiercely.

The lawyer smiled bitterly, "Your lawyer."

Lin Qiupu took Lin Dongxue out and whispered angrily, "Do you want to stick us with a lawsuit?"

"The old man clearly knows something but he refuses to say it."

"Procedures! It is necessary to go through procedures and follow the law when we investigate cases. Otherwise, what are we protecting as police?”

"He just said that the person who killed his son is surnamed Sun! Did you hear it?"

"Enough, don't talk about this anymore. Write a self-reflection report to me and hand it in tomorrow!"

"I’m not going to write it!" Lin Dongxue blunty refused. "You are not in the task force this time. I am not under your control."

The lawyer came out with Lu Qixing. "The police officer just now is suspected to have illegally detained and interrogated Mr. Lu, but he’s feeling generous right now. However, we reserve the right to sue.”

Lin Qiupu said in cold sweat, "I will educate her properly."

The lawyer said, "Very well, I hope that there will be no next time... As for my client buying and eating protected animals, I will go through the procedures for obtaining bail now. Can I trouble you to lead the way?”

Lin Dongxue left to go find Chen Shi. It was already late in the evening. She didn’t expect Chen Shi to have come back already.

He smiled. "Miss Lin, who provoked you?"

Lin Dongxue responded, "The old man is too sly and won’t say anything."

"He found out he had Alzheimer's disease at the beginning of this year. I have already verified it with one of his employees. I also learned that on the evening of February 2nd, the father and son truly did have a quarrel. It seems that the father used a plate to hurt Lu Zhendong."

"Why did they argue?"

"The witness was not clear about that. At the time, the door was closed and everyone else was outside. But she said that in the quarrel, she repeatedly heard words such as 'Weibo', 'Jia Xingyun', 'That money', etc."

Lin Dongxue raised her eyebrows. "Is this related to Jia Xingyun?"

"Is there any discovery on your end?"

"No, the old man mentioned a person. He suspected that someone with the surname Sun killed Lu Zhendong."

"Sun Shenyou? Lu Zhendong's secretary and life assistant! He told me about it this morning and I sent someone to check it out, but this person is currently missing."

Lin Dongxue sighed. "The result is that it’s still of no help… Did you really spend 200,000 to bribe one of his employees?”

Chen Shi laughed and took out the card that Lu Qixing gave him from his pocket. "I only played a little trick. I just said that there’s 200,000 in here. I didn't say that I was going to give it to the person who provided me with leads. That little traitor was very upset after finding out and called me a liar.”

"You’re really bad!"

"I don't plan to use this money. I will return it when I am finished with the case. Don't worry. Although I am a fake policeman, I will not tarnish the face of you real police officers."

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