Chapter 103: Gifts

Everyone immediately became nervous and moved the things behind Xu Xiaodong one by one so that she wouldn’t know that they were in the city bureau. 

Xu Xiaodong asked, "What should I say?"

Chen Shi suggested, "You can talk about anything. Remember that you are a rich second generation with a good family background. Your tone shouldn’t be too stiff.”

Xu Xiaodong sucked it up and accepted the call. The video went through, and he gestured stiffly, "Hello, beauty."

The others did not dare to speak out and the woman asked, "What do you do for a living?"

"I... I am a rich second generation."

Chen Shi put his hand over his face and thought it was all over.

"You don't have to go to work?" the other party questioned.

"I... My family is so rich, why do I need to work?" Xu Xiaodong smiled shyly.

"What does your family do?"

"We deal with mines."

"Oh. Liar! Get lost!"

After that, the other party turned off the video call and blocked Xu Xiaodong. Xu Xiaodong gave off a depressed expression. "Brother Chen..."

"Can’t you chat properly? Don’t get dragged into her pace."

"She’s already blocked me. What should I do now?"

"Did you see what she looked like?"

"I did. It’s similar to the photo. I’m guessing she used a beauty filter."

Chen Shi looked around and said, "We have so many people here. Everyone is going to register an account and take turns to chat with her. Send some small gifts or something. We will definitely be able to hook this fish."

So, everyone in the office buried their heads in their phones and chatted with the target. After talking for a long time, she was finally taken to a police officer. The police officer exclaimed excitedly, "She said that she would like to meet up tomorrow night."

“Why does it have to be tomorrow night?” Chen Shi muttered to himself. “Does she have a date tonight?”

"It seems that someone is going to be unlucky tonight." Xu Xiaodong grimaced.

"Not necessarily!" Lin Dongxue walked in. "We have contacted the men. There is a man who said that he only had a meal with her last time. He didn’t conduct anything sexual with her last time and planned to do it on their date tonight. When he found out that the woman had AIDS, he was very shocked and expressed his willingness to cooperate with the police."

Everyone was delighted and Chen Shi instructed, "Go and make some preparations first."

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue went to find the man. The man named Wang Shilun was an ordinary white-collar worker. After receiving the phone call from the police, he took time off and met them at a coffee shop. Wang Shilun said, "Fortunately, you informed me in time. This woman is so horrible. She’s intentionally hurting others even though she knows she’s sick. You guys are really my saviors.”

Lin Dongxue saw a wedding ring on his left ring finger and suddenly showed a contemptuous look. She asked, "Where did you guys plan to meet?"

"At 8 o'clock tonight."

"I am asking where."

"‘8pm tonight at a KTV[1]. We planned to meet after work.”

Chen Shi asked, "When you met the girl, did you feel anything abnormal about her?"

"No, she’s a very ordinary girl. She’s... She’s beautiful enough and her skin is also fairly nice. I really can’t tell that she has this disease.”

“Was there any particular eagerness from her to indicate that she wanted to go to bed with you?”

"No, we just had a meal with each other and took a walk. I proposed to go to a hotel, but she said that she was feeling a bit sick, so we postponed the date."

"Do you know what her name is or where she lives?"

"I only know that she is called Kong Tingting. I don't know where she lives though."

"Well, let's exchange contact information and meet there after work tonight." Lin Dongxue suggested.

After taking their leave, Lin Dongxue asked Chen Shi, "Why did you ask the things that you did?"

"I was wondering how the CDC got their information from and whether it was just a rumor."

"Impossible, two people have already been tested positive... We have our work cut out for us tonight."

"No worries. After we catch her, we can go out for a meal. It’s a lot easier than solving a case."

"Do you like solving crimes, or do you like doing stuff like this?"

Chen Shi smiled, "Solving crimes."

In the evening, Chen Shi went to pick up Tao Yueyue and made her dinner. He said, "I have something to do tonight."

Tao Yueyue said with disdain, "Date with the aunty?"

"No, I have to catch a criminal."

"Tch, I don't believe it!"

"Tomorrow is the weekend so I’ll allow you to play games, but you have to sleep at ten! I’ll try to come back at ten."

Tao Yueyue pulled a face at him in response.

The police officers were all dressed casually and had wireless radios on them. They went to the KTV in the city center. The streets were bustling with people on Christmas Eve. It took half an hour for Chen Shi to even find a place to park. Lin Dongxue sent a text message saying that she was in a cake shop.

Chen Shi got there to see Lin Dongxue and Xu Xiaodong sitting at a table by the window. From this angle, they were able to see Wang Shilun standing at the door of the KTV. He had changed his clothes and held a rose in his hand.

Lin Dongxue said with a cold smile, "I wonder how this man would explain this to his wife."

Xu Xiaodong mused, "Helping the police solve a case?"

"What about when his wife asks what he’s helping with? Haii, married men don’t know how to be content. He deserves to be infected!”

Chen Shi interjected, "Miss Lin, your opinion is very extreme."

"Can’t I have my own personal opinion? If my future husband dares to go out like this, I will make him...” Lin Dongxue coughed and suppressed the urge to finish what she was saying.

Chen Shi received a text message, "Dear, come and accompany me at night?"

Xu Xiaodong who sat on his side saw it and had his mouth hanging open. "Brother Chen, your girlfriend?"

"Little bastard. Deliberately pranking me? It’s Tao Yueyue." Chen Shi scolded with a smile.

Xu Xiaodong shyly enquired, "Brother Chen. With all due respect, is it appropriate for you to live with this little girl alone?”

"I have no idea what to do either. Her family is not here anymore. I can’t very well chuck her in an orphanage, can I? I’m thinking about whether I should send her to a boarding school.”

"Don't!" Lin Dongxue interjected looking a bit bleak. "I was sent to a boarding school in the past. You can only ever have one childhood, but it will affect you for the rest of your life. You should just take care of her.”

"She’s right!" Xu Xiaodong echoed. "When I was a child, I was always beaten by my dad with a belt because I wasn’t good at academics. I have childhood trauma from that.” 

"At least you have a dad." When talking about her childhood without a father or mother, Lin Dongxue always felt sad.

Chen Shi changed the topic, "Let's order something to eat!"

He ordered three pieces of tiramisu and coffee. Xu Xiaodong said full of emotion, "This is the first time Brother Chen has treated me since I’ve met him.”

"I forgot to say that we’ll use the AA system."[2]

"No, no! Let me put this touching moment into my stomach."

There was a situation outside. Wang Shilun had suddenly left their surveillance. Xu Xiaodong jumped up and ran outside to investigate what was happening. Using this opportunity, Chen Shi took out a delicate little box and handed it to Lin Dongxue. She looked surprised.

"It's for you."

Lin Dongxue opened it and saw a necklace. She was very embarrassed. "Why are you gifting me something so expensive?"

"In fact, I just borrowed flowers to offer Buddha[3]. I made a bet with your brother last time and earned a large sum of money... Take it. It’s not too expensive. It’s only about a thousand yuan."

"You seem to be getting more generous recently."

"Am I?"

Lin Dongxue pushed the box back to him, "I appreciate the sentiment, but I’m afraid of accepting it."

1. Bars where people can go and sing karaoke in karaoke rooms. Food and drinks can be ordered.   

2. Everyone pays their own share. 

3. It means to win favor or influence using someone else’s property. 

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