Chapter 125: A Triad from the Mom’s Womb



When Chen Shi returned home, it was already 9:00PM. Tao Yueyue was actually using the computer to watch "Yanqi Raiders" in the house, which made Chen Shi a bit overjoyed. This child was finally becoming a bit more normal. 

He sat down and sighed. "It’s so dangerous being a police officer. Just now, a gangster cruelly used a knife to… shave an officer’s hair into a yin-yang head.”

"What part of that is cruel?" Tao Yueyue scoffed.

"Don't be a police officer in the future, okay?"

"It’s so tiresome to be a police officer. There’s no way I’d do it!”

Chen Shi saw the lunch box on the table and said, "Did you order take-out? I told you-“

"I know that before the door is opened, I have to shout ‘Dad’ a few times to let the stranger think that there is an adult at home.”

"Good girl! What are you looking at?"

"Sister Lin recommended this palace drama to me.”

“Children watching the manipulation and fights in the palace?”

"This show is positive! Very positive!"

Chen Shi has not seen this TV series. The heroine was lecturing another person on the screen. It seemed that it wasn’t a very positive show, so he expressed some doubt. 

However, he allowed her to continue watching her show since it was a good thing in comparison to her usual state. 

Since the revenge plan Tao Yueyue designed last time, he was constantly worried that this brat would become the future Hannibal. 

"Uncle Chen, help me buy me some famous literary books!"

"Your attitude change is a bit sudden. Alright, I’ll buy them for you tomorrow.”

"Thank you!"

Chen Shi did not bother Tao Yueyue anymore as she learned about pop culture influences. He carefully closed the door and went to the living room to send a message to Lin Dongxue. "After this amazing teacher's home visit, Tao Yueyue's interest in learning has dropped significantly and she is focused on watching a drama. Thank you very much.”

After five minutes, Lin Dongxue replied, "Don't mention it. I’ve got to handle something. See you tomorrow morning."

At the bureau, everyone was still discussing this matter. Lin Dongxue thought about how they all had their photos taken on their search for Xu Xiaodong. She speculated that the other party deliberately used Xu Xiaodong as bait to gain intelligence on the people working at the bureau. 

This speculation was affirmed by everyone and they agreed that the person they were facing could not be underestimated. They weren’t just ordinary scammers. The scams they designed almost escaped police investigation. The plan to lure out the task force was also very clever. This time, they were truly facing criminals with a high level of intelligence.  

Police officer Lao Zhang said, "How did they find out about Xu Xiaodong’s identity? Could it be true that the informant betrayed him?”

Xu Xiaodong was still defending his buddy. "It’s impossible. It has to be impossible. Ah Meng wouldn’t sell me out like that."

Peng Sijue said, "He fell onto the ground at the bureau. It seemed like an act to me. If he really wanted to inform the police, he could have just called it in.”

Lin Dongxue suddenly remembered, "There’s monitoring at the door. We can look at it and see what he was like when he came in.”

Everyone searched the surveillance footage and saw a car passing by the front of the city bureau at a high speed. Suddenly, Ah Meng jumped out of the door and the car sped away again. The license plate was blocked by mud and could not be seen clearly.

Xu Xiaodong rejoiced. "I told you guys that he wouldn’t betray me!”

Everyone played the footage over again and Peng Sijue pointed out some flaws. "The gesture of landing is face-down. From his actions, we can see that he was prepared for it. It seems that he jumped down by himself rather than getting pushed out.”

"Maybe the other side forced him to jump."

Police officer Zhang commented, "When the car passed through the door of the city bureau, the speed was very slow, as if afraid of him falling and getting hurt."

Lin Dongxue said, "Let’s go and ask him!”

Lin Dongxue, Xu Xiaodong and Xiao Li rushed to the hospital. When they entered the ward, the three men found Ah Meng hiding something. Lin Dongxue rushed over and grabbed it from under the pillow. It was a phone that was being connected. She immediately hung up and pressed, "Who are you informing?!"

Ah Meng smiled and said, "Just letting my girlfriend know I’m okay… Xiaodong, you’re okay, right?”

Xu Xiaodong’s trust in him had collapsed after all these details. He said with a cold face, “Did you betray me?”

"No, why would I betray you? Look at my hand!"

Lin Dongxue was calling the bureau to get them to search the number the phone was calling through to. The result came out immediately. The officer told Lin Dongxue, “The person behind this number is called Yang Lan.”

When she heard the name, Lin Dongxue’s pupils shrank. This person finally appeared. 

Xu Xiaodong was trembling with anger. "We have known each other for so many years. You actually betrayed me!"

Ah Meng’s face immediately changed to a vicious one. "When we were young, I would beat you up until you had to find your teeth all over the ground, motherfucker. When you grew up, you became a police officer and I was caught by you. I had to act like your grandson or something. I’ve been fucking holding it in for a long time now. What are you acting for? You’re only acting like that because of the skin you’re wearing.” [2]

"Well, I’ll take off this layer of skin then. Let’s go out and fight! If you can beat me, I’ll let you go.”

"I’ll hold you to it!"

Lin Dongxue immediately put a stop to the argument and said, "I am the leader and I won’t allow this fight! Xu Xiaodong, get out.” 

Ah Meng smiled, "Soft egg[3], you’re taking orders from a woman. Xu Xiaodong, you’ll be useless and cowardly for a lifetime!” 

A crisp sound suddenly shocked everyone in the room. Little Li couldn’t listen to him any longer and had given him a slap in the face. Ah Meng had a five-fingerprint imprint on his face. He turned his face back towards them slowly with anger.

Little Li bit her lip. "I... I am willing to accept the punishment. I just couldn’t bear to listen to it anymore."

Lin Dongxue understood Little Li's feelings being a woman herself. She said, "Control this guy first. Don’t let him have any contact with the outside world."

As he was being taken away, Ah Meng yelled, "Xu Xiaodong, you’re amazing. You let the woman help you out, soft egg. Hahahaha!"

Xu Xiaodong stood miserably and said, "I can't believe my classmate would betray me. I was so good to him when he was released from prison too.”

Lin Dongxue patted his shoulder. "Don't be sad, it's not your fault."

At 10 o'clock in the evening, the entire task force still hadn’t left work. Lin Dongxue said, "Now that the lead is gone, how can we continue?"

Someone suggested, "We should thoroughly investigate all the insurance fraud cases we have on hand. There should be a clue somewhere.”

Lin Dongxue shook her head. "I did this previously and the results were minimal... No, actually there was no effect at all. They had vested interests, so they weren’t willing to give up the mastermind at any cost."

Xu Xiaodong said, "Although I’ve failed as an undercover this time, I feel that the undercover trick can still be used again. They wouldn’t think that we’d send another one over.”

"No!" denied Peng Sijue. "When we went to find you, the other party took pictures of all of our faces. We’d get found out as soon as we send over an undercover cop."

Little Li said, "Wait, there was someone who wasn’t photographed, and he’s not a policeman either.”

Xu Xiaodong asked with confusion, "Who?"

"Brother Chen!"

"Right! This candidate is too suitable for this. Brother Chen's resume is thick as a brick. He was practically destined to be a triad member from the moment he was in his mother’s womb. The other party would definitely not doubt him.”

Lin Dongxue immediately hit the table with her hands. "No, I don't agree!"

1. He was destined to walk the path of darkness before he was even born. 

2. The police uniform that he’s wearing.  

3. A soft egg can’t do anything to you. Weak and useless. 

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