Chapter 153: Disappeared Surveillance Footage

Lin Dongxue asked, "Do you doubt-"

Chen Shi explained, "I can't say I doubt him. I just want to know everything that the victim experienced on the day of his murder. However, I know Old Man Lu won’t be honest with me.”

"So you got rid of him?"

"Oh, it just happened that way coincidentally." Chen Shi smiled and told everyone to come back in.

Chen Shi walked back and forth in front of this group of people and said, "I know that Old Man Lu has 'taken care of you all' and made you hide certain things, or maybe he gave you some mouth-sealing fees. In order to investigate Lu Zhendong’s death, I need all the information possible. There’s 200,000 in here…” Chen Shi raised the card that Old Man Lu had given him just earlier. Many of the employees stared at it. He continued, "My mobile number is 138xxxx. I will wait for a brave "traitor" amongst you all to come and tell me what happened that night. Rest assured, I will keep everything confidential."

The hotel manager laughed. "Officer Song, this doesn’t seem very moral?"

"I don’t have any business with you all anymore. Get out!"

When they left, Peng Sijue came in carrying a toolbox with him. “Old Song.”

"Sijue, let's get started!"

Lin Dongxue whispered, "You guys are really getting into the act, huh?"

Peng Sijue turned off the lights, then opened the toolbox and took out the ultraviolet light. Lin Dongxue widened her eyes. "Do you suspect that this is the crime scene? Lu Qixing is his father!"

"Family relationship is not a reason to rule out suspicion."

The ultraviolet light was used on every inch of the ground. Lin Dongxue was a little nervous. Perhaps deep inside, she could not accept the truth of people killing their own family members.

Tao Yueyue was still eating and was particularly calm. She watched them as if they were entertainment that came with her meal.

When the UV lamp swept over the carpet next to the sofa, it suddenly reacted. Chen Shi immediately lifted the carpet. Peng Sijue sprayed luminol on it and a small piece of splattered blood was clearly presented to everyone.

"Certainly it couldn’t be true, right?" Lin Dongxue covered her mouth with her hand.

"The amount is too little for a murder." Chen Shi's words made Lin Dongxue relieved.

Peng Sijue took a cotton swab soaked in alcohol, took a sample, put it in a test tube, and turned the lights back on.

A police officer came in. They were the colleague who investigated the surveillance video in the hotel. They saluted and reported, "Officer Song, we’ve found the video of the victim leaving the hotel that day."

"Play it so we can all see."

Everyone cleaned up the table and the police officer put a laptop on it. Peng Sijue whispered, "What does it feel like to act as Song Lang?"

"Since I haven’t met him before, I don’t know if I’m doing well or not. You can give me pointers.” Chen Shi shrugged and smiled.

"He’s more handsome than you."

"The skills required to achieve that are too high."

In the video, the picture of the deceased leaving the hotel appeared. The only thing caught on video was that he went to the foyer and kicked a trash can. It looked like he was very angry.

Chen Shi played it again and stopped in a certain place and pointed to a place in the picture saying, "Look, he is holding his left arm. He may be injured."

"There was a conflict between the father and the son?" Lin Dongxue was surprised.

"You guys should go back to visit him, but I suspect that he has Alzheimer's because he had been looking at his sleeves when he talked. It is very likely that he has no impression of that night. Old Peng, don't rush back. Come with me to the victim’s residence to have a look.” Chen Shi turned to Tao Yueyue. "Will you go with me or Sister Lin?"

"With you."

"It may be the scene of the murder though."

"I'm not afraid!"

Chen Shi snapped his fingers, "Let's divide the work just like this then!"

Lin Dongxue took the blood sample with Xu Xiaodong and went back to the bureau. Chen Shi, Peng Sijue and Tao Yueyue drove to the victim’s residence.

Lu Zhendong lived in a high-end community. Police officers had already come here to collect surveillance videos. After seeing Chen Shi, they told him "The property manager said that the surveillance video of that day was erased."

"Do we know who did it?"

"Unclear. It may be done by pro hackers, as no traces were left."

"What did the security guard say?"

"There was a security guard on duty that night that said that the deceased drove home at about 9:00PM. Then, he drove away at around 11:00PM and nodded at him. He swiped his key card both times. Here are the records to confirm this.”

"At 11:00PM, the deceased was still alive?" Chen Shi turned his attention to Peng Sijue.

Peng Sijue clarified, "After the corpse was abandoned for three days in the wild, bacteria, temperature and humidity are uncontrollable factors that will affect the decay of the body. The judgment of the time of death could have several hours as a margin of error."

They arrived at the front door of the house but the door was locked. Chen Shi asked, "Would Officer Song pick the lock and break in?”

"He would."

"This is awkward since I wouldn't do that." Chen Shi smiled.

"Oh?" Peng Sijue looked at him suspiciously. Then, Chen Shi pulled out a key in his pocket and explained, "The evidence found on the deceased."

After opening the door with the key, a smell of dust came out. Peng Sijue put on a mask and gloves and handed a set to Chen Shi. He hadn’t prepared a child’s set. He said to Tao Yueyue who was behind him, “Don’t touch anything, okay?”

Tao Yueyue nodded like a good girl.

This was a multi-story house. It was a bit messy but the furniture was very refined and upper-class. Tao Yueyue admired, "If Uncle Chen's house was so beautiful, that would be nice."

"Then, you and I both need to do more good things so that we can be reincarnated better and have one in our next life." Chen Shi smiled.

"I’ll earn money to buy one for you!"

"Okay, I’ll be waiting for that day. No backsies!"

Peng Sijue looked at the interaction between the two and smiled slightly.

Chen Shi walked in and impolitely opened the refrigerator to grab a drink for Tao Yueyue to drink. He took out a high-class cigar from the cigar box for himself. The cigar fermented in the wooden box was very tempting. He couldn’t help but try one. Peng Sijue yelled at him, "Be more conscious of yourself!"

"Let’s go out and talk later." Chen Shi put the cigar into his pocket, which made Peng Sijue roll his eyes.

The two investigated each room one by one and found small traces of blood in the seams between the floorboards of a bedroom on the second floor. Peng Sijue closed the curtains and gave the “fun job” of spraying luminol to Tao Yueyue while he carried the UV light to investigate.

Someone had changed the sheets, as the top of the sheets did not have blood, but the underside was somewhat stained. The mattress below had lots of blood that had sunk in. Even the headboard had some.

There were also lots of blood stains on the floor. Although it was very carefully wiped away, it was completely revealed due to the luminol.

With the amount of bleeding present, this was obviously the first crime scene.

Peng Sijue repeatedly checked and noted, "The left side of the closet door and the left side of the ground have splattered blood. There were pools of blood on the bed corners. The bed looks like it had something on it… What could have been there to catch the blood? Sheets? Clothes? Pillows?”

"Or a person!" Chen Shi said. "The murderer was lying on the bed and some of the blood fell on their body."

"So, what was the action of the deceased? Was he lying on top of the murderer? Was the murderer a woman?"

"It is also possible that the deceased struggled to fight off the murderer... What do you think the murderer would do after killing him?"

"Go to the bathroom to clean up!"

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