Chapter 136: Arresting the Real Murderer

Yang held the gun in both hands and pointed at Chen Shi. His brows were scrunched together tightly, though it wasn’t clear whether it was due to tension or because of his poor eyesight.

Chen Shi said, "It doesn't make sense to shoot at this moment in time. It just increases your crimes."

Yang retorted, "Even if I die, I have to pull a policeman with me!"

Chen Shi smiled disdainfully. "Do you think I’m afraid of death? I have already died once and it isn’t scary. Only when I live will I feel pain and despair!"

"You... Are you really a policeman?" The thin man was still in disbelief.


"What does that mean?"

"Don't change the subject!" Yang yelled and turned to Chen Shi. "Since you’re not afraid of death, then I’ll make you die!"

"Who are you trying to scare with a fake gun?" Chen said.

"Are you blind? This is real!"

"Then fire it. Fire it here. Why are your hands shaking? Are you afraid? You’re only working. The job you’re doing isn’t worth this.”

"Kill him!" The old person in the bedroom violently bellowed and chucked something out of the room.

Yang was hesitating and Chen Shi pointed to his chest, "Come on! Kill me with that fake gun!"

"Motherfucker, this is a real gun!" Yang roared at the same time there was a gunshot noise. The echo swayed back and forth in the living room and the glass around them shook.

The thin man was scared and felt a heat flow down his pants.

Yang’s muzzle was pointed at the ceiling, and there was a bullet hole in it. Before he lowered the gun, Chen Shi rushed over from the sofa, kicking it backward. Yang fired a second shot.

But just before the gun fired, Chen Shi’s foot had already made contact with his chest and the bullet created another hole in the ceiling.

Yang fell into the study; his neck bent at the edge of the desk and made a crisp crack. Then, his whole body lay there stiff but twitched non-stop.

When Chen Shi got up, he picked up the gun and opened the magazine to confirm the number of bullets and then left the study.

The first to bear the brunt of his rage was the thin man, whose legs were trembling. Chen Shi said, "Hands on your head while you kneel down."

The thin man did as instructed.

Chen Shi entered the bedroom and pointed the gun at the woman. The woman did as instructed as well.

Finally, the muzzle fell towards the old person. The old person frowned and bargained. "I don't have a good waist..."

"Then, raise your hand."

"I have arthritis in my shoulder."

"Then, just sit there."

"I have hemorrhoids."

"Then, I’ll kill you in one shot!"

"No, no, no..." The old man slowly raised his hands and sighed. "Young people nowadays don't know how to respect the elderly."

Because the signal was interrupted, the police officers were still searching around the community. When they heard the gunshots, they immediately rushed towards the sound. Lin Dongxue and the others slammed the door open and swept their guns left and right to survey the scene. Surprisingly, they found that the house was a mess with a person lying on the ground while another was squatting down in the corner.

Chen Shi had a cigar in his mouth, held a red wine glass in his left hand, and walked out of the bedroom with the pistol on his right. If they didn't know him, Lin Dongxue would have thought he was the big boss.

"Why were you guys so slow?" Chen Shi asked.

Seeing that Chen Shi was safe and sound, Lin Dongxue’s eyes stung while showing a slight smile. “Are you hurt?”

"It’s just surface injury, don’t worry."

Lin Dongxue signalled everyone to arrest the criminals. Chen Shi went up to Lin Dongxue and said with sadness, "What a house. Each brick and tile were exchanged for the lives of innocent people.”

"Who told you to play hero?" Lin Dongxue hit him with a punch to the chest.

"Hey!" Chen Shi bent down in pain.

"You were actually injured?" Lin Dongxue was once again concerned.

"I’m just teasing you. I’m fine!"

"You liar! Bad guy!"

The suspects were taken out and only the two of them were left in the house. Lin Dongxue could no longer restrain the emotions in her heart and hugged Chen Shi with force. Her tears flowed. "Thank goodness you’re safe. I’m never letting you go undercover again."

"What a stupid thing to say. Being undercover is quite exhilarating. This cow skin is enough for me to blow for a year[1]. I should be thanking you!"

Chen Shi put his hands on Lin Dongxue's shoulders and pushed her a short distance away and wiped her tears away with his fingers. Lin Dongxue bit her lip and slowly lifted her toes. The weight of her whole body leaned against Chen Shi's body.

They got closer and closer until they could feel each other’s breath. At this moment, a policeman ran in. "Leader... Oh, I won’t bother you."

They quickly separated and Lin Dongxue asked, "What happened?"

"The den at Jianfu Road is also cleaned up."

"Good job, let’s head back!"

Chen Shi got in the car and found that Peng Sijue had also come. He opened a medical kit and asked Chen Shi to give him his hand. Peng Sijue used the absorbent cotton wool to clean the wound on his fist and said, "You’re a person who uses the brain, but you just had to get physical."

"You don't know enough about me!"

"Oh really?" Peng Sijue sneered.

Xu Xiaodong in the passenger seat turned around and said with excitement, "Brother Chen, did you take them down all by yourself? You fought against a gun bare-handed? Aren’t you too God-like? I always thought you wouldn’t fight."

"I’ve gotten weak. At my peak, even taking on ten people was not a problem."

"You can say whatever you want now since they aren’t here to refute it." Peng Sijue poured cold water over him[2].

"Why don’t we spar sometime?" Xu Xiaodong proposed.

"No, no, I am not interested in fighting... It hurts! It hurts, Old Peng. Be more gentle."

Brother Yang’s real name was Yang Lan. His neck bones were smashed by Chen Shi’s kick, but fortunately, the nerves were not harmed. He was sent directly to the hospital.

King Kong’s skin and bones were amazingly thick, so his injuries weren’t very serious. However, the interrogator found it extremely difficult to communicate with him in the interrogation room.

The thin man had an addiction withdrawal as soon as he entered the bureau. He smashed himself against the walls and rolled around the room spazzing out again and again. They could only send him to the drug rehabilitation center for a few days.

The focus of the trial was on the old person. In the face of the interrogation, the first sentence he said was, "I am just a businessman. I don't know what crime I committed."

Lin Dongxue countered, "Let’s talk about your business then!"

"Please give me a glass of Lafite wine and a Cuban cigar."

Xu Xiaodong said, "No. At most, we can give you a cigarette."

"That's fine then. I’ll take that, albeit a bit reluctantly.”

After the cigarette was lit for him, the old person said, "I hate insurance companies. They’ll say anything to get you to buy a policy, but when you want to make a claim, they make it harder than if they had to eat shit…”

That year, he had a serious illness, but the insurance company found a paragraph with tiny text as small as the legs of a mosquito in the contract. They said that the situation was not covered by the policy. The old person who paid so much money to them in premiums was at a loss from this one sentence.

He filed a lawsuit, but all the money was spent in vain as well.

He hated them very much. He really wanted to take a knife into the insurance company and kill the bunch of bastards but what use was that? The brazen insurance companies would continue to operate and scam more people.

So he found many people who were sympathetic to this situation. The intention was to stand up and defend their rights. By chance, a person in the circle successfully committed a large sum of insurance fraud. Everyone regarded him as a hero. That person was Yang Lan.

He was originally an insurance salesperson to begin with and understood the loopholes in the system. This inspired the old person to find Yang and propose a cooperation...

1. This incident is enough for him to brag about for a year. Cow skin was used to create drums back in Ancient China. It was used to drum rather than blow like instruments such as flutes. This means that the saying “to blow cow skin” is used in irony, as it doesn’t make sense. This is often used to describe people who bluff/brag about things in a dramatized manner. 

2. Burst his bubble. 

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