Chapter 141: The Death of a Little Nurse

The cases around New Years that needed to be done at the bureau piled up like mountains. Chen Shi helped the team almost every day. Although he liked this kind of lifestyle, he always acted like he wanted to go back to driving taxis.

He’d be in trouble if they found out that he was in the midst of bliss. He was afraid that he would gradually become a full-time criminal investigation consultant.

On this day, the case on hand was closed and Chen Shi proposed to go out to eat a hot pot to relax. He and Lin Dongxue had just left the city bureau when a police officer from the emergency contact line ran over and said. "Officer Lin, are you free right now?"

"Yes, what happened?"

"We just received a report that a nurse died in Zhongshan Hospital. It’s suspected to be suicide by jumping off the building. Can you go and check it out?"

"Sure, we’ll head over." Lin Dongxue said, then to Chen Shi, "Let's eat after we take care of it."

"I am afraid we won’t be able to have food after that." Chen Shi said sadly.

The two got in the car and left as another police car followed them with three forensic officers all the way to Zhongshan Hospital. There was a circle of people under the hospital building. They were mostly nosy patients. Chen Shi shouted, "Excuse us! Let us through. The police have come!" He separated the crowd to either side using his hands.

Lying on the ground was a woman wearing a nurse's uniform, face down, with her skin exposed to the cold air. Her skin was already white. The hands of the deceased were separated and the left leg stretched outwards, while the right leg twisted upwards at a strange angle.

A doctor and a nurse were kneeling beside the body. The nurse had red eyes and held a handkerchief in her hands. The doctor said, "Sorry, we just wanted to see if there was any hope of rescue. We checked her body. We didn’t mean to touch the body."

Lin Dongxue said, "We can understand... Do you know the deceased?"

"She is……"

The doctor was about to answer, when the nurse rushed to answer. "She’s my colleague, Du Ting. I was still talking to her last night, but today she’s gone,” she said, as she wiped her tears away.

Chen Shi saw that there were too many people in the area, so he asked everyone to scatter and told the forensic officers to take the necessary photos. Then, they quickly carried the body to the ward while the doctor went to find a white sheet and a bed frame. When the officers lifted the body, they paid special attention to the ground to see if they had missed anything when they searched the scene.

Lin Dongxue registered the information of the founder of the corpse. The person who discovered the body was a patient. When he was walking around, he found the body here and called the police.

The doctor's name was Gao Ming and the head nurse was Han Zhaodi.

Han Zhaodi said that the deceased Du Ting was on duty last night. The last time she saw her was at the nurse station. At that time, she was doing the night rounds. It was 4:00 at night. Around 5:00, Du Ting sent a text message to her colleague saying that she was a little dizzy and left early. She was found to have died downstairs at 10:00 this morning.

Lin Dongxue noticed that Gao Ming’s eyes flickered as Han Zhaodi was talking and he seemed to be somewhat guilty.

She asked Han Zhaodi about the name of the nurse who was on duty with Du Ting. After, she continued, "You two can go back to work first. Hand it over to us for processing. If there is a problem, I will find you two for questioning again."

Gao Ming said, "Okay. In the morning, I’ll be doing rounds at the cardiology department."

Seeing that there was no excitement, the crowd gradually dispersed. Lin Dongxue was about to leave, when she saw Chen Shi coming back while holding a camera in his hands. He said, "Wait."

He lifted the camera, pointed it upwards, and constantly adjusted the lens. Then, he pointed it at the window above and asked, "Which floors did the deceased do her patrols on?"

"Five, six, and seven are all wards that she looked after."

"The window frame on the seventh floor seems to have the dust wiped off. There are some scratches on the side wall. See for yourself."

Chen Shi handed over the adjusted camera and Lin Dongxue could see the traces he talked about. Lin Dongxue put down the camera and said, "Do you suspect that it’s a murder?"

"I can't say for sure. Let’s go and check it out!"

They got to the ward where the deceased fell from. The ward was empty and the window was open, making the room cold. Chen Shi stopped Lin Dongxue from going in and pointed to the ground. "There may be footprints that we can retrieve. We’ll let the forensics take a look at it first.”

The two walked along the sides of the walls until they got to the window. The windows were usually locked to prevent accidents, but there were signs of opening the lock based on the lack of dust.

Chen Shi let Lin Dongxue continue to examine the room while Chen Shi went to check the body.

Lin Dongxue went to the nurse station. Du Ting's death was a popular topic amongst the nurses. The nurses said that Du Ting was usually low-key and rarely had any conflict with others. It was even more unlikely for it to be a matter of revenge.

As for the possibility of suicide, a nurse with a good relationship with the deceased said that Du Ting recently confessed to a doctor and the result was that she was rejected. For the past two days, her mood was indeed somewhat low. It was extreme to say that she committed suicide because of that, but she couldn’t think of any other reason for her to do it.

"Who was the doctor she confessed to?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"It was Doctor Gao from the cardiology department."

"Another question. Who can open the windows of the wards?"

"We all have the keys. The window locks in the wards are all the same, and they’re left shut normally."

"Thank you for your cooperation!"

The nurse followed Lin Dongxue and mysteriously said, "Police sister, I actually have another clue to provide. Last night, I saw Dr. Gao and Du Ting alone in his office, and I heard Du Ting crying."

"What time was it?"

"About 4:00 at night."

Lin Dongxue went to the Department of Cardiology to find Dr. Gao Ming. She asked, "What is your relationship with the deceased?"

"Ordinary colleagues only." Dr. Gao said.

"Some people say that she confessed to you a few days ago but was rejected. Is this true?"

Dr. Gao smiled embarrassedly. "I thought she was joking and refused her right away. I didn’t feel anything for her anyway. Everyone is an adult. Surely this little setback wouldn’t cause her to commit suicide, right?"

"Where were you after 12:00 last night?"

"You’re not doubting me, right? I was at home!"

"But the hospital's surgical records show that there was an emergency operation last night. You came to the hospital at 10:00 and left at around 4:00. Some people reported that you and Du Ting were alone in the office."

Dr. Gao broke out in cold sweat and said, "I looked for her to relay some work information. That’s really normal.”

"Then, why did you lie and say that you weren’t at the hospital?"

Dr. Gao seemed to get even more nervous. "This is a murder case. I just don't want to be related to it. You should be able to understand that it’s human nature."

"I understand, but I hope that you can tell the truth so that the deceased can rest in peace and you may be proven innocent in her death."

When he heard the word "innocent," Dr. Gao got even more uncomfortable. Lin Dongxue knew that she wouldn’t be able to get any answers out of him and stood up to leave.

Lin Dongxue stood around the corridor and looked around. There was no surveillance monitoring installed here.

Chen Shi called her and told her to come over. When Lin Dongxue got to the ward where the corpse was temporarily held, the deceased was lying on the hospital bed. The blood on her face had been wiped off, revealing scars and bruises. She was a small nurse with a decent face and was very young. She was probably around twenty years old.

"Any discoveries?" Chen Shi asked.

"There is a doctor who is suspicious. I am investigating... What about you?"

Chen Shi glanced at the body. "There is a lateral cranium wound. It isn’t easy to see it due to her hair. If she were conscious while she was falling down, she would have made a defensive action out of reflex, so the legs and hands would have been the first point of impact. However, the deceased’s injuries were all very balanced and uniform, indicating that she was unconscious when she fell down. From this point of view, the deceased was murdered!”

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