Chapter 112: Arresting Han Le

Han Le growled, "You guys think you can take me away because of one strand of hair?"

Lin Dongxue said, "Don’t take the strand so lightly. Don’t you know that in felonies like this, hair and fingerprints are considered very important?"

Chen Shi continued, "Come with us and take it easy. We just want to understand the situation a bit better. We’re not arresting you.”

Chen Shi reached out towards Han Le, but Han Le stepped back. He turned around in feigned horror and suddenly swept the contents on a shelf to the ground as he shouted, “The police are beating me! They’re beating me!”

The three looked at each other as a group of customers and store attendants came over. Han Le’s girlfriend was amongst them. Han Le acted even more intensely and explained to this audience, “These policemen didn’t agree with what I said, so they tried to beat me up. They’re no different from rogues!”

Chen Shi responded coldly, "Where did we hit you? Show everyone your injuries."

“It’s him! He was the one who hit me!” Han Le pointed to Chen Shi.

"Please stop going on with your nonsense and leave yourself a little face. If I were to beat you, did I really need to do it right under a surveillance camera?” Chen Shi pointed to the anti-theft camera above them.

Han Le’s girlfriend interjected, “Actually, what are you guys doing here? You all come here and stop us from working. Is it because his friend is dead? If you’re suspecting my boyfriend, then bring out the evidence!”

“Right, if you guys can’t provide me with a search warrant, I will not cooperate." Han Le Li argued.

Chen Shi felt helpless in the situation and made a gesture for them to leave. Lin Dongxue opened her mouth slightly and said, "We’re letting him go?"

"It's okay, let's go!"

Upon leaving the supermarket, Xu Xiaodong exclaimed, "This bastard slandered us! What a cheap trick."

Chen Shi remarked, “After that farce, I’m suspecting him even more... Xiaodong, you stay here and monitor him closely to prevent him from running away."

“By myself?"

"Just for a while. We will go back to the station and call for back-up."

"Okay then!"

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue got back in their car. Lin Dongxue called Lin Qiupu and asked him to get a search warrant before hanging up. She found a book in the car which was exactly the same as the one found in Han Le’s locker yesterday.

Lin Dongxue picked it up curiously and asked, "Did you also buy this book?"

"I was wondering if this book would inspire Han Le in any way. When I went to the bookstore at night, I bought it and looked through it. It really does mention the use of room temperature to mislead forensics to judge the time of death incorrectly."

"How did the protagonist in the book solve it?"

"The dust on the electric box. In this case, the murderer wiped off the dust, but ignored the freezer. Although it was still very cold, it was still above zero degrees. So the popsicles obviously melted.”

"The police can’t base the case on that detail."

“Yes, I know that much.”

"Is the book good? Lend it to me, please!"

“Take it. It’s just so-so. I’m not sure how the writer was able to get famous… Maybe one day I can be a writer as well?”

Lin Dongxue smiled and teased, "What are you going to write about? Detective Driver?"

After obtaining the search warrant, several police cars drove to the supermarket to look for Han Le. Xu Xiaodong had been stalking him and waited outside the front door. Chen Shi asked, "Is the man still in there?"

"Under... Wait, isn't that him?"

 A man wearing a hat and carrying a backpack came out of the supermarket. The police immediately surrounded him and flipped his hat. It was Han Le. Lin Dongxue showed the search warrant. "Nothing to say now, right? Let’s make that trip back to the station then!"

"I... I didn't kill her!" Han Le stammered.

"Nobody said you killed her, so why are you running away from us?"

"No... I didn't run. I was just in a hurry to get home."

"Let’s head to the station."

Han Le looked around and asked, “Can I not wear the handcuffs? It’s shameful."

"Don’t worry, you don’t have to wear it."

Half an hour later, Han Le was detained in the interrogation room. "Wasn’t I just assisting in the investigation? Why are you all treating me as a prisoner?!”

Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi sat in front of him as the interrogators, as approved by Lin Qiupu.  

Lin Dongxue was ready to speak but Chen Shi gestured for her to stand back. He asked, "What were you doing at the time of the incident?"

“I was shopping with my girlfriend!"

"What time?"


"How do you know that the seven-thirty was the time of the incident? Did I mention anything about that?"

Han Le was so scared that he used his anger to cover up his mistake. "You’re playing tricks on me! This doesn’t count. How can the police do this kind of tricky thing?!"

Chen Shi responded without skipping a beat. “Actually, I’m not a police officer. She is. I am only a consultant at best... My main business is that of a driver."

"Han Le, tell me exactly what happened on the day you were with Kong Tingting." Lin Dongxue questioned.

Han Le began to talk in circles, saying that he was just repairing Kong Tingting’s computer in the afternoon before leaving. Suddenly, the phone in the room rang, and Chen Shi answered. Xu Xiaodong reported, “Brother Chen, I brought the child in. He says that the person inside the room with you was the murderer that day.”

Chen Shi glanced at the one-way mirror, then hung up the phone and turned to Han Le. "Do you know why the interrogation room always uses a one-way mirror?"

“How would I know?!"

“It’s in order to protect the witness behind the mirror. There is an eyewitness standing right in front of the mirror right now, and they have already identified you."

Han Le fumed. "You’re talking shit! Get them out here and say that to my face! I didn’t kill anyone! I didn’t kill anyone! I want a lawyer to sue you guys for illegally detaining me!”

“Why do you keep evading like this?”

“If you were in my position, would you admit to it?"

“From what you just said, does that mean you admit to your crime?”

“No!” Han Le immediately responded, “Why would I admit to something I didn’t do?”

Chen Shi smiled and dialed to Xu Xiaodong on the other side. “Please go to the bar and find the bar owner."

"Brother Chen, do you suspect that the person who took her that night was him? But the boss doesn’t remember the person's appearance?"

"I don't need the boss to recognize him; I need them to recognize the outfit. Ask the bar owners whether they have any impression of Han Le’s outfit today."

"Let me send them a photo. I have their contact information on my phone."

A few minutes later, Xu Xiaodong reported via the internal phone, "The bar owner is sure, saying that the person that night was wearing this outfit."

Xu Xiaodong’s voice suddenly turned into Lin Qiupu’s. He said, “I just sent someone to Han Le’s house and found traces of burnt items in the bathroom. There are gloves and natural rubber products within the items he tried incinerating. It may be a condom... And they also found a knife that fits the weapon description. Peng Sijue is currently testing it.”

"The news came right on time." Chen Shi chortled.

"Can you handle it? If not, I can ask someone else!"

"No problem."

At that moment, Han Le was about to break down. Every clue pointed to him. His lies couldn’t withstand the scrutiny he was facing.

Chen Shi put down the phone and said, "There is more and more evidence against you now."

"I don't believe it!" Han Le loudly retorted.

"Since you won't admit it, let me show you!"

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