Chapter 135: Policeman or a Rogue?

“You can’t keep your mouth shut!" Yang scolded the thin man. "Boss wanted to meet this new member."

Chen Shi said, "I thought it would be done at night."

The thin man said, "We usually visit the boss during the day since we go out to play at night."

"Let’s go!"

Everyone began getting off. Chen Shi acted like he was undoing his seat-belt and he quickly dialled Xu Xiaodong’s number on the phone and hid it underneath the seat. 

Xu Xiaodong should understand that this is to allow the police to trace the location. 

It was almost finally over, but he warned himself that he mustn’t relax at this final level. 

They got to the top floor of this double-story penthouse apartment. A woman in pajamas opened the door, put her finger on her red lips, and said, "The boss is still sleeping."

There was an authoritative voice coming from the room. "Ning’er[1], I’ve woken up."

After entering the door, the thin man smiled and teased, "Sister, your body is as beautiful as ever.” He said this whilst reaching out and pinching her ass. 

"You want to die?! King Kong, slap him in the face." A butler said coldly.

King Kong raised his hand which was the size of a fan and slapped the thin man’s face. The thin man began bleeding from the corner of his mouth. He pleaded, “I was just joking. Just joking.”

"You deserve it!" Yang whispered.

They went upstairs and into a spacious bedroom. Sitting on the bed was an old person dressed in silk pajamas with silver hair and a dignified attitude. The woman pressed a button on the wall and the ceiling above slowly opened, revealing the sky. After some careful observation, a layer of tempered glass was revealed.  

Is this the mastermind? Chen Shi had imagined that it would be someone who wore a livery coat with a shaved head, revealing a sinister smile.

"What is your name?" asked the old person. 

"Chen Shi."

"You don’t look very honest!"[2]

Yang and the thin man laughed. 

"Xiao Yang, you’ve found a treasure this time."

"Thank you for your compliment, boss."

"To be in this field, the most important things are patience and caution." The old person made a gesture and the woman handed over a cigar. "Do you know why I chose this line of work?"

Chen Shi replied, "Probably because it is a blank industry[3], so you’re not afraid of competition."

"This is one aspect of it. On the other hand, I really hate insurance companies. I was gravely ill 10 years ago and I wanted to get the insurance companies to pay for my medical expenses..."

"It's starting again!" The thin man sulked.

"If you don’t like to listen to it, then get the fuck out!" Yang yelled.

"Then, I’ll go to the bathroom first."

The thin man had long since been tired of hearing this story and slipped out to escape downstairs. He took out his drug-using tools from the glove box of the car and got himself drugged up. The feeling of satisfying his urges and addiction felt really good. Suddenly, he heard some noise underneath the seat. 

He bent over, picked it up and saw that it was a cell phone that was currently on a call.

The thin man couldn't not understand what this all meant. He was scared and broke out in cold sweat. Then, he immediately turned the phone off and ran upstairs.

"...I only had 33 yuan in my pockets at the time. This money was not enough to buy groceries tomorrow..." The old man was still talking about the hardships of his business when he saw the thin man rushing in with sweat and stopped. "Why are you so rude?"

"The car... There is a mobile phone in the car... Maybe someone deliberately put it there... We have someone working undercover between us!"

This sentence suddenly made everyone in the room stunned with fear. Chen Shi broke out in cold sweat. He suddenly pointed to King Kong and shouted, "I saw him put something under the seat!"

King Kong was both scared and angry. He widened his eyes and said, "My name is King Kong!"

"Is it you?!"

"My name is King Kong!"

"You’re still acting?"

Chen Shi’s sudden accusations made everyone unable to process everything. Their eyes all fell on King Kong’s anxious face. 

Chen Shi reached out and grabbed a bottle. The most dangerous person here was this big man. He must be the first one to be taken down. The old person, woman, addict, and the tranny-like Yang who were left were not a problem.

