Chapter 126: New Undercover Candidate

 Xu Xiaodong said, "Dongxue, why don't you agree? Isn't this a good idea?"

"That is... I just don't agree." Lin Dongxue hesitated. With the lesson learned from Xu Xiaodong's example so fresh, she didn't dare to take any more risks. Chen Shi was not a policeman. If he was caught, it wouldn’t be as simple as shaving his head. 

Old Zhang said, "Sending an undercover person would yield the largest gain at the moment, but it also poses a great amount of risk. I think that Brother Chen is indeed a suitable candidate though. Shall we vote on it?”

Five votes agreed, six votes opposed, and two others abstained.

It was Peng Sijue and Lin Dongxue who abstained. Peng Sijue said, "This kind of voting is meaningless. The most important thing is his own wishes. He is not a policeman. We have no right to interfere with his choices."

Lin Dongxue said anxiously, "With his personality, knowing that our case can't be investigated, he will definitely go!"

Peng Sijue looked at her. "Although I am as worried about his safety as you are, with his capabilities, he’d be able to do it without a hitch."

"His capabilities only involve solving cases. Going undercover is another thing!”

"No, his strengths don't stop there."

"Do you know him or something?"

"I do!"

Lin Dongxue’s voice was a bit loud, so it seemed like a quarrel. Old Zhang mediated, "Don't argue. We’ll tell Brother Chen tomorrow and then we can decide then. Little Lin, let’s get off work for tonight.”

Lin Dongxue nodded her head helplessly. She was unable to sleep that night and wanted to call Chen Shi many times. However, every time she dialed the number, she would immediately hang up.

Finally, the next morning arrived and Chen Shi went to the city bureau at his usual time. When he saw Lin Dongxue, he smiled. "Yesterday, Tao Yueyue was watching the palace drama you recommended for the entire night. I am very pleased. Please continue to recommend these meaningless things in the future!”

"Are you mocking me?"

"No, I’m praising you. Yueyue is too smart and fond of learning. She doesn’t like to play at all. I’m worried that it’s a bit over the top… Did you not sleep well?”

"I slept very late. Oh, there is something we have to tell you."

At the morning meeting, after listening to everyone's words, Chen Shi said calmly, "I can pick up this task."

Listening to his tone, there seemed to be a "but" behind it, so everyone waited anxiously.

"But..." Chen Shi looked at Lin Dongxue. "You have to take care of my child for a few days."

Everyone sighed with relief. "It’s okay. We can take care of them!", "My family also has children, so my wife can take care of her."

"No, no, I just need Lin Dongxue to take care of her."

Lin Dongxue didn't smile and said, "Are you sure you understand the situation?"

Chen Shi nodded. "I understand completely. The task force is waiting for the rice[1] and this task can only be done by me."

"If there is any danger, you can voluntarily withdraw and even provide our information to protect yourself. Your safety is the first priority. Do you understand?" This was the measure that Lin Dongxue thought of after thinking about it last night.

"Thank you for your concern. I’ll remember it."

Everyone agreed that after three days, Chen Shi would head over. During this time, Chen Shi would not go to the bureau, lest he be found to have been in contact with the police.

Also, Ah Meng was the only person who knew that Chen Shi was a "policeman". He had to be strictly guarded and could not be allowed to inform others. 

Chen Shi was able to take a leisurely day off to prepare a table of dinner earlier on and pick up Tao Yueyue. After dinner, Tao Yueyue asked, "Where are the literary masterpieces that I wanted?"

"I’ve bought them. I’ll give them to you.”

Chen Shi took out a pile of books. Tao Yueyue looked at the titles. "So Young"[2], "Never Gone"[3], "I’ll Wait for you in Memories"[4], "Love Under the Moon"[5]

Tao Yueyue said with disdain, "Literary masterpieces?"

Chen Shi proudly responded, "They’re contemporary literary classics!"

"Please. I want to participate in a writing competition. How would these books help?"

"Why didn’t you say so then? I have the famous four in the house. Do you want to read them?”

"I have already seen them and they are all useless. "Journey to the West"[6] is full of flaws, "Water Margin" isn’t an honest tale, "Three Kingdoms"[7] looks boring, and "Dream of the Red Chamber"[8] is like the intertwined tails of fox and dog. [9]

"Don't talk nonsense! You need to ask for forgiveness."

"Take me to buy a book."

Chen Shi looked at the time, "The bookstore shouldn’t have closed yet, let's hurry!"

When they got to a nearby bookstore, Tao Yueyue browsed the books on the bookshelf. Chen Shi saw some new mystery novels on the other side. After reading the synopsis, he would go over to her and ask, "Found one?"

He saw that Tao Yueyue was holding a book called "Special Childhood"[10] and couldn't put it down. Chen Shi took another copy of the book from the shelf for himself and looked at the synopsis. He immediately took it from Tao Yueyue’s hands and said, "Don't read this. Your childhood is special enough as it is!"

Tao Yueyue pouted unhappily.

“Didn’t you want to find a literary masterpiece?”

 “It’s no use. Those writers’ writings are definitely not good.”

"Be careful of the writers coming over to beat you."

"I am telling the truth."

Tao Yueyue went to another shelf and took a few books. There were "One Hundred Tricks for Writing Techniques"[11], "How to Write a Proposition", "Let Junior High School Students Fall in Love with Writing". Upon seeing this, Chen Shi was a little surprised. "You were talking about these?"

"These are very useful. The essay is written for the teacher and they’re very stupid. They’ll give you good marks if you just utilize these points."

Chen Shi was amused by her old-fashioned outlook and said, "You make it sound so easy. I wonder how little face you’d have if you don’t win or get a prize. Okay, I’ll buy them for you.”

"I want that as well!" Tao Yueyue pointed out "Special Childhood" on the shelf again. 

"No. Go back and watch your palace drama."

Tao Yueyue pulled a face at him.

Taking a large bag of books out, Chen Shi took her to a fast food restaurant. Tao Yueyue asked for ice cream. The chocolate sundae quickly conquered the stomach and heart of the little girl. She enjoyed it so much that her eyes became two crescents[12].

Chen Shi said, "I have to travel for a bit. I’ll be away for a few days.”

"What about me?"

"You will go to Sister Lin’s house."

Chen Shi guessed that she would probably cheer, but Tao Yueyue did not. She looked up from the ice cream and bit the plastic spoon. "Going undercover?"

Chen Shi was shocked and stared at her. This little devil is too smart!

It turned out that she didn't mean it like that. She continued on to say, "Am I going to go undercover? Do you want me to tell her you like her?”

"No, no. You just need to stay there like a good girl."

"How long will you be gone for?"

"Do you want me to be gone for a long or short time?"

Tao Yueyue smiled and replied, "What answer do you want to hear?"

"Your honest feelings!"

"Why don’t you two just live together? I really like Sister Lin and I also like Uncle Chen. If you guys live together, it’d be killing two birds with one stone. Don’t worry, I won’t be a light bulb. If you want to do things, I’ll close my door and pretend I don’t know.” 

Chen Shi smiled and poked her head with her fingers. "What a cheeky little girl!"

1. Waiting for the rice in order to eat their meal. As in, everything is completed except for this one thing. 

2. Actual book. It talks about young people, regrets, etc. It’s a very popular book. 

3. A romance novel of those from different backgrounds. 

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