Chapter 150: Pretending to be Song Lang

Lin Qiupu asked, "Why?"

Chen Shi responded, "I still have to buy New Year's goods. It’s New Year's Eve in three days. Can’t I have a nice and peaceful New Year?”

Lin Qiupu raised his eyebrows. "That’s your excuse?"

Lin Dongxue tried to mediate. "In fact, we don’t necessarily need you to do it. We’ve sent a few people to pretend to be Song Lang, but he saw right through them. We just want you to have a go at it.”

"How am I similar to Song Lang?"

"Your age is almost the same, your temperament..." Lin Qiupu was very reluctant to admit it, but continued, "It’s also a tiny bit similar."

Chen Shi shook his head. "You just said that he has informed the media. This case is bound to cause a huge sensation in the whole city. I don't want to put my face on such a high-profile situation, so I’m not going to accept the job. I think you’ll have to ask an expert for this. I’ll be taking my leave now.”

Chen Shi took Tao Yueyue and was about to leave when the conference door behind him was smashed open. Lu Qixing’s line of sight was locked on Chen Shi’s back. He said with excitement, “Officer Song! You’re Song Lang!”

Chen Shi sighed and turned his head around. "I’m not. You’ve mistaken me for someone else.”

However, when Lu Qixing saw his face straight-on, he got even more pumped up. He was so excited that he was shaking. He said, "This is your usual tone of voice and the typical words you say. You’re Officer Song! I can’t be wrong!”

Chen Shi was made speechless and responded as politely as possible. "Old man, you’re mistaken. I’m really not the person you’re looking for."

Chen Shi took Tao Yueyue and made a beeline for the entrance and took her to get some food. Then, they continued to buy New Year’s goods until they decided to go home at 4:00PM. When they got home, they saw Xu Xiaodong's car stopped at the door.

He sighed helplessly as he walked to his own door. Lin Dongxue and Xu Xiaodong were both there. Xu Xiaodong said with a smile, "Brother Chen, I didn’t know you lived here. How much is a square meter to live in the houses around here?”

"When I bought it, it was about 5,000 or so. It might be around 8,000 nowadays… Are you still looking for me regarding that case? Come in and sit down.”

When they got into the house, Chen Shi brought them drinks. As it was Xu Xiaodong’s first time there, he looked around curiously while Lin Dongxue talked. "The old man insisted that you’re Song Lang and that you have to be the one to pick up the case."

"I don't understand. When did the police become a private detective company? People can choose who they want to investigate the case? Why don’t you all just open the case and investigate like normal?”

"Although your words are correct, he’s not willing to cooperate. From his son’s time of death, it can be inferred that he was the last person to have seen his son. This clue is crucial."

Chen Shi shook his head, "The media-"

"They’ve already been suppressed. My brother promised several media companies in Long'an City that they’ll be given first-hand information after the case is solved. They won’t show up during the investigation period.”

"Let me have a think about it!"

Lin Dongxue sighed with relief. From the bag she carried, she took out the photos of the crime scene, the autopsy report, etc. Chen Shi looked through the documents. The victim died in a horrible fashion. There were many stab wounds, both on his chest and back. His face was also splashed with something suspected of being a corrosive chemical. His face was almost unrecognizable.

According to the DNA identification, the victim’s DNA and Old Man Lu were a 99.9% match. It should be Lu Zhendong.

The time of death was approximately 72 hours prior. The cause of death had yet to be determined. Of the many knife wounds found on the body, several of them stabbed through main organs. Peng Sijue said in the report that there were no signs of struggle, which means that the victim was stabbed while unconscious

Some of the stab wounds on the deceased merged with each other. It was impossible to determine which knife wound was received first. They were afraid that subsequent autopsies won’t help to ascertain that either.

Additionally, the abandoned corpse was found near the drains north of the city. There weren’t any surveillance cameras around the area. At present, no witnesses have been found. The vehicle in which the corpse was placed belonged to the victim.

The autopsy report mentioned that the deceased had part of his right thumb missing. It was suspected that it was cut off by a sharp edge after death.

Chen Shi looked through the information thoroughly until he could recite every word on the autopsy report. He asked Lin Dongxue, "What kind of person was the victim?"

"Rich second generation. No doubt that the interpersonal relationships he had were very complicated. There were six internet influencers that have had scandals with him. If we compare him to other rich second generations though, his character isn’t too bad. He runs his own company and hasn’t had any allegations against him regarding drugs, DUIs, or sexual misconduct.”

"I really don't want to pick this case up!" Chen Shi sighed.

"Do me this favor." Lin Dongxue smiled with her hands in a praying position.

"Why does he know Song Lang?"

"Five years ago, his second son was kidnapped and the kidnappers demanded a ransom of 100 million yuan. It was a big kidnapping case in Long'an City which caused a lot of commotion. The police sent many people to participate in the investigation. At that time, Song Lang was the Captain of the second team of the criminal investigation department and proposed that the kidnapping was fake. He believed that the kidnapping was a ruse planned by the second son. Later, after bargaining with the kidnappers and delivering a ransom of ten million yuan, the police found the body of the second son in an abandoned building on the outskirts of the city. Follow-up investigations proved that Song Lang was right. The kidnapping case was concocted by the second son. However, he chose the wrong person to help him with his plan. The helpers spontaneously killed him after being tempted by the money they received. He’s still a fugitive that hasn’t been arrested at this time. If the task force had listened to Song Lang at the time, then this whole tragedy may have been avoided.”

"You participated in that case?"

"I didn't but my brother took part in it. At that time, he was just a minor figure. It was because of this case that Song Lang became an irreplaceable idol in his mind."

“It doesn’t feel like much. It’s not Godly or anything.”

"You can say that in front of me, but don’t say that to my brother. He would be enraged by anyone who says anything bad about his idol.”

"The old man is really pitiful. First, he lost his second son, and now he’s lost his eldest.” Chen Shi sighed, “It’s getting late, why don’t you both stay and eat? Xiaodong, you haven’t eaten the dishes I’ve made before, right?”

"Okay, sounds good!" Xu Xiaodong accepted excitedly.

"Hey, let’s investigate the case!" Lin Dongxue urged.

"What time is it right now? Let’s go tomorrow. I don’t want to be a slave… Ah, yes, tell your brother that I want absolute authority since I’ve taken on this case. Nobody can intervene in my work. If someone interferes, I’ll quit. If a reporter appears, I’ll quit. If I need to use police resources but I don’t get them, I’ll quit… If these three conditions are met, only then will I accept.”

"You are getting more and more arrogant now!" Lin Dongxue forced a smile.

"You can’t blame me since you guys forced this on me.”

Lin Dongxue called her brother and conveyed Chen Shi’s wishes. Although Lin Qiupu was angry about it, he gave permission for it anyway.

Chen Shi took out the ingredients to prepare a hot pot to entertain the two of them. While he was busying himself in the kitchen, Tao Yueyue ran in. Chen Shi stuffed some sliced ham into her mouth. Tao Yueyue said while chewing the ham, “Why are you pretending like you don’t know Uncle Song? Wasn’t it Uncle Song who asked you to take care of me?”

"Shh!" Chen Shi put his finger on his lips. "This little secret needs to stay between the three of us. Don’t leak it out, okay?”

"Do we need to keep it a secret from Sister Lin as well?" Tao Yueyue stared at the ham.

Chen Shi gave her another piece and said, "Besides me, you need to keep it a secret from everyone else."


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