Chapter 130: Life Under House Arrest

His colleagues desperately urged Peng Sijue to rectify his absurd actions, but he was silent. Lin Dongxue was shocked by Peng Sijue’s determination and tears welled up in her eyes knowing what would be waiting for her and Peng Sijue after the case was over. 

However, she didn’t regret it. 

She commanded, "Quiet!"

Everyone’s voices suddenly stopped. Lin Dongxue said, "I approved Captain Peng’s actions and I will bear the responsibility of it all."

"Dongxue, you have to think clearly."

"I’ve thought about this very carefully. Only then…” She pointed to the person sitting in the interrogation chair, “will this guy be useful to us!”

Ah Meng stared at the dead mouse, shaking like a sieve being used. He said, “Ruthless! You’re really ruthless! I want to sue you all!”

"If you think you can find a lawyer, file a case, find evidence, and finish the case within forty-eight hours, then please, go for it!” Peng Sijue wore a cold smirk on his lips. 

Ah Meng finally stopped being so arrogant and lowered his head. "I will cooperate with you then. Are Xiaodong’s comments about the write-off still valid?”

"No, you have no chance anymore."

"Please, government, give me the antidote. I will help you. If I tell Brother Yang that the guy named Chen is not a police officer, won’t it be fine?"

"You are not worthy of trust."

"I’m using my life as a guarantee."

"Isn’t that what’s happening right now?"

"No, I take my mother as guarantee. If I lie, my mother would get raped by 17 male dogs consecutively!"

"What a filial son!"

"Give me a chance! Give me a chance! I didn't get to choose in the past, but now I want to be a good person!" Ah Meng said tearfully.

Xu Xiaodong said, "Give him a chance." He had already seen the human nature of Ah Meng. He wasn’t siding with him right now, but he knew that someone had to sing a red face. [1]

Lin Dongxue said, "If you can help us with this and it’s useful to us, then you’ll be let off lightly."

"How lightly?"

"Obstruction of justice with just three months of detention."

This time, Ah Meng was so happy he cried. "Thank you, government. After I get out, I will wash my face and re-do my life. I’ll cut off contact with those people!”

"Let him go."

Ah Meng cried as he fled. Looking at his back, Xu Xiaodong remembered how arrogant he acted when he was a child. He also thought about how frightened Ah Meng was the first time he was caught and how he blubbered about being a good person with a runny nose. 

Like a stone, people can't change. Xu Xiaodong sighed.

Lin Dongxue asked Peng Sijue, "What virus was that anyway?"

Peng Sijue revealed a small smile and his subordinates replied, "It is the blood of a person. If it’s injected into a mouse, blood clotting would occur, so of course it would die. However, it’s fine for humans and it’s the safest O-type blood as well!”

Everyone was shocked and laughed with relief. They praised, "Captain Peng, that was a godly trick!", "You made everyone so scared.", "I knew you wouldn’t do that kind of thing!"

Some people have also raised a question. "The forensic laboratory is not a hospital. Where did the blood come from?”

Peng Sijue rolled up his sleeves and revealed a fresh injection wound. "I have O-type blood. This trick is not my original idea. It was invented by an old friend. I was very scared at the time."

"What friend? Was it your former partner, Song Lang?" asked Lao Zhang.

"Yes, he taught me this trick. I didn't expect that I would use this trick to save... Save others!"

Chen Shi was very sweaty and would pant or moan from time to time. He was doing one-handed push-ups with his arms.

He was doing 40 reps on each arm. Sweat the size of beans rolled off his bulging back muscles and landed on the floor. 

After he finished, he squatted down and took a breather. He looked up and saw the “zheng” words on the wall he engraved using his nails. It had been seven days already. Those bastards left him in there day after day for whatever reason. 

The door rang loudly and Chen Shi immediately ran over. It was the thin man who was there to deliver his food. The food every day was a takeaway box you could buy with ten yuan outside.

But Chen Shi was not waiting for the food, but for another thing. He said with a smile, "Slim brother, you’ve come again."

"I can’t deal with you!"

"Come on, I’m so bored I’m going crazy.”

The thin man handed the boxed lunch through the door that was slightly ajar. He took out his phone. "Listen, there was a beautiful woman who took a taxi. Just as she got in the car, she let out a huge fart. She was very embarrassed. At the time, the driver said, 'Farts are just the cries of the undead souls of the food.' The beautiful woman laughed and her embarrassment dissipated. Then she said, ‘Master, you’ve very poetic!’ The driver shook his head and said, 'But this fart was too big, I thought my tires were punctured!!!’... Hahahaha!"

Chen Shi laughed and laughed until he had a sore stomach. "I have heard of this one. Change to another one."

"Oh, cut the crap. Why would you laugh so happily if you’ve heard it before?"

"One more, one more."

"Oh please. We’ll say another one tomorrow!”

The thin man closed the door and Chen Shi fell into a total boredom again. If he didn't ask the thin man to give him a joke every day, he might have had a mental meltdown already.

Chen Shi was a little annoyed. What the hell was going on? He picked up the food and threw it at the wall.  

He sat down against the wall and counted the rice grains on the wall. When the number went up to one hundred and forty, the door opened again. Chen Shi stood up and looked forward to it. Even if they came in to beat him up, it would be better than him collecting dust and mold there.

It was the thin man again, so Chen Chi asked, “Working overtime?”

"Overtime my ass. Boss Yang told me to let you out. Put on your clothes!”

"I didn’t hear wrong, right?"

"You didn’t get it wrong. Come out already. Hurry."

Chen Shi almost wanted to cheer. He quickly took a cold shower, dried his body, and put on his clothes before leaving with the thin man. 

This time, they didn’t go to the office. Rather, he went into an elevator. King Kong stood there and nodded. "My name is King Kong."

"I know already!" Chen Shi said irritably.

The elevator began to go up. It turns out that Chen Shi had been staying underground. The thin man said, "King Kong used to be a special soldier in Southeast Asia. He was hit here by a bullet..." He pointed to his temple. "Now he can only say one sentence."

"Were his other functions affected?"

"It must have been affected. Singing, dissing others on the street, and making phone calls have all been affected."

"My name is King Kong!!!"

The thin man looked back at him and said, "Okay, okay. I’ll take you there later.”

It seems that although King Kong could only say one sentence, it could express different meanings.

"A few more jokes!" Chen Shi said.

"No. You’ve suffered these past few days, but Boss Yang trusts you now. We’ll take you to a good place to play!” The thin man turned around and put his arm around Chen Shi’s shoulder before patting him. 

"Are there women there?"

"Yes!" The thin man stretched his words and raised his eyebrows. "I promise you’ll enjoy yourself!"

Chen Shi secretly thought about his circumstances. He didn’t do anything, so why did they suddenly trust him? Suddenly, he understood. They must have been seeking intelligence on him outside while he was under house arrest.  

1. Act like the good cop. Red face is the good one and white face is the bad one.  


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