He picked up the bottle and smashed it on King Kong’s head. The bottle broke into tiny pieces but King Kong was unscathed. His face was full of wine and his expression was furious.


Simultaneously, King Kong screamed and hugged Chen Shi. He threw Chen Shi over to the wine cabinet and the bottles behind him were smashed into smithereens. The smell of wine filled the house and Chen Shi’s palm was cut by all the glass, causing blood to begin oozing out.

Everyone else was in a dumbfounded state. Yang was the first to realize. “Bastard, we’ve led a wolf into the room!”

"My name is King Kong!!!"

King Kong screamed violently as he lifted his foot to stomp on Chen Shi. Chen Shi quickly rolled away to avoid King Kong’s stomp. King Kong’s leather boots crushed the broken glass pieces into even finer pieces.

Chen Shi quickly stood up. His position was between the bed and the window. It was very unfavorable. He took the opportunity to roll back across the bed. The old person screamed out, "Gahhh, my legs!"

"My name is King Kong!"

King Kong grabbed a ceramic horse on the shelf and threw it at him. Chen Shi barely avoided it. The ceramic horse fell on the bed. The old man who was hurt had tears streaming down his face. "My leg is broken!"

Chen Shi went to the side where the door was. Yang ripped off his tie and clothes to reveal a tiger tattooed on his chest. He said, “Let me show you Ma Wang...”[4]

"Fuck off!"

Chen Shi’s hit him in the face and Yang’s glasses shattered. Simultaneously, he fell to the ground, revealing the scared thin man behind him.

The thin man cried and said, "You lied to me!"

"You want to get beat?!" Chen Shi glared at him.

The thin man slipped away from the chaos while Chen Shi stepped on Yang’s belly and rushed outside.

This foot woke Yang. As soon as he looked up, he saw King Kong’s big foot about to stomp on him and quickly rolled away. King Kong’s foot fell on the floor and made the sound of thunder. 

Then, there were fighting noises coming from the living room. Yang picked up his twisted glasses frame and held his stomach. "Boss, we need to quickly withdraw. The police are coming!"

"There is a gun in the safe." The old man said sullenly.

Yang nodded and slipped outside. Chen Shi and King Kong were fighting fiercely. Chen Shi twisted his waist and side-kicked King Kong’s abdomen, forcing his mighty opponent to step back twice.  

This kick is undoubtedly the military police's move. Yang muttered, "Military fighting?"

King Kong rushed over in anger, grabbed Chen Shi with both hands, lifted him up, and squeezed him like an orange. Chen Shi screamed in pain, reached out, and hooked his thumbs into King Kong’s eyes and pushed. This time, King Kong was the one who yelled and writhed in pain. He finally surrendered his grasp. 

After landing back on the ground, Chen Shi grabbed a teapot on the table, and the coffee in the teapot was thrown at King Kong’s face.

Yang’s cheeks twitched. “Motherfucker, is he a policeman or a rogue triad member?”

He remembered his mission and didn’t have time to watch them fight. He snuck into the study. 

Chen Shi threw all the things that could be thrown into King Kong’s face. Finally, it seemed like it affected King Kong a little. Then, he untied his belt and jumped on the sofa. He utilized the sofa to remedy the height difference and twisted it around King Kong’s neck and bent backwards.  

King Kong couldn’t breathe, so he scratched around his neck. There were claw marks all around the belt and his neck. 

"... seven, eight, nine!"

Counting to nine, Chen Shi released his grip and King Kong fell limply on the ground. Of course, he was only in a coma.

Chen Shi breathed a sigh of relief. The fight just then was too hard. His whole body was sore and painful. He looked up and found a black muzzle pointing at him.

1. ‘er added to names denotes intimacy/people talking to their children on those younger than them in an affectionate way.  

2. A joke, because the “Shi” in Chen Shi’s name is the same character used for honest/trustworthy.  

3. An industry that not a lot of people work in. 

4. A mythical beast that once caused chaos in the heavenly realm. He is saying that he’ll show him his ferocity and strength.  

